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  1. Thank you Sue, so relieved to know the cats will be ok, and the shelter back to normal. This could have been much worse I fear, glad all are safe!
  2. The dollar store in Ajijic has it often.
  3. Just read your post, and wanted to share that Steren offers and installs watch batteries if that is more convenient for you next time!😁
  4. The Joco. Police office needs office chairs, does anyone have one or more to donate? They would sincerely appreciate the help. PM if you could help them. Thank you
  5. Is there someone at Steven to install the watch battery? Thx
  6. Thanks to you both for update and help.Much appreciated!
  7. Thank you Cedric, this is so helpful!, Thanks for your help!
  8. Could someone please share directions? Thanks so much.
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