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  1. The amount has always been $1400... to go with the $600 sent out by the Trump Administration.... equaling $2,000. The 'original' House version was $2,000 but to my knowledge Biden has always said $1400.
  2. Yep, most everybody (but you?) got $600. Biden is now trying for the trifecta.... $1400 more to reach the $2,000 plateau that Democrats.... and Trump I might add.... wanted instead of $600. A number of folks got the $600 last Fall in the form of a debit card.
  3. AstraZeneca has been having a hard go of it for a while. I don't think that it has passed muster in the US nor in Germany. Specifically: AstraZeneca’s vaccine has been generating negative headlines in Germany since January, when the company said it would significantly cut planned deliveries to the European Union. Days before the first doses were delivered, Germany’s vaccine commission recommended that the AstraZeneca shot be given only to adults up to age 65, citing a lack of sufficient data on its efficacy in older people, advice that was followed by Chancellor Angela Merkel’s government
  4. Zeb, what I think that I'm hearing is that MC deleted your "Vaccine is not a vaccine" Post. As goofy as it was I don't understand the logic in deleting your Post but that's just me.....
  5. I used to be 'on the fence' with regards to climate change, but after a couple of years of 'study' and listening to both sides of the 'argument' I am no longer on that fence. IMO, it is occurring. And yes, of course, the earth has always had shifts in the climate otherwise we would not talk about the 'ice age' or the opposite. The problem at the moment is that the RATE of change is what is alarming. It didn't just start a couple of years ago but the rate is not up for conjecture. And I don't think that there is a parallel in recorded history. And it has also been my observation tha
  6. At this time it's a pretty steep option 'tho. $500 for the gear and $99/month. With the growth of cellphone service and hotspots from said, and the number of RV 'resorts' that have better and better wifi service, I'll not be purchasing the Starlink. My trailer came with a wifi 'boost' device that REALLY works well in a campsite.
  7. Just listened to the CEO of Pfizer on national news. He was asked specifically about this 'one-shot- scenario. He said that there was not enough data yet about this approach and he cautioned to NOT. "Maybe in another 6 months we'll have enough data to make a comment on that, but not now". I've had my 2 Pfizers plus 28 days.... still wearing a mask and distancing. YMMV P.S. Taken as 'percentages only', it does appear that the J&J vaccine being 'only' 66% effective is trailing the pack. BUT their shot is said to be 100% effective with severe cases and at keeping one out of the h
  8. In the past I have always gone to Ana.... even gave her an old cellphone that she could give to a 'needy' client or friend. In the past she was always helpful. The last two times 'tho she seemed pre-occupied with someone on the phone and was rather 'short' with me when I, using English, wasn't making myself clear. Too bad as she used to be the BEST!
  9. I doubt that Ferret.... Bringing a small package from somewhere NOB to one's doorstep here at Lakeside for $20US is, IMO, an entirely appropriate charge. 20 pesos or $1 US, not so much. And P.S. I agree with Oregontochapala's comment.... if one is truly interested and not just posting for the effect, contact the OP as was suggested. Sometimes parental love is required.....
  10. I guess that testosterone does actually exist in some older men.....
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