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  1. I forwarded your request to Manuel who was in to see you a little while ago about property that was Willed to him by his adoptive Father who has passed on. Manuel is a student in the Law program in Guad. Manuel is a wonderful guy and is very bright. Hope he calls you.
  2. Factor in the rising costs of goods and services that will occur because of the rise in gas prices, i.e., bus fare, taxi fare, getting food and produce to stores and markets and it will probably affect spending across the board. You may be able to walk to the store but what is in the store has to be trucked in. Guess only time will tell how this will all shake out.
  3. Here is what the Washington Post has said about the price of gas in Mexico today. Looks like equivalent to $2.85 a a gallon. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/worldviews/wp/2017/01/01/mexicans-are-outraged-over-a-big-hike-in-gas-prices-on-jan-1/
  4. Maybe he is asking Slim to ante up for the wall he wants to build. Wonder how the Mexicans feel about this meeting. I know they were not happy when pres-elect came to Mexico and visited with Pena Nieto.
  5. We also knew Joe very well but have lost contact with him. I remember when he was in the nursing home because of his hip problem and the last I heard of Joe is that he got married and he moved out of the area. I think probably if you check at Johnny's Mama's Bar Elisia may know where he is now.
  6. That's what you have to understand about Puerto Vallarta, it is a playground for the rich and has always been so since the early 1960's. To try to live there on a limited budget, without air conditioning, and restaurants/bars costing at least double of Lakeside, would be uncomfortable. Well Chillin, I must have missed something. We lived in PV for 5.5 years on social security and owned a really nice condo with air conditioning and our expenses were less than the 5.5 years we lived in Ajijic (especially electricity). Yes, high season and hot and humid summers are not pleasant but we were able
  7. This kind of stuff always made me crazy when we lived in Mexico. Once a rule or law is changed no one in authority understands it and everyone has a different interpretation. I am a straight arrow and I was always sort of paranoid about whether or not I was obeying the rules. Made me nuts.
  8. We, too, have seen them hovering over the lake. When we lived at Lomas del Manglar our house was at the top of the hill facing the lake. We saw them hovering on a couple of occasions, just hovering, red lights surrounding the object, totally silent. They hovered for awhile and then just quickly moved to the left and totally disappeared in a flash, again, totally silent. It was an amazing sight. I wrote about them on this board several years ago, guess whatever, whoever, they are, they are still there.
  9. We have lived without a car for 3 years and we love it. When we lived in Chapala/Ajijic, I walked everywhere. We lived near Maskaras Clinic and I would walk from there to Ajijic at least 4 times a week, stopping at Superlake, Walmart, Salvadors, etc., along the way. We have since moved to PV and haven't had a car here for over 3 years. Busses run everywhere here and walking along the ocean to downtown is very enjoyable. If you are fortunate enough to have good enough health, walking is the way to go. Between joining Weight Watchers and walking I lost 18 pounds while living at Lakeside.
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