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  1. Location, Location, Location for the amount of rainfall. It all depends on location.
  2. At around 3:15pm Friday I noticed that chapala.com was not accessable for around 5 minutes. I'm guessing someone rebooted a server. Right now as of 3:38pm the response time had improved on the board.
  3. Yes, having delays on chapala.com. Started about a week ago.
  4. So has anyone been able to get a Covid booster shot at Centro de Salud on Calle Flavio Romero in Chapala? Just curious.
  5. Click on this link to see an 8 minute timelapse video of the waterspout,
  6. Always glad to hear a good story. Thanks for sharing.
  7. My wife and I got ours in Ixtlahuacan last October. I've had mine for years but my wife just became eligible so we went to Chapala and heard that same blah blah blah. So we drove over to Ixtlahuacan and she had her card in 20 minutes. Because my card was so old the clerk said "let me get you a new format card". 10 mins later we left with new cards.
  8. Just FYI, We gave all of those avacados away, for free. Every restaurant we went to, gave avacados. We loaded our car and went driving, stopped at construction sites and gave them away. I'm thinking that some we gave away probably got sold at the local markets.
  9. I'm not on FaceBook but maybe search for "Escondidos". Thats the name of his restaurant.
  10. mexbound

    El Charro

    They are closed for the month of June for some remodeling and menu changes.
  11. 600 still works. I currently have a 600 and a 630 on my account.
  12. A huge checkmark for Luis. Held my hand through installation and getting my account setup.
  13. 0.22 in last night, data is back in https://ajijicweather.com/wxrainhistory.php
  14. Flying in on Wednesday the 29th. Haven't been to Guad airport in over a year. Is UBER still operating inside the airport? Pickup by the OXXO?
  15. I have TotalPlay and TelMex internet services. I use a TrendNet AC3000 Dual WAN router which means I hookup Toalplay modem to WAN Port 1 and I hookup TelMex Infinitum Modem to WAN Port 2. I have the router configured to use TotalPlay as primary and if TotalPlay goes down it automatically switches to TelMex. When Totalplay is back up it switches back to Totalplay.
  16. Back up in West Ajijic as of 4:15pm Wed.
  17. Yep, it's on Colon. Not Juarez. Went Thursday night. Had a great dinner with four people. Good food. Good service.
  18. Something to try is to just rename the pdf to form.txt. Post it and in the post just say after you download it, rename to form.pdf. I think it would work ...
  19. I have tried to print the form that Bisbee Gal has posted (thank you) but it comes out in a size so small you can't even read it. I have tried different methods to make it larger but to no avail. Does anyone have a pdf format of the form ? The one posted above is a jpg format.
  20. Here are some years to puruse on the subject. https://www.ajijicweather.com/wxenso.php
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