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  1. chapala45900


    Sent you a pm to offer help.
  2. chapala45900

    Fencing Needed

    Sent a pm
  3. chapala45900

    Watch Batteries

    Is there someone at Steven to install the watch battery? Thx
  4. chapala45900

    Joco emissions station

    Thanks to you both for update and help.Much appreciated!
  5. chapala45900

    Joco emissions station

    Thank you Cedric, this is so helpful!, Thanks for your help!
  6. chapala45900

    Joco emissions station

    Could someone please share directions? Thanks so much.
  7. chapala45900

    Looking for Pegboard

    Sent you a pm
  8. chapala45900

    Find Wasp Spray

    Yes,Bomberos will resond to help you.
  9. chapala45900

    Find Wasp Spray

    Sent you a pm
  10. chapala45900

    Stem Cell treatment

    Dr. Juan Aceves in Ajijic does this treatment..766-1244. Cel 331429-1343.
  11. Have you called Tio Sam? I understand they have help to repair things and they sell GE products, if not, call Electro Venta and ask if Alejandro still works for them, and if he can do it or they have another tech. Hope this helps!
  12. chapala45900

    RFC Question

    I think 12 for non business, 13 for businesses. I hope this may help you!
  13. chapala45900

    Laminating document

    THANK YOU SPENCER, I did not know this, and would have made a big mistake!.
  14. chapala45900

    Laminating document

    Thank you to all, I find all of these places are handy to go to, much appreciate the help!
  15. chapala45900

    Laminating document

    Anyone know where I can get a document laminated? Thanks so much.