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  1. My experience is that if a Poster leaves a phone #, best to just call as they don't look back at their Post much/any!
  2. How does one even FIND a thread that old when there are 10s of thousands Posted in the ensuing year. But of course....carry on.
  3. I can't imagine riding a motorcycle 1,000 miles from Tijuana/Mexicali all the way down Baja Norte and Sur to LaPaz. Then having to take a long ferry ride over to Mazatlan and wander 850 miles back up to the US border! That's a lot of wind, grit and vibration. A shorter ride might be down to Santa Rosalia, ferry over to Guaymas, out to Creel and up to El Paso but THAT's probably 1400 miles!
  4. ... you are replying to a one year old thread.
  5. Just contact Spencer's office and get the real story... https://www.chapalalaw.com/contact/
  6. At totalplay.com.mx there is an English tab that one can get an idea of services provided. Also one can put in their address to see if available. Otherwise ask your question(s) here. There are plenty of users of Totalplay here now. Maybe there is an English speaking phone #? Maybe?
  7. Sorry to hear that you had a crown come loose.... that happened to me years ago and has more to do with the 'setting' of the crown than the crown itself. My 3-tooth bridge was 'cut from a block' of Zirconia for strength.... MUCH harder than porcelain-on-metal. It is basically two crowns with a 'floating' pontic tooth between. So strength of the product is very important. When it came time last year to put in two new molar crowns on the other side, created by the CAD/CAM 'subtractive' milling machine, Dr. Edgar at Dental Express said to me that he would NOT use a Zirconia upper crown because 'it is so hard that it might crack the porcelain-on-metal crown down below'. So 'something' less hard was cut down. BTW, that bridge has such good margins still after 3 years that I cannot use floss on it... can't thread the floss through from outside to inside.... so must use a Water Pic device. I'm happy.
  8. Yes they can BUT.... once they get it, you only have 5-6 business days to cross the border. Can't get one for some date in the future. Also don't forget to cancel the TIP at the border when leaving.
  9. RV, the devil is in the details. (BTW, his Honda Fit is Canadian plated) Correct, one cannot buy a foreign plated can in Mexico IF one is thinking of keeping it in Mexico without driving it to the US and then returning with their own TIP.... if that's their intent. BUT one CAN 'sell' it to someone whose intention it is to drive the vehicle out of Mexico post haste. The 'transaction' does NOT have to be made out of Mexico... that transaction has nothing to do with the Mexican government. I can purchase a US plated vehicle while it is in Mexico and with a valid TIP... purchase meaning I give someone $'s and they give me a signed title to it. But my intentions must be to get it out of Mexico. I've done this many many times. I'm not the only one who has done that. If it is still legal in Mexico (has a valid TIP) I just get a Power of Attorney to drive his/her TIP car out. IF it is not legal... TIP has expired or owner went Permanente.... I get a Seguro Retorno from SAT (usually with Chapala Law's help) and then drive it legally out of Mexico.
  10. I seriously doubt that there would be a grace period. If one is Permanente one is Permanente. BUT if you get a Jalisco plated vehicle first, you could 'park' the Canadian plated Fit until you are ready to leave for Canada and THEN even as a Permanente get a Seguro Retorno (Safe Return) document from SAT that would give you 5-6 business days after procurement to legally drive it out of the country. S&S Auto at Lake Chapala is known for being a reliable 'dealer'. Give them a call/email and see if they might be able to help you.
  11. Yes, everyone will be doing 3D before long and labs will be like the caboose on a train. I misspoke before saying that Dental Express was doing 3D printing. They ARE using CAD/CAM principles but instead of the 'additive' 3D printing procedure they are using a 'subtractive' milling machine process. The former builds up (prints) a tooth and the latter 'whittles' down a small block to become a tooth. I'm still amazed that one, in little Ajijic Mexico, can have either of these technologies that produce a 'perfect' tooth (crown/bridge) while you wait. And with amazing margins for a great fit. No more 'wait for 10 days to 2 weeks' for a crown to come back from the lab... and maybe be sent back because it was not molded quite to perfection and won't fit properly.
  12. Could you let me/us know where this Dentista practices? I didn't know that there was anyone in Ajijic doing the 3D stuff other than Dental Express. Gracias
  13. ... and you are right to say Dr. Barragan's "OFFICE", not just Barragan himself. Last year I had to have a root canal (prior to crowns). Dra. Cynthia Berny... who is BTW Dr. Barragan's wife..... did the work. I have NEVER had such gentle dentistry. When one has a root canal and doesn't have any associated pain (including like you said, the numbing procedure) one knows that one is in good hands.... pun intended! The office is at Bugambilias #39. It 'fronts' the carretera.
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