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  1. Thanks to a couple of you who just answered my question. Since the rest of you decided to make the Post a pissing contest I deleted the thread. Geeesh.
  2. $$$$? 144" or 170" wheelbase? 2500? Automatic? 4cyl or 6 cyl?
  3. Well, probably a ticket. ๐Ÿ˜‡ A friend didn't need more today.... got the test at Walmart yesterday. Lots of folks being tested. I don't know if they are testing on a Sunday 'tho. I'd check if'n I wuz you.
  4. I use T-Mobile in Wyoming..... but I agree it is sparsely covered. Last summer I had to go on a muddy 4WD road to the top of a mountain pass to pick up service that was not available lower where I was camping. But then NO ONE had coverage where I was camping. Coverage... or lack thereof... in a LOT of places in the West is problematic due to sparsely populated areas of some magnitude. No one is going to have much coverage for a few mountain goats or marmots or rainbow trout. They just don't seem to have joined the 21st Century... the animals nor the human inhabitants. ๐Ÿ˜Ž My camping spot....
  5. Not likely since they are one and the same person....
  6. Interesting...I have T-Mobile and find it about as good as anyone on the main thoroughfares in the US. (Can't comment on Northern US as haven't traveled there lately but in the West, Midwest and South I've had no coverage problems) In the boonies I believe that Verizon has the best coverage. Can't comment on AT&T as I have not used them in a decade or more. T-Mobile absolutely reigns king for 5G coverage but most folks don't have a 5G phone... yet. I do and all I can say is.... WOW.
  7. Me thinks that the souther man hoped that we wouldn't actually LOOK at the data to determine the real story.
  8. Mine was less a 'recommendation' than a 'heads-up' as I have not used Dra. Rocio. Let us know what you think AFTER you've worn the partial for a while. Does she have a 'lab' and/or using CAD/CAM equipment?
  9. Only problem is.... how accurate is the data? How many thousands actually never get reported but actually HAVE the virus? Double/Triple these numbers? Of course the same is true everywhere. There has to be a magnitude of under-reporting worldwide.
  10. Of course he has jreboll. But I don't question his 'reasoning' if one understands the definition of Reason: Reason is the capacity of consciously applying logic by drawing conclusions from new or existing information, with the aim of seeking the truth. Logic and truth being the operative words....
  11. Could you give a verifiable link to a study or medical opinion to back up this statement? What I read are many studies and comments like this: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2022/01/11/fact-check-post-surgical-masks-covid-19-missing-context/9101241002/ and this: https://www.pnas.org/content/118/49/e2110117118
  12. lost, why don't you go back and READ what I posted.. It was a COMPARISON between April and NOW... or at least Nov. 2021! Probably even more evident now in January. Probably. So rather than read carefully, you throw a "and you think" bomb back at me after calling the cartoon 'dead wrong'. And rather than just 'hear' something and not fact check it, maybe you want to step back and take ownership of a dead wrong Post and then the followup. It's what you 'heard' and not the cartoon that was dead wrong. This data was compiled and reported by KBB.... the Kaiser Family Foundation that is also NON Political. There are others, non-political who are reporting similar statistics as my original Post detailed. https://www.kff.org/coronavirus-covid-19/press-release/unvaccinated-adults-are-now-more-than-three-times-as-likely-to-lean-republican-than-democratic/ P.S. What I Posted had/has NOTHING to do with politics. It is data. Data from non-politial sources. Data meant for information and nothing else.
  13. I don't know where you possibly could have read that. What I read is "3-1" Republicans unvaccinated over Democrats; and "Gallup, 40% of Republicans โ€œdon't planโ€ to get vaccinated, versus 26% of Independents and just 3% of Democrats", and from the Kaiser Family Foundation " In April, 36 percent of the unvaccinated population were Democrats or leaners; now, 17 percent are. In April, 42 percent of the unvaccinated were Republican or Republican-leaning independents; now, 60 percent are unvaccinated." Want to share your source that says this is 'dead wrong'?
  14. When one doesn't have truth and reason, one will post any ole crap to make themselves feel important and relevant. Sad.
  15. Time. LOL Not your kind of rag, I'm guessing.... Sure it is when you live in a country that actively ignores and blocks treatment. Like drinking one's own urine I suspect you are talking about. As you do now, yes? Fortunately we here in Mexico have options. You're forgetting that 34% of the population here think just like you do. Better go get a couple more jabs. That's all you got up there. Thankful for that for sure. Otherwise I would be clogging up the ICU wards just like your brethren.
  16. https://view.newsletters.time.com/?qs=d0a8f5b8509aab382f4b0186e420562310837bfcf01ffbac97f682db45b7a19b7622768fe7bbdfdd5effb6886f3fd37f8c0b53bb439fb6a0be4f12513d1defd995dba8917f29b55ec278e4d8f5024ca5
  17. In case one missed this part.... โ€”" but smoking marijuana offers no protection against the illness, according to a study by Oregon State University".
  18. This is just a WAG as I have not used her, but she has CAD/CAM equipment which would be required for a fast turn-around... Dra Rocio. From another Post lately " She's right above Panache in that little strip to the right of Bugambilias Plaza. If you cross the street on the same side, there's a parking area first for Fedex, Dermika, Maria's, etc. The main building to their right is where she's located on the 2nd floor. There should be a sign for Ajijic Dental. The 3D printer is just amazing."
  19. Right timj, but at least it is a method to begin to understand something. Better than just throwing some things against the wall and seeing what sticks. And for me much better than assuming that some god or some social media pundit has all the answers and anything 'it' says over and over just must be true... without questioning.
  20. Well no, but.... Omicron does 'appear' to be 'wiping Delta out', seems to be much more contagious, and 'may' come with less severe symptoms if/when contracted. Maybe. Also I *think* that the jury is still out as to the effectiveness of current vaccines/boosters against this variant. Maybe. I tried to read through timjwilson's small study link but I guess I'm just not smart enough to come up with a real definitive conclusion. Too many variables.
  21. It doesn't have to exist for them to reference it Gringal, it's just what they do/say. I am what can be considered Moderate to Left and I have NEVER seen an anti-religious mainstream news source!
  22. "zona afectada" Has a certain ring to it doesn't it.
  23. .... another good case of the Forum acting as it should.... a place for information that helps folks in need.
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