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  1. Have guest in town, is this market open tomorrow? TIA
  2. Thanks to all, for help. I have called Cadillac Furniture several times only to be told he will call when he is at the shop, but has not. Likely very very busy. I appreciate the ideas and referrals and since I need it made in a month, I will get on it tomorrow!
  3. Has anyone had one made at Have Hammers? What was your Experience? I need one ready in a month, and would appreciate your input. TIA
  4. Great company, Nyah is the best, his workers are as well! So glad you stopped there to meet them and they will serve you well, as they do all their customers.
  5. I wanted a small one, shopped Amazon and found it..might be worth a try to check there..maybe two small would be perfect...or maybe the right size? Good luck...
  6. A very wise move to protect Chicka.  She is not only special to you, but to so many in this community! Sad that you have to do this,  but for Chicka’s safety you must!  Just so glad she was returned safe and sound!  That is what matters the most!   

  7. This is the BEST NEWS!! I have tears of happiness for you both!!
  8. Thanks, that is the number I have that has not been answered. I will keep trying!😁
  9. The number I have does not work, anyone have a current one for his new office? TIA😁
  10. Good Luck Ken, she is one very special dog!
  11. Check at Super Lake on the right as you enter..I have seen them there in the past.
  12. Thanks for advice...we will attempt to have Pepe or another qualified person check out this thin horse, left without water for more than a day often! Not meaning to meddle, but are just concerned. Using our property for the horse without permission, neighbors stopping to think we are doing this abuse prompted stepping up to get help. The horse can disturb sleep in our area too. Yes, we do bring water ....
  13. Thank you for help, and yes we have carried water to the horse, but more help is needed, and no it is not in Riberas..
  14. A horse is tied on a short rope, no water and cannot move very far...seems stressed. Where can one call to get it the help it needs? Thank you!
  15. We have had good luck with Juan Carlos Escalera. His shop is in Riberas on the lake side. His mechanics are good listeners...their work for us has been great. We have used him for 15 years. Pm for phone number and exact address if needed. Good luck!
  16. Thank you Natasha for your clarification...VERY IMPORTANT!
  17. Jackie wants you to know he will be out of the country from April 22 until May 1st.
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