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  1. ...but that 'eventuality' will find all of us dead and gone! So back to 'swimming in the Lake'.... do not a lot of (at least) Mexican Nationals, probably the younger ones, still swim/frolic in the Lake? To each his/her own of course but it might just be that most of us are used to seeing clear water in lakes in the US and/or Canada and are content to just LOOK at the beautiful Lake Chapala AND have it moderate temps both summer and winter.
  2. That last one must be from a 4th-world country.
  3. Doesn't always work... did not work for me just now saying 'we don't have enough information'.... and I put in all the information they asked for. They have my bank account as my last/$600 stimulus came there automatically, Not concerned, just sharing my information.....
  4. I can't imagine what 'cleaning inside' a Pixma printer might mean. Was it stored somewhere like in a shed? Otherwise inside of an inkjet printer can't get 'dirty'. Now maybe the ink cartridges were left in it and it might need to do a 'recalibrate' when new cartridges are inserted but....
  5. Yes.... called a Cabin Air Filter. Many/most folks don't even know it exists. And about the easiest filter to change in a car... and not that expensive. Once I purchased a US car Lakeside to take north and it had, in addition to tons of crap, on top of the Cabin Air Filter a..... dead bird!
  6. ....but did it have maybe a woman in charge???
  7. A friend in Virginia just told me that his $1,400 3rd stimulus check just hit his bank account. It is the same bank account that he used in 2019 to pay his taxes.... hasn't filed his 2020 taxes yet. I looked at mine and Nada yet, but...... That's QUICK!!!
  8. ...have Telmex's fiber installations 'ceased'?
  9. Natasha.... nice Post. Maybe a few more words about the 'process' for selling individually here.... government/title-wise. Also.... selling through S&S would take care of these requirements but obviously there would be a fee for their service.
  10. I think that you are all wrong. It's Elon Musk sending out Gamma Rays from his new Starlink platform messing witcha! He'll keep it up until you all purchase HIS satellite product.
  11. Then you probably should think/scheme of a way to get one in the US. There is some Pfizer maybe in some places but no guarantee that one here would be that lucky.
  12. Same here.... and when one traveled to smaller places there was only one phone in the village and there was often a line of people waiting. ... and ditto Pete's comments about dial-up with Rod, followed by his point-to-point and line-of-sight towers and dishes.... but I'm not sure it was wifi Pete. But you worked/volunteered there so maybe youse is right and I'm and wrong. Anyway... them were NOT the good ole days were they?
  13. RickS

    Sputnik V

    Associated Press: The early criticism of Sputnik V has been blunted by a report in the prestigious British medical journal The Lancet that said large-scale testing showed it to be safe, with an efficacy rate of 91% against the virus.
  14. Well now that's being proactive, no? But 40 years makes it a 'slow proactive reactive event'!
  15. OK... but do you know what he might have changed out in 40 minutes to make it so?
  16. For the dense among us, would you please expound....
  17. Fiber "down the carretera' is easy. FTTH... fiber to the home..... is the hard/drawn out part. But the more the merrier.
  18. So what 'lines' do you think he could/would have replaced to make it 'good to go'? Transformer to meter? I'll bet not.
  19. Or at least 2 strong people, regardless of gender.... no? 😇 P.S. Nice gesture!
  20. Been around Lakeside for over 20 years. And yes back in the good ole days one could count on having CFE problems.... off/on, brownout or hotter than h*ll, etc. But Telcel and Telmex were pretty acceptable. Fast forward to the last couple of years and.... not so much! I've never seen Telcel going south too much...but now? Telmex phones were pretty much OK and their Internet was slow but fairly regular.... except when it was not due to bad wiring, rain etc. Any ideas? Covid? Too many folks moving in? Bad "financials"? Don't give a damn attitude? Or just my imagination!?!
  21. Just a question... is the infection rate really low at Lakeside? How would one know? Is there much of any testing and even if so how does one know the results Lakeside?
  22. Well, Ferret, I choose to disagree as to the 'why' people are reacting so negatively. I think it's just what many folks do here... maybe in their boredom but mostly I think it is just what folks do 'behind a screen'.... not just here but everywhere it seems. Share information and if the recipient is either naive or in denial then let it go. BUT why choose to berate a person, call them a thief etc unless it just makes folks feel better or 'more savvy'. Last week, on a Post I made about a person who 'rejoined' this Forum after a year of absence from the Board. What I said in jest wa
  23. The more I read this thread the more I am shaking my head. This guy is getting hammered...accused of being a thief and shamed. Is this all necessary or is it the Covid affect? He is obviously not that savvy about electricity in Mexico. Appears all the neighbors are getting small bills too. Yes, he should have know when seeing 0 consumption that something was amiss but the Mexican wife says "it's OK... it's the norm here". Previous bills are the same.... all zero. So he skates. I probably would have also under all the circumstances. Maybe it.... the piling on.... has something to d
  24. What's unclear to me is why the 'traffic engineers' didn't just ask the local Ex-Pats how they should set up the signal lights. There are seemingly plenty of experts here on this Board alone.... many with good if not conflicting ideas. 😉
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