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  1. ... or WBUR Boston NPR radio. El Toro, my question is..... why invest in a 'radio device' when more music/information than one could possibly listen to in a lifetime is available using.... The Internet. Play on your desktop, your smart TV, your smart phone with earphones or casting to anything that accepts bluetooth, etc etc I have a small 'receiver' device.... Aomais.... that accepts direct connect to say an iPod or via bluetooth to anything capable of broadcasting with said. Fantastic sound for such a small portable rechargeable device (4"/10") and is even waterproof in case it falls into the pool. Mine is orange so hard to misplace it!!! Or use something like the following, broadcasting 25,000-odd radio stations: https://www.internet-radio.com/
  2. RickS


    You are quoting US comparison prices and selling in US Dollars. Is the Suzuki a US plated vehicle?
  3. FYI... you might also want to 'talk' to Toyhauler 4U who has posted here. Reliable and savvy about moving into/out of Mexico.
  4. No one is denying that there has been and will continue to be economic hardship cause by the decisions to address the pandemic with the shutdown of the economy. And you are right in saying that the lucky ones are those of us who no longer have to work to sustain our lives. BUT this is a pandemic! If 'we' just went along with life as usual with no precautions being taken, your young lady might be having an entirely different set of problems to worry about... assuming she and/or her family actually survived.
  5. Thanks. Completely missed that part! Yep, no foreign plated vehicles for them then.
  6. Agreed. An estimate to nationalize could be between $2500-$4,500, then Jalisco fees for title/tags. Would have to be done at the border by a bonded Mexican Broker. No do-it-yourself. Vehicles nationalized in this manner, with a reputable Broker, have been 'scam free'. Getting one done anywhere other than at the border, not so scam free. And then there's the Mexico plated ones....
  7. If you know that both of them are Permanente, then that is true.
  8. So BILs ARE good for something, eh?
  9. Care to explain why you believe this? If it is for personal reasons, so be it. But no Mexican law would preclude you from doing so.
  10. I and others always recommend Felipe Morales at AutoCheck in Riberas. Very good English and very good, reliable and honest mechanic. 331-464-2324 Cell or 376-106-2188 Hidalgo #90A immediately west of TeleCable (Wizz).
  11. Just my opinion but I'd rather have RV giving me advice than you. PLUS he's a gentleman. Mostly. RV tends to go the conservative by-the-book route. Safer in the long run but being Mexico there's always more than one way to skin a cat.
  12. Unfortunately it is not just Republicans who are going sans mask and distancing.....
  13. Tell that to the folks in Tulsa... 😥
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