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  1. Even plastic straws can be pushed into an eyeball. Ouch. I don't see what the issue is with metal straws. I think it's a great thing. I own one.
  2. I keep my original car registration papers in the glove box of my car. If my car is impounded I'm guessing I am unable to get it out of impound because I am not in possession of the original registration.
  3. It's true that around here the rain measurements are different from one neighborhood to the next. Many years I hear that I have recorded too little rain and other years I have recorded too much rain. I own and operate the equipment at the ajijicweather.com station. Twice a year I calibrate the rain gauge and other instruments on the NOAA approved weather station. I feel comfortable with what I publish.
  4. Do not listen to Mer post. It's easy. Listen to RickS. We did it from Seattle to Chapala in 2009. Once in Nogales we went the first night in Obregon. Second night in Mazatlán. Third night in Chapala.
  5. I'm with "dichosalocura". I operate here with an ICOM 746-PRO and talk the world. I use Brownsville TX as my QTH. Just saying … Anything is possible.
  6. I am trying to locate a driver with a van in the Tequila area. We are a group of 6 and would like to hire a driver to take us outside of the downtown area. We are driving ourselves to Tequila from Lake Chapala but we want a driver when in town. This will happen Sunday Sept 1. Anyone with a contact? The hotel already told us to taxi but we would like a van ...
  7. I used Luzma and was VERY happy. The experience was easy. Everyone on this board must understand that not everyone is as experienced to driving in Guadalajara as others. I drive in Guad all the time but that doesn't mean I know what line to stand in or what papers I need to make the experience an easy one. Anyway, Luzma is great, and we had the best conversation along the way. Flame away people ...
  8. I just went through this process as I wished to decline Part B. Social Security sent me a letter to my Seattle mailbox about 1.5 months before my 65th birthday. You have to sign and mail back the form to decline. If you want to have Part B then you do not have to mail the letter back as you get Part B by default. I had the letter sent down from my Seattle mailbox and I signed it and placed it in the return envelope they give you. I knew someone that was going back to the USA so I had them mail it when they arrived in the US. I was unable to find anywhere in the online Social Security system a place to decline Part B. I did notice online about a week after my letter was mailed in the US that my Part B was declined.
  9. Is Portland cement available around here? That's what I used up north ...
  10. Have my appointment set with her for Monday May 20.
  11. What if you are just renewing your license? Do you still have to take the course?
  12. I use GETFLIX as well. Everything has been working fine until recently, then my CBS ALL Access has been blocking me even though I have GETFLIX DNS settings. It worked fine for the last year, but not recently. To get CBS all access to work I have to use IPVANISH to put an IP in the US even though I have GETFLIX spoofing the DNS location.
  13. I need a front end alignment on my car. Where did you end up getting yours? Was it at Hernandez Llantera - right beside Tony's in S.A.T. ?
  14. I had these same issues. My outdoor furniture got ripped to shreds by the squirrels. I replaced the fabric maybe once and then said, something needs to change. The change I made was to get an outdoor cat. Absolutely the best idea yet. As of two years now, no cushion damage and I have a loving cat to great me at the door in the morning.
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