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  1. Here it is at 10pm Thursday night.
  2. Our toaster oven is broken. Looking for a repair shop lakeside that I could take it to. Recommendations?
  3. You can tell if it is a sun fade or not. When you lose the channel, go to the menu selection where you can see the signal strength bars, like when you are tuning your dish for signal strength. You will notice the signal strength start to drop and keep dropping and then start to gain again. I was watching CNN today around 1:30 and the channel dropped out. I went to the menu item I mentioned and my signal strength was 35. I continued watching and the strength kept increasing over a period of about 10 minutes. The channel came back on when the signal strength got to 60. The signal eventually reco
  4. Sun outages have just started this Month. Probably be with us for the next two weeks. Channel strength fades in the afternoon 1 - 3 pm every day. Today was just that, a sun fade outage. It lasted about 15 minutes.
  5. On the channels I do receive, I get a signal strength of between 74 and 80. On the channels that stopped working last week I get 0. This is with a 75E dish. I wonder what Shaw did with these missing channels. Going from a watchable channel last week to a signal strength of 0 this week is weird. I would have been less concerned if I was getting a "weak" signal strength of 40 - 60 where a tweek of the dish could fix it. I'm concerned if I have my dish re-aligned that my currently good signal strength channels would drop to a lower signal strength and start pixelating. Might just forget about t
  6. My channels are not back up. Still down. Been a week. Cedros, did Mario ever come out to check your equipment or do an alignment?
  7. I think it is a bit early to say that "tweaking the disk" will fix this issue. I'm on the skeptic side of saying a dish alignment will fix this. I think we are still trying to figure out the problem. I would love it to be just a dish alignment fix. Let's see who gets an alignment that fixes the problem.
  8. "Earth Bump" ?? Hmmmm. Well if someone in this thread gets their dish realigned and it brings back the channels, I'll get on the schedule for a realignment. Not holding breath here.
  9. I just checked my TCM channel (Turner Classic Movies) Channel 491 and I am not receiving a signal. So that channel is also missing for me. So the people that are missing these channels lakeside, do you have a small satellite dish? The people that ARE receiving the "lost" channels (like cedros neighbor) do they have a large dish or two dishes? Here lakeside maybe it is the size of the dish that matters?
  10. Well I have the "newer" LNB on the 75cm elliptical dish and as of 10pm Sunday night I am still experiencing the channel loss. Definitely do not have channels KTLA (246), 426, 445, 450. There might be more but I haven't gone through my whole channel list. This started happening Wed Feb 24 around 5pm. That afternoon I was watching the comedy channel (426) and the signal just went out. No fading, just out.
  11. We used Winston at Lake Chapala Moving. We moved down to Ajijic from Seattle in 2010. Winston was great. Helped in every way. He is still in business so that can tell you something.
  12. As I said earlier in this thread, it is not sun outages. Sun outages occur in the afternoon around 2 - 3 pm (when the sun is out). These channels are gone. All day, all night. Gone.
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