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  1. " You may be over thinking this...." You may have a point. I did 'start a process' and backed out after I thought it wanted my Mexico address. I'll give it a shot again later today. Thanks.
  2. Liability at a minimum..... but I probably see how you can and I can't. Segurogringo is a 'website'. The Insurance company is actually NATIONAL UNITY INSURANCE out of San Antonio. I called them and they stated that they only sell insurance in Texas (one must have a Texas address). That's why your Laredo address works for you. I don't live in Texas and therefore cannot buy "Segurogringo" insurance.
  3. Again, I have a US plated car, leaving Mexico with it, don't have a Mexican Address, and am looking for insurance to meet US requirements once in the US. I already have Mexican-insurance-for-US-Plated-cars and am now looking to be legal once in the US. Nothing I can find on the Segurogringo website meets my need for US insurance.
  4. ... unless you are going back and forth often. Often enough that one insurance company (Geico) has already cancelled me for 'excessive transactions'. I'll just pick an insurance company, like Fred Loya, and insure it until sold. Thanks for the input.
  5. Yes, I had Geico for 4-5 years, and was occasionally doing what you described... add and delete purchased/sold vehicles. After a while they sent me a 'Dear John' cancellation letter saying, in effect, "we don't do business like you seem to want to do business". Never mind that I also had 2 other cars, a truck, a horse trailer and an RV on the policy that I never did anything to but pay the premiums! Never a claim on anything. So I'm not interested in doing that with my current insurer... YMMV
  6. Thanks, canmex87. I should have stated that I do NOT have a Mexican address and this site is only for those that do.
  7. I'll be driving a US plated car out of Mexico and don't want to add it to my existing US policy..... been there, done that and it's a huge hassle! Does anyone have a recommendation for "temporary" US Liability Insurance that I could acquire, either at the border or online?
  8. So, tow it to the border, push it across the border in no-man's land, and then arrange for a Mexican tow once inside. That pretty much qualifies for "no coverage in the US" except for minor fender-bender in my books.
  9. San Miguel de Allende.... Guanajuato City Patzcuaro or Morelia
  10. Any recommendations for a 'relaxing' massage? No serious problems, just want kinks worked out.
  11. I'm curious... how did that 'total' turn out? Did the insurance pay out a reasonable amount (ever how one figures THAT out in Mexico!)?
  12. Part of the problem is that airfares are just high these days... and even higher once summer arrives. The other problem, as you've stated, is that ABQ is close to nowhere and probably not a good place from which to fly. I realize that this adds to your cost, but flying ABQ to Phoenix is not that expensive... instead of 'making that drive in 100 degree plus' twice. Another alternative, although it too is a 4-hour drive for you, is cheaper and that is driving to El Paso... funny but no one flies that route! Volaris Airlines has a direct flight from across the border in Juárez to Guada
  13. Mine usually comes DHL in 3-5 days. I can't remember whether there is/was some sort of 'confirmation' given, either at the end or with an email. Also, I am curious about your '30 days of insurance' comment. Is Mexico now selling car insurance within that online procedure?
  14. Garmin Nuvi with the North American plan...... Google it and look for a model that meets your requirements. I have the Nuvi 2597.
  15. Add me as 'another poster' who, when I went to leave a PM on someone's account, could see other PMs that person had received! Fact is, I can see "everyone's" PMs. THIS SHOULD BE CORRECTED IMMEDIATELY.... IMO. When is a PM not Private??? Obviously on Chapala.com
  16. Harry, I sent another PM.....
  17. Harry, I sent you a PM . RickS
  18. Because folks believe what they want to believe.... JaybearII, this info might be very important to the general readers of this Forum. If you are of a mind, could/would you Post the 'generalities' of the process if not the specifics?
  19. Some thoughts about this route.... I use it 'frequently'. With respect to Pemex stations along the route: you are spot-on about watching your gas tank taking this route, but from Zacatecas (Morelos) up 54 there are a couple of Pemex stations in that 200 miles, until one gets to the SW side of Saltillo. There, where highway 57 intersects 54 SW of Satillo, there is 'one last' Pemex which is where I usually gas up (when heading to Monclova). On the 135 mile stretch from there to Monclova there did not used to be ANY Pemex stations. The one out at "km64" is fairly new and I agree that it
  20. Also, renting in the 'off season' at Lake Chapala will be no problem as there will be many furnished places that would like to have you for the month. No real reason to try and get a place before you land there either (as there might would be if you were coming in the winter).
  21. You guys aren't pumping 'spent' fracking fluid into Mother Earth a la Oklahoma, are you!?!
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