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  1. 0.22 in last night, data is back in https://ajijicweather.com/wxrainhistory.php
  2. Flying in on Wednesday the 29th. Haven't been to Guad airport in over a year. Is UBER still operating inside the airport? Pickup by the OXXO?
  3. I have TotalPlay and TelMex internet services. I use a TrendNet AC3000 Dual WAN router which means I hookup Toalplay modem to WAN Port 1 and I hookup TelMex Infinitum Modem to WAN Port 2. I have the router configured to use TotalPlay as primary and if TotalPlay goes down it automatically switches to TelMex. When Totalplay is back up it switches back to Totalplay.
  4. Back up in West Ajijic as of 4:15pm Wed.
  5. Yep, it's on Colon. Not Juarez. Went Thursday night. Had a great dinner with four people. Good food. Good service.
  6. Something to try is to just rename the pdf to form.txt. Post it and in the post just say after you download it, rename to form.pdf. I think it would work ...
  7. I have tried to print the form that Bisbee Gal has posted (thank you) but it comes out in a size so small you can't even read it. I have tried different methods to make it larger but to no avail. Does anyone have a pdf format of the form ? The one posted above is a jpg format.
  8. Here are some years to puruse on the subject. https://www.ajijicweather.com/wxenso.php
  9. A photo I have seen posted. Racquet Club Street
  10. Storms around here are usually from neighborhood to neighborhood in the amount of rain dropped. Saw this photo from last night, don't know the photographer, but it shows the rain out east from what it looks like downtown Chapala.
  11. Use this link to go directly to the old site: https://ajijicweather.com/index.php As Johanson says, it will still be around for a while ....
  12. What time did you arrive and how long did it take? Thinking of going tomorrow ...
  13. NORA is now a cat 1 Hurricane. Check out the wind flow map here: Ajijic Weather - Wind Map
  14. Well I am the owner and designer of the website. Staements like "Like the old one" don't add anything to the conversation. Tell me more ...
  15. If the display is too "harsh" you can choose a different "Style Options". Style options are below the menu items on the left hand side. Try choosing the "dark" style and then click "Set".
  16. On the Facebook page the address show Ninos Heroes 58C and on your post here you show Ninos Heroes 73 ? Which one is correct?
  17. On Aug 5th I paid 12.87 pesos a liter.
  18. Was it out on all channels or a specific few? Is it still out this morning (Saturday)?
  19. Just lost channel A&E (channel 422 in my guide). I attached a photo that shows that channel 422 is now looking for the G1 satellite which we don't get down here. It was working yesterday on Anik F2. Maybe they are doing some testing and will be back to Anik F2 tonight. Going through the guide I also lost channel AMC (channel 494), now on G1. Not a signal strength issue. Had my dish aligned two weeks ago and all my signals are in the high 80's.
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