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  1. I just found someone else to put on my 'do not read' list..... now I just have to remember HOW to do it!
  2. I"m sure the OP is benefiting greatly from this discussion.....
  3. "Good genes" trump about everything else..... those of us with those good genes are very lucky!
  4. To each his/her own but I get vaccines regularly... and as proof that they work is the fact that I have been driving a car since well before 1973.....😉 But on a serious note, could you further explain your statement, given as fact it sounds like, that the " Injection of vaccines makes no sense from the viewpoint of your immune system....". At least at one point later you said, "I think...."
  5. There is a difference between the 'natural' leaking of air over time by rubber tires on vehicles and what is being discussed here.... a slow leak in one tire that is going to cause problems sooner or later... and probably sooner.
  6. Specifically you might use 1) the "Michelin" tire shop on the Libramiento between Walmart and Chapala. OR 2) the "Goodyear" tire shop just as one starts to pull into Sorianas in Chapala. IF there is a problem and you have to buy a new tire, please re-read my thoughts on that above....
  7. Hopefully this will not be taken as a condemnation of a culture, but..... I have found that many Mexican Nationals do NOT want to 'displease you' with a negative or 'I don't know' answer so they will give one the answer that they think they want to hear or that will please them. Otherwise I suspect getting ANY reliable answers on the Covid vaccination scene Lakeside is a shot in the dark. Recent results will bear this out.
  8. Depends on whether you have a tire pressure gauge (15 pesos) or not.... and I guess whether you want to test it or have some else that you might feel is more competent. If the former, there are two things one can do; 1) take the cap off of the suspected tire pressure 'stem' valve; put enough 'spit' on the stem to have it cover the air entrance hole of the valve; watch and see if a leak in the stem is causing the 'spit to form a bubble and then burst'. Try that a couple of times making sure the spit does form a liquid cover of the small entry hole. If it doesn't 'burst' within 5-10 seco
  9. RickS


    In that case your original Post has you started in the right direction.... either a Toyota or Honda or Nissan product gives you the best chance of getting a vehicle that is 'built better'. Lately maybe even a Hyundai. But unfortunately NOTHING is going to survive cobblestone streets forever. When you find a possible buy, before you buy it take it to a reputable mechanic and have him check the suspension to see how it stands 'at the moment'.... is it going to need some major parts replacement right away or are things in pretty good shape? BTW, cobblestones can and will eat up any t
  10. WOW! That's got to be some kind of record for someone who isn't actually flying due to a job or something.
  11. ... I just love it! FLASH! Doctor in small Mexican village of Jocotopec goes one-up on the CDC's knowledge of testing for antibodies.
  12. Great video. I've read these 'facts' previously but it's nice to see a video explaining it! Should be mandatory viewing. Thanks for Posting....
  13. Make use of the 'ignore content' capability.... but it sounds like maybe you just need some.... WILLPOWER! 😇
  14. RickS


    An AWD vehicle is not necessarily going to be any different than a 2WD of the same make with respect to 'surviving cobblestones' as generally their suspension are very similar. This is probably not the place to go into a discussion of how today's vehicles are built, but if you are really looking to get something to combat cobblestones for the long haul you should look for something larger rather than smaller....with larger wheels... or a real 4WD vehicle. For example a Toyota Tacoma truck.... their mid-size offering.... comes to mind right away as it can be comfortable to drive on good ro
  15. ... not on subject but is Canada open to US tourism by land yet? Any timeframe mentioned if not?
  16. Hey Chillin, are you being coy with your 'company in Eastern Europe who is famous for their rubber slippers' remark or do you just not want to cut us in on the name of your good deal tires?
  17. My sentiments exactly. But some folks NEVER check the air in their tires until someone says to them 'hey, your rear tire is about flat!'. My wife fits in with that crowd quite nicely.....
  18. If the above link fails to fix the problem.... Generally.... there is a 'hand held' device that can check each tire's sensor. If/when all tires pass that test the 'device' can tell the main contoller to recheck/reset the system. This is done by plugging the 'device' into the OBD-II connector under the dash. It is 'possible' that either AutoZone or ORMA would have this device and might could check it for you. Otherwise it might mean a trip to a VW dealer in Guad OR a reputable tire shop there. For example my Discount Tire store in the US has such a device and has 'reset' my TPMS lig
  19. RickS


    Unlike Toyota and Nissan, Honda doesn't actually make a true 4X4 vehicle. Might you be looking for an all-wheel drive (AWD) vehicle instead of a 'real' 4X4?
  20. How did you learn of this opportunity?
  21. IMO it has nothing to do with poor design but rather pricing.... add an ethernet port and up goes the price. These things are "commodities" and price point is important. Give the customer options... buy without for less if one doesn't want or can't use the ethernet port.
  22. Certainly a step in the right direction.... but wonder how long it will take to filter that cold-storage vaccine down to places like Lakeside. I understand that the U. of Guadalajara can accommodate those low temps in some of their fridges but the logistics to get the vaccine "far afield" might be more than Mexico can pull off at this time. Guess I'm too lazy to try and fine it, but does anyone know the percentage of Tapatios that have received the required # of shots depending on source?
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