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  1. That is surely a take-away from this article, a hypothesis from one individual which has not been peer reviewed by anyone and has been refuted/negated by other studies. The devil is always in the details isn't it?
  2. Same here.... and it appears there are two stories from Chile depending on what source one reads.. or maybe the effectiveness after 1 vs 2 shots or maybe whether one is talking about the severity of cases which are reported. Which again proves that one needs to read more than just the headlines and/or reads for consistency of message. Life's lessons. Chile's Ministry of Health on Friday released the results of the vaccine from its huge real-world study, which shows that the vaccine is 67 percent effective in preventing symptomatic infection, 85 percent effective against hospital
  3. I'm pretty sure you all are not going to change his mind about his novel idea no matter your experience.... Now if you've got an extra $30k hanging around that's a horse of a different color.
  4. ...would not that depend on the route one would take and from exactly where Lakeside one is leaving from, the traffic one may or may not encounter on any given day or time of day and the speed that one drives vs someone else's heavy or light foot? And that 10-minute tolerance could be wiped out by 2 extra long red lights or a stalled truck on the road. My suggestion is to plan on it taking 1 hour, then give yourself another 30-40 minutes. If you arrive early you could just do some in-store looking/shopping to kill the time. But if you arrive 10 minutes late the entire trip would have bee
  5. ... an article about the article and its sole author. Also worth reading IMO https://www.aier.org/article/medical-journal-warns-about-maskss-potentially-devastating-consequences/
  6. Well can't second guess what Tim might mean by a 'complex' hip replacement. BUT today's hip replacements... in the US..... using the anterior approach, they have one up on their feet the day-of. Home the next day getting PT daily. For a 'normal' hip replacement it's not rocket science any more. (The old 'posterior' approach, much more pain and rehab as they destroy muscle and ligaments)
  7. ... and the owner(s) and staff are always so nice and friendly.
  8. Yep, gringo pricing. NO in-and-out surgery with no overnight in a Mexican hospital's surgery room.... hospital only!.... is going to cost $7,500US.
  9. I suspect.... no, I know for sure without even asking.... that your life's story is far different than your housekeeper's. Having not walked in her shoes, and the shoes of her friends and her predecessors, for us it is impossible to understand the 'why' of many things.... and more importantly impossible to compare.
  10. Glad to hear your return is 'on the cusp' Pete. I know it's been a long haul for you... and I'm sure you'll also continue to mask-up when you get 'home'.
  11. I for one am glad that you were persistent and were able to get the Pfizer vac. But remember that your protection is not guaranteed... just mitigated. I've had my 2nd Pfizer for almost 3 months now but continue to mask up and social distance. Others won't agree but it's my choice and my right. Happy travels.....
  12. If you find no one, there are plenty of 'drivers' locally that one can call. Maybe 600-1000 pesos but if it gets you your 2nd shot it's worth it IMO.
  13. I'm having trouble translating the anger. Must be 'Real Tough Right'.... right?
  14. Yes, astigmatism 'blurs' one's vision.... creates two visions apart from each other. The worse it is the farther the 2 visions are apart. Not fun. Yours is obviously 'mild'. Astigmatism is corrected (in contacts for example) by using a 'Toric lenses'...slightly weighted on one side to make/keep it aligned on the axis your eyes need for correction. Same for cataract lenses replacement if one has astigmatism and wants to correct the astigmatism with the inserted lenses vs. wearing glasses (to correct any existing/residual astigmatism). That's what I had a couple years ago with success. I s
  15. He covered that.... just drove to the University and looked for vaccine signs..... Nows how they knew to do this is still unanswered.
  16. .... this of course ONLY applies to law abiding citizens and not the nefarious folks who would/have/will continue doing the bad deeds. It's Mexico folks!
  17. I take it that you did not have any astigmatism ......
  18. Pappy, you are getting the Prius mixed up with a Ford Pinto.... the REAL made-to-order vehicle coffin!
  19. An 11 YO vehicle TIP is going to be in the computer database. I assume you are talking about the Prius 'traction' battery, not the small 12V in the trunk. One can purchase a re-manufactured Prius battery for $950. Have it shipped free to the US border and go pick it up with another car. Have a Mexican mechanic install it and you are good to go. Cheaper than towing it to the border and probably more fun as a 'project'.
  20. The quote from Sonia is the law..... and I'm sure there are plenty old non-running foreign plated vehicles hanging around. The problem is that the vehicle is still on the records of your Temporal (or Tourist card if that is how you got it in) and one would not EVER be able to bring another vehicle into Mexico until that one is off the records. And the only way to do that is take it to the border, cancel the TIP at Aduana and then haul it across the border into the US.... and then do what with it?
  21. ...so instead of stealing your propane I think that someone is refilling it for you without your knowledge!
  22. Although there are a lot of folks using RVs these days... and the Industry had a bumper sales year.... I doubt that this fact is driving up the International price of propane. Propane prices are generally stable, rising some each year. Propane can be stored in tanks whereas natural gas gets produced and sent right into the supply chain. The recent debacle in the south (Texas/Okla/La/etc) caused an unusual situation with regards to fuels. This is more likely the cause for any unusual hike in propane pricing.
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