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  1. In case you missed the last 2 sentences, a 30 peso fuse fixed the problem and the OP needs no further service on the unit.
  2. Now THERE'S a conservative approach to the problem. Quite 'Mexican' I might add also.
  3. So, not Temporals too?
  4. Me thinks that you are just going to have to 'put up with' the frequent misunderstanding of just what YOUR subject is and what the masses.... less a few.... THINK you are talking about. So far your evenhanded responses to this misunderstanding are exemplary... especially for this Board!
  5. These outages of Telmex and CFE are very reminiscent of the early 2000s...
  6. Me thinks that there's still some confusion going on. This conversation is about streaming TV but some still want to talk about YouTube videos about how to make bread. As LQ has mentioned, "that's not streaming TV".
  7. ea93 if you find one and actually do a full wrap, post back your experience por favor.
  8. "Of course in the real world, many or most people are gullible, emotional, and something less than informed, rational actors. " Pat yourself on the back for that one. That's the quote of the month IMO.
  9. Make sure you visit Merida in the non-winter months. It is a wonderful city BUT it is VERY hot and humid. Many (most!?) rentals would not have AC.
  10. That's one reason why having a small UPS device, into which important devices are plugged, is a cheap and wise decision to make.
  11. Well sometimes it is the luck-of-the-draw and other times it's a crapshoot. If one has good genes and lives/has a fairly healthy life, then Lakeside... even without insurance.... is a good place to be. BUT if one comes in too late to qualify for private insurance AND hits a large bump in the road then the US w/Medicare wins out. Trying to figure out 'what may happen' along the way, genes not withstanding, is the crapshoot I referred to. The exception to this.... at least for now.... is the 'nursing home' and 'home help' situation. Hands down it is better to be lakeside if one is approaching or in this arena.
  12. It's strange (to me) that a Generac unit sold in Mexico would not come with the propane orifice installed as natural gas is almost non-existent here?
  13. It certainly was NOT you who was muddying the water.....
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