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  1. I forwarded your request to Manuel who was in to see you a little while ago about property that was Willed to him by his adoptive Father who has passed on. Manuel is a student in the Law program in Guad. Manuel is a wonderful guy and is very bright. Hope he calls you.
  2. Factor in the rising costs of goods and services that will occur because of the rise in gas prices, i.e., bus fare, taxi fare, getting food and produce to stores and markets and it will probably affect spending across the board. You may be able to walk to the store but what is in the store has to be trucked in. Guess only time will tell how this will all shake out.
  3. Here is what the Washington Post has said about the price of gas in Mexico today. Looks like equivalent to $2.85 a a gallon. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/01/01/mexicans-are-outraged-over-a-big-hike-in-gas-prices-on-jan-1/
  4. Maybe he is asking Slim to ante up for the wall he wants to build. Wonder how the Mexicans feel about this meeting. I know they were not happy when pres-elect came to Mexico and visited with Pena Nieto.
  5. We also knew Joe very well but have lost contact with him. I remember when he was in the nursing home because of his hip problem and the last I heard of Joe is that he got married and he moved out of the area. I think probably if you check at Johnny's Mama's Bar Elisia may know where he is now.
  6. That's what you have to understand about Puerto Vallarta, it is a playground for the rich and has always been so since the early 1960's. To try to live there on a limited budget, without air conditioning, and restaurants/bars costing at least double of Lakeside, would be uncomfortable. Well Chillin, I must have missed something. We lived in PV for 5.5 years on social security and owned a really nice condo with air conditioning and our expenses were less than the 5.5 years we lived in Ajijic (especially electricity). Yes, high season and hot and humid summers are not pleasant but we were able to take a bus to Home Depot, Costco, Galleria Mall, Mismaloya, Sayulita and anywhere else we wanted to go. We were also able to walk to the Malecon and spend many days on the beach where reasonable food was readily available, and we still had money in our pockets.
  7. I remember seeing a pickup truck going down the main street of Chapala with family of many in the back of the truck and one of them was grilling on a BBQ grill as they were traveling. Never did understand how so many people can be packed into the bed of a pickup with kids sitting on the edges and with standing room only. Seems really dangerous to me but you don't hear of many accidents happening so I guess they know how to work it.
  8. When we moved back to the States and bought our home we found two boxes of documents, pictures and personal things from a former owner who had since died. The most interesting things were Hallmark birth announcement cards from the late 1930's when their baby girl was born and continuing every year until she was 5 years old. The cards are the old ones with the storks on them and beautifully designed and in perfect shape. We also found a picture of a beautiful young woman with her name of the back of the picture. The birth announcement cards were for when she was born. We found that the young woman died of cancer when she was about 40 years old and that she had a daughter and relatives in New York. We tracked down the family thinking that maybe the daughter would want the mementos of her Mother's birth and the beautiful antique cards. Turned out no one wanted the cards or the personal documents and we threw everything out except the cards. I just did not have the heart to toss them in the garbage along with her picture. I love looking at the cards and at her picture and often wondered about her life and what happened that the family just did not want these records. Years earlier I helped a friend of mine clean out his Mother's house when she passed. There were boxes of pictures of relatives that he did not know and had no way to identify. All of the photos went in the garbage and it made me sad that this whole generation was missed by his family. When I got back home I took all of my photos and wrote on the back of the pictures when they were taken and who the people were. I divided them up and sent them to my kids so that someday when I am gone they would have a record of our family photos and their Aunts, Uncles, Friend, etc., and even photos of themselves when they were small. It makes me sad when someone's life is just tossed into the garbage. Thanks Rony for tracking down the owner of the photos you found at Tom's store. I hope someone from her family will want them and will treasure them and hand them down to future generations. I still can't believe Tom is gone, he was the most wonderful person I ever met.
  9. We never had to worry about capital gains as we always lost money when we sold and there was nothing to gain. Sold 3 houses in Mexico, lost money on all of them.
  10. Thanks, I was hoping it was something other than what it is.
  11. Pardon me for asking, but what is a dildoria? In all the years I lived in Mexico I have never heard of that word. Is it a restaurant?
  12. OMG, I am stunned. Tom was the most wonderful person I ever knew, always happy and always helpful. I am sick to hear of this news.
  13. My first thought was how in the world is the infrastructure going to support this project? When I lived in the area we consistently had problems with internet, electricity brown outs/outages, water problems. The first time they turn on the lights the whole area will go dark. I don't see this as ever being built, but you never know......after all, he who has the most money almost always wins with the Mexican government.
  14. This picture is a killer. The expression on that poor dogs face just breaks my heart. I sure hope someone comes forward and gives this precious dog a home. So sad.
  15. This is exactly the truth, he who has the money gets whatever he wants. Sad, but true.
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