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  1. So the last post says the Chapala Drivers License office will be open again as of Monday, 15 June. Anybody in the local Chapala area know if it really is? I live in Rancho Del Oro and don't feel live driving out there to check.
  2. This is the fire as of Sat 4:49 PM.
  3. Try using the following link which starts with "https://". https://theguadalajarareporter.net/ The http"s" uses the site's SSL Certificate. The webmaster should forward all "http://" requests for their site to the "https://" URL.
  4. Where did you find yours Fred H?
  5. Are there any checkpoints on the route to Costco (Lopez Mateo) that prevents one heading there from Lakeside?
  6. Still down in Rancho Del Oro as of 7:50pm.
  7. Tell me where "other office" is defined in this thread? Where is the other office to pay? Is it that difficult to say or is it a secret ...
  8. So you can't pay at the Driver's License office?
  9. I go out after dark, usually two hours after dark. Grab a flashlight and follow the trail back to their nest. Usually a hole in the wall or hole in the ground. Around the nest I spread “Patron Ultra” (no not the tequila). These are special pellets the ants love and the ants bring them into the nest and the ants die. This is the best method as spraying them just kills what you see and not the whole nest. I get Patron at the garden store next to 7/11 in Riberas.
  10. Thanks all for the info. Got what I needed.
  11. I did a search on "DAC" but nothing showed up. I am trying to determine what the KWH Limit is here in Ajijic before one goes into DAC. I know there is a difference between the beach and here. Also, is the limit a "daily" limit or "billing period" limit?
  12. Even plastic straws can be pushed into an eyeball. Ouch. I don't see what the issue is with metal straws. I think it's a great thing. I own one.
  13. I keep my original car registration papers in the glove box of my car. If my car is impounded I'm guessing I am unable to get it out of impound because I am not in possession of the original registration.
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