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    Rolly Brook

    Many who have not been around Lakeside for very long will probably not know just who 'this' Tony Burton might be. Super fine man who has been connected with Mexico for many years, author and writer, associated with Mexconnect (still). See: https://www.mexconnect.com/authors/1-tony-burton/
  2. ....marginally. Maybe $30 US at todays exchange rate, but seemingly more of a hassle.
  3. I think that the biggest shock is the amount of vehicles on the road since 2009 and it's surely not just Gringos. Traffic is a nightmare in 'the season' and on any weekend due to visits from Tapatíos (Guadalajarians) since there is only one reasonable way to get from east to west.
  4. I suspect that AT&T's coverage is better than it was a few years ago when they first came down. My experience with them was back then and their coverage was more spotty than Telcel. Plus I drive between the border and Lakeside and I don't believe their coverage is/was as good. Maybe that has changed also.
  5. When I find Cl Banco closed or outa dough, I generally walk/drive down to HSBC which has two ATMs. Often 4-5 folks in line but it goes fairly quickly. Fee there not quite as good as CI Banco but....
  6. ??? Best coverage throughout Lakeside? Best price? Best packages? Best/most consistent data speed?
  7. https://airlinegeeks.com/2020/08/02/volaris-to-resume-several-routes-between-mexico-and-us/
  8. Where/who is nperf? Looking at the 'English' that is provided on their website, they are NOT a country that is native English speaking.... and probably not German, Spanish etc. Their grammar is not consistent with 'someone' who speaks English. Just Curious. EDIT: Looks like they are a French company....
  9. I presume you folks are talking about SS info mailings and NOT SS checks?!
  10. Many/most modems are also/have routers. Look at the back of your modem from Telmex. If it has more than one ethernet (hardwired, RJ-45) connection it is also a router.
  11. RickS


  12. Another question por favor. Does the definition of "Bank Statements or Savings Account" include CDs....Certificates of Deposit? Many/most folks would not keep $111,000 in a checking account or basic savings account for a year as they pay no interest.
  13. Is the 'bank account level" and SS income an either/or? There are not many folks who have $2770 in monthly personal SS income. The average is around $1500 I think.
  14. Interesting that Del Rio even has a Consulate.... small off-the-beaten-path town. There is a US Air Force base there, Laughlin, but...
  15. I suggest you call one....Laredo for example. Right from the horse's mouth.
  16. ...I've not heard that cigarette smoke kills the Covid-19 virus.
  17. I'm sitting in the US of A and things change daily if not hourly. Just heard that many Republicans are not happy with the Senate offering so their bill may even change. I assume there are continuing meetings 'offline' between the parties but there is a LOT of space between a $1 trillion and $3 trillion program. AND Congress is supposed to go on recess August 14th.
  18. To each his own, but rather than sit on the couch inside one can go outside in the fresh air with a mask, take a couple-hour car trip by oneself without mask into the fabulous countryside around Seattle and do all this without subjecting oneself or others to the potential virus.
  19. Traderspoc appears to be clairvoyant. Yes, there is talk of another $1200, about reducing the $600/week jobless assistance to $200, Republicans want 1 trillion, Democrats want more like 3 trillion..... BUT nothing has been decided and 'they' are still far apart on any given program. I would not believe ANYTHING anyone says about what is going to happen at this point, much less specifics. YMMV
  20. Ahh, but they are not in the States. OSHA would have a field day here too but saying that isn't of any value either.
  21. I use a Deltran product 'Battery Tender Junior'... see photo. I have newer had one of the alligator clips come off a battery post. TelsZ4's comment about not a 'battery charger' is spot on.... it will keep a good battery topped off but will take "1 year" to charge a dead one. 😆 P.S. I don't know why you couldn't send a PM... many people do.
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