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  1. Is Portland cement available around here? That's what I used up north ...
  2. Have my appointment set with her for Monday May 20.
  3. What if you are just renewing your license? Do you still have to take the course?
  4. I use GETFLIX as well. Everything has been working fine until recently, then my CBS ALL Access has been blocking me even though I have GETFLIX DNS settings. It worked fine for the last year, but not recently. To get CBS all access to work I have to use IPVANISH to put an IP in the US even though I have GETFLIX spoofing the DNS location.
  5. I need a front end alignment on my car. Where did you end up getting yours? Was it at Hernandez Llantera - right beside Tony's in S.A.T. ?
  6. Moon rises in the east around 6:20pm. At midnight the moon will be directly overhead.
  7. On January 20th the moon rises in the east at 6:20pm and will be directly overhead at midnight (12:05am to be exact).
  8. I was gone for many weeks and just returned. My Shaw receiver was screwed up. The only way I was able to revive it was to disconnect "every" cable from the receiver and let it sit for an hour. Then, only plug the power cable in and let it boot up with nothing plugged into the box except the power cable. Then disconnect the power, and start plugging back in all the other cables and finally the power cable. My device then powered up correctly and has been up and running for several days now.
  9. Walmart has some in the electrical department. Home Depot has the biggest selection.
  10. Hey everyone. I am the owner of the ajijicweather.com website. It's very simple. The temps, humidity etc.. from my site all come from Rancho del Oro. The instruments are very "NOAA" approved. I can get into details about "fan aspirated" temperatures (which I have) but I think my temps and humidity are valid. Maybe another day I will tell you where and how much above the roof the sensors are, to make readings valid. Life is great here. Lets have fun. Just remember that my weather site is divided into two data gathering sites. First my own data (on the top of the site) which is Rancho Del
  11. Do you need an IP Hider or DNS spoofer to get all these channels in Mexico?
  12. Last year I had Dengue. I was feeling very sick and I went to Dr Rodriguez at the Ajijic Clinic and the first thing he suspected was Dengue. Blood test confirmed it.
  13. Just FYI. If your AC is blowing warm air and you think you need a recharge, these days it's very easy to do it yourself. At Autozone you can get a can for 500 pesos, and recharge your own system. I did it a year ago and I have nice cool air through my AC. The can (I can't remember the name) comes and there is a youtube video explaining exactly how the recharge process works. I also recharged my other car. Worked great. This of course is only if your AC system is functioning ok, compressor, etc. We are just talking about a recharge.
  14. When the clouds go away and we start to have less humid conditions, they will be gone.
  15. I am very curious about this Telcel Home Internet service. Is anyone on this board using this service? If so, any details about speed and cost? I am fed up with Telmex. 1.0mbs down .28 up at my house and this is the 599peso a month "deal" ha-ha.
  16. That is what happened to me last year. Had to order the brand/size and they called me when they were in. Took about a week.
  17. It's a small jet. Holds about 40 people I think. My wife and I fly TAR to PV and back every year. Love it.
  18. I don't post very often but this thread has me intrigued. I have been going to Ancla since they opened in 2011 with Eric at the helm. They had chef Alahandro for many years. He left for the restaurant Montecristo. Both him and his wife Marianna move place to place together. They are now at DonAire hotel. Currently Ancla has someone in the kitchen that I am not privileged to know. Maybe next time I have to meet them. However I give high praises to the kitchen. We still go there and have many items off the menu. Joe (or Jose, now owner) will make my Caesar salad table side and you can tell hi
  19. mexbound


    ComputerGuy nailed it. Not looking for us "locals". It is fancy upscale Guadalajara "look" and prices restaurant. My wife and I went the other night. We loved it but we also go into Guadalajara just for the food scene. So for us it wasn't pricey. It was great!.
  20. Last week I took an Uber home from Central Guadalajara to West Ajijic. It was around 3pm in the afternoon and it cost 528p.
  21. mexbound


    On facebook they were scheduled to open on Sept 1. They opened on Aug 28th?
  22. My Telmex telephone line and internet have been out since Friday night around 8pm. I live in Rancho Del Oro. I was wondering if anyone else is out. To post this I'm currently using my iPhone Hotspot using Telcel 4G.
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