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  1. I just noticed today that there are now names associated/displayed when one picks a 'Like' button option. When did this start?
  2. RickS

    Car detailer Joseph

    I have found, and used over the years, Ajijic Auto Body just west of the Waffle House for my detailing. By detailing I mean exterior wash, polish and wax, interior cleaning of every nook and cranny and shampoo rugs, and engine ‘steam clean’. Always satisfied. This service in the past has run ‘around’ 1300 pesos for a mid-sized car. Only problem is that you may not be able to get an appointment with them for ‘that quick’.
  3. RickS

    Taxi fare to and from GDL airport

    I’ve probably used a taxi from GDL to Ajijic proper 8-10 times in the last 2 years...... it’s been the fixed price of $420 pesos every time.
  4. Yes, it’s call ‘highjacking’.... YMMV
  5. RickS

    Auto Body Repair

    But it is WEST of the Waffle House...
  6. This is EXACTLY how about 95% of the Posts here turn out... ask a simple question and if it doesn’t get hijacked big time it turns into a ‘piss’n contest’.
  7. RickS

    Auto Body Repair

    \Auto Body Shop, just past the Waffle Shop in west Ajijic meets all your criteria.
  8. RickS

    "Tourist visa" question

    To answer you directly.... there is NO best way, for you there is the ONLY way unless you can qualify for a Temporal... which you’ve suggested that you may not. Minus that, it’s a Tourist Card for 180 days, then a drive to the border to turn it in and, after a cup of coffee somewhere, get back in line for another 180 day card.
  9. RickS

    "Tourist visa" question

    Gringal is right-on. Some people just call getting another one 'immediately' a renewal.... but of course it is not. BTW, another mistake is to call the 180-day Tourist Card a 'Visa'. In the true sense of the word, it is NOT a visa.
  10. RickS

    Who is this?

    I just got this email. Don’t know who it is and don’t remember signing up.... but I could have inadvertently..... Lake Chapala Informational Web Board Newsletter - 13 November 2018 The trending topics Using The Members Calendar The members calendar is set up to do 2 things: #1 Obviously, post your event/function etc. on the calendar. #2 It automatically adds a post to the topic you selected during the process.... Read more → Using Email Address We had a new forum member use their email address as member name this week and now Gnarley has revised that. It is a good idea NOT to use your actual email address in either your member name or in... Read more → Logging out Apparently just closing the page or browser will not automatically log you out of the site. Most other sites it does. How come not here? Read more → Breaking News How about a thread for breaking news? People can see what is important at the moment, such as immigration raiding an office in Ajijic, cops doing a sting in La floresta, bad accident on X street,... Read more → EMAIL NOTIFICATION I indicated I did want email notifications. Then, I changed my preferences to don't. I'm still getting new email notifications on a topic long gone. How to stop this? Read more →
  11. RickS

    Who is this?

    Thanks CG. I just realized that, by posting this, the links are ‘hot’. So I have deleted some of the original Post.
  12. Could you put some specificity to those claims? I have heard of nothing but antidotal information that would substantiate anything other than sporadic occasions that this has happened... like at the Belize border or maybe from folks who tried to ‘turn a card in and immediately ask for another’. Who are ‘they’.... any particular crossing.... and put some figures to ‘clamping down’ please.
  13. Share with us which part is 'quite confusing'. The requirements are pretty straight forward... either one qualifies or not. I am not aware that any Mexican Consulates are more lenient but I have heard that some decisions can be 'left up to the Consulate'. Maybe a call to some of them can answer your concerns. Be aware that many folks, for whatever reason, come and live in Mexico on a Tourist Card. It is good for 180 days and it allows a US plated vehicle be brought into Mexico, as does the Temporal but not the Permanente. These folks just make a trip to the border right at 180 days, maybe do some shopping in the US border town and then drive back into Mexico getting another new 180-day permit.
  14. As was mentioned the Military has begun its presence at some border locations... mainly (I think!) in SE Texas area. And as was also mentioned the caravan(s) are a loooong way from the US border. Not that it answers you question but I crossed last week at an obscure area in the state of Chihuahua... Ojinaga/Presidio Tx. Not a sign of any heightened presence there.
  15. RickS

    Cold Coming

    That AccuWeather forecast would have to be for Guadalajara and probably does not take into account that the Lakeside temps, moderated by the large body of water, often run 9 degrees F. warmer at night.
  16. RickS

    2012 Ford escape

    It could still be, but realize that this was Posted over 2 months ago......
  17. RickS

    In other news....

    Well there you go.....
  18. RickS

    In other news....

    Can he do a British accent.....
  19. RickS

    Abbeyfield in Ajijic

    So if one sold their 2BR house for, say, $300,000 US u could live there in one of the 2 BRs for about 10 years on the proceeds assuming no increase. After that......?
  20. You say ‘should’ have a letter authorizing.... do you mean that it might be prudent or are you suggesting that it would be required. I’ve not ever read/heard that there is a requirement like this for the ‘right kind’ of person to drive someone else’s TIP vehicle in Mexico. It might be judicious to do so.... I always do when I’m driving another’s car out of Mexico..... but I’m surely not aware that it is required.
  21. RickS

    Car Detailer

    I think that RVGRINGO is correct in saying that any Mexican driving a TIP vehicle is illegal. The rub though comes with probabilities. Life is full of decisions about possibilities and probabilities. My take is that the possibility of something seriously dreadful happening while a mechanic drives my TIP car a few miles is so remote a probility that something else, like a meteor striking me dead, is going to happen to me first. Of course, as usual, YMMV.
  22. RickS


    Just to add to the ‘tire search’ thread.... I was looking for a specific brand/model of tires trying to match 2 good ones that were on a SUV I just bought.... made by BF Goodrich but with a different name. Looked in Chapala, Ajijic to no avail. Then drove out to the shop just in the curve into Jocotopec and they had them. Same price mounted/balanced and installed that I would have had to pay on Mercado Libre for the tires alone. Great service... even thought they were busy they had me out of there in 45 minutes.
  23. RickS

    Ajijic Plaza for Dia de los Muertos

    ....and it was another opportunity to see and enjoy the wonderful culture here. VIVA MEXICO!!!
  24. RickS

    The lake level

    Hopefully the "red stuff" stays at bay....
  25. RickS

    Car Detailer

    In the past I have personally used “Body Shop Ajijic” more than once....but under the previous owner... and could not have been more pleased. Last January I recommended to a friend that he go there to detail a truck that he was selling (to me, as it turned out!). He took it there and was most pleased with their job. But also I don’t know if they actually do a clay bar process before the detail. That of course helps but is not mandatory to get a good results.