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  1. ... and the next time I go north AND need to be that far east, I'll use that route. P.S. I have the same track record using the Eagle Pass route for about 15 years.
  2. ....especially if one has a foreign plated vehicle. And the Colombia area crossing is no alternative because they are out there too. I will say that "all" I have encountered at both crossings is mordida-seeking cops and nothing worse but..... I usually cross at either Eagle Pass or Del Rio but that's not going to work for many folks.... too far west.
  3. Let the contest begin......
  4. Take the"low street" below Mirasol or the Sunrise Restaurant that connects with Romon Corona, then back up the east side of La Floresta by Dominos Pizza lateral, then down by Auto Zone. (That is a route that admittedly has NOT been tested by me since the new lights, but...)
  5. Other than things like electricity and gas/propane or Tillamook sharp cheddar what are some things that are approaching US prices.... just curious. Sometimes when folks leave NOB.... and maybe don't travel back for several years... their memories of prices are stuck on "back then". I can guarantee you that US prices for everything have been/are rising..... groceries especially....and it is not just Covid! ..
  6. Mudgirl what intrigues me is that you make that statement and then say "I do go to Costco".
  7. Now 39 any traffic design that has one making a u-turn to have any success is doomed for failure....and accidents.
  8. Yes but you've just compared it to the most expensive gas NOB. Many places are around $2.50....but rising as we speak.
  9. But do I recall that you MISSED your chance to get it more quickly by not responding in a 'timely' manner? Only after that was it a long wait? Contrast your experience to mine in Colorado.... 70+ my Health provider sent me a email/signup opportunity in late January. Got the shot 2 days later and 2nd one 3 weeks after that. Similar for wife. My 50+ YO daughter/husband get theirs in this Sunday (3/28) AND my 45 YO son got his first early this week as he is classified as essential... 'in agriculture'. My point is that all states are not created equally it appears. P.S. I'm
  10. You are correct that I don't live in Mexico BUT I probably travel in the country 2-3,000 miles per year. I DO see tracks in my travels.... more toward the northern part of the country... but don't often see trains on them like I do NOB. Trains waiting on other trains there. Definitely around here where vehicle plants are.... Aguascaliente for example... but just not 'all over the place' as there is NOB. Haven't traveled 'around' Mexico City much so don't know about there.
  11. If I understand the comment 'only sourdough bread', this is not the case. They have a great 'multi-grain' loaf too. Don't remember just what they 'call it', but it's not sourdough.
  12. This is coming from a guy who has shot/killed a lot of game in his life.... just not in the latter half. BUT, somehow I just can't wrap my mind around killing a sandhill crane.
  13. Can a review be coming in the near future.....
  14. Unforced Error says Fauci https://view.newsletters.time.com/?qs=ee108f7318fe8da191e8b596b3ba307dafbecbeb309d10e1745e468e171a2c3e5799dbaa57303429feaaa0a3503937dfb2330c13e455f5f240e5a992262abb15437fa7ba0269f7376c934b2933d135f1
  15. What is the significance of the "Philippine FDA"?
  16. 39, desperate times call for desperate actions. But mainly I was just pulling your leg.....
  17. The title does NOT say 'here is the cause'.... it says the cause has been found. If the article does not satisfy your needs then dig deeper on your own.
  18. Because you haven't been able to get the first one yet so this second round would be your first and you are desparate? Otherwise, I dunno.
  19. 2 years later..... must be a slow day.
  20. I presume that Telcoman is correct... as I have 'heard' the same thing. But if'n it were me I'd just call the Canadian Authorities and ask the exact question of them. I'd NEVER drive a vehicle from deep in Mexico all the way to the Canadian border on the advice of a Poster on a Mexican Forum!
  21. No mention of just HOW this would be implemented in Mexico... a country that doesn't have much railway infrastructure at all. Maybe still truck goods in Mexico up to "point/s" in northern Mexico and load the trailers piggyback onto rail cars. At least until more infrastructure might could be built within this country. Maybe.
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