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  1. No, not responsible for but taking others into consideration is the tenet of a good citizen/human being. IMO. Individual freedoms and rights are just that.... the Individuals, not for others to demand or dictate. Again, IMO.
  2. Always good to have a backup mechanic in case Felipe is too busy... thanks Natasha!
  3. Can't help you there BUT....I and others always recommend Felipe Morales atAutoCheck in Riberas. Very good English and very good, reliable and honest mechanic. 331-464-2324 Cell or 376-106-2188 Hidalgo #90A immediately west of TeleCable (Wizz).
  4. Check your inbox top/right. Sent another one to you....
  5. I sent you another PM....
  6. You can't..... assuming that 'here' is Lakeside.
  7. So harking back to Lexy's original Post which seems like an eternity ago.... I'll bet at this point she is sorry she asked with all the one-upmanship and half-truths going on. She had a simple question. Unless she is somewhat technical the purchase of a Firestick gets her nowhere. Is this "Rich" fellow still around or is he the one who 'departed'? She may not be into 'side-loading' or Kodi or VPNs or ??? Is there a simple solution to her basic "2-needs" question aside from Shaw or Dish? Something she won't have to modify every couple of months to keep it running?
  8. So wrong the first time and now you're speculating. Unless, of course, you have a relative or friend in high places in the US of A.... which I highly doubt!
  9. Thee doesn't know of what thee speaks.... NO Covid vaccine in the US has an end-party cost!
  10. Until the dust settles about Shaw.... possible buyout and questionable life of the satellites that now reach Mexico.... I don't think I would invest in a Shaw system at the moment. My opinion. Just get someone to install a Firestick 4K and pay little or no ongoing fees.
  11. I don't understand how/why using the Firefox browser would necessarily slow down a speed test. Did it make a difference on ILOX also?
  12. I sent you a PM here on this Board.....
  13. Does this fall under the same genre as 'Halitosis is better than no breath at all'....
  14. ??? What 'boosters' might you be speaking of? The second shot maybe? There are no 'boosters' anywhere in the world that I am aware of.
  15. BINGO! And your last sentence surely could and maybe should be Pinned.
  16. Regards the Posts a couple "up the thread".... Couldn't agree more. And yes, rude IMO. Always trying to upstage someone who doesn't agree. Hardly ever Posts new information usable by some or all but rather jumps on anything not believed, with vengeance... again IMO. AND on another subject, while I seldom agree with much of anything that MC posts, nor how he often is IMO hypocritical.... my opinion only maybe.... and pushes his beliefs "beyond belief", he DOES have' a right here to Post whatever he pleases. If I don't agree with it/him I can either disregard it, chalk it up to....
  17. Well it is not always about savings. Last year I needed to put some shoes on my Subaru Outback. None available Lakeside. Nada. Guadalajara was my only choice if I wanted them in a week's time.
  18. What concerns me about this one is that it might be a created "bug" as opposed to a natural one and the people who may have been complicit in that happening. What will they cook up next? What concerns me is when one flings around statements, meant to fortify their 'position' but either have no basis in fact or absolutely no data to back them up. Other than pure speculation and seemingly trojan horses, can you put ANY data together for us that would fortify either of these statements as reasonable for discussion?
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