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  1. RickS


    On the subject of amniotic and umbilical cord products... https://www.regenexx.com/blog/consensus-document-on-amniotic-and-umbilical-cord-scams/ The document.... https://m.box.com/shared_item/https%3A%2F%2Fapp.box.com%2Fs%2F16f1pgiojm0yp3mxtwz853ek7sesefrj
  2. Al, it was Sonia who Posted what I said about Aduana CDMX. She talked to the official and has even posted his phone number on her website.
  3. This question has been asked about 1,000 times in the past and there are always 2 (different) answers..... no you can’t and yes you can. There is also antidotal and official ‘evidence’ that ‘yes’ is the right answer. The antidotal answers are usually “yes, because I have done it more than once and I suffered no ill consequences’. Count me in that group as I have done it a couple of times over the years. The more ‘official’ YES came from a phone call last year (not by me but a reliable ‘professional’ source) and discussion specifically on this subject with a named official at Aduana in CDMX. The Aduana official’s answer was “yes you may legally do this without consequences but you must take the car out by the designated timeframe”. So it’s basically up to you as to whether you try it or not.
  4. RickS

    Passing on highways with paved shoulders

    CG has portrayed one version of using the wide shoulders. MacT is talking about the other version..... where oncoming traffic DOES get into one’s lane expecting 1) the vehicle they are passing to move over onto their shoulder but as important 2) ONCOMING traffic to pull into their shoulder lane to allow the ‘passer’ clear passage. This is usually done while the passer has his/her (NO, this Mexico... I’ll just say HIS!) left turn blinker on. This appears to give carte blanc approval for the procedure. This ‘culture’ is somewhat maddening for foreigners and non-believers to come to grips with. Not to speak of the potential danger of such maneuvers. MacT would appear to be one of them. But it is done throughout Mexico and quite effective as long as everyone knows ‘the game’. I do it, except when my wife is in the car. Then I usually don’t do it because I cannot stand to hear/see grown people on the floorboard crying out ‘you are going to get us both killed!!!’.
  5. There is not but two ways to get from here to there.... and by your criteria you have eliminated one of them. That leaves the 15D toll road. Go north from Chapala on the road the airport; prior to the airport take the ‘new’ Macrolibramiento west towards “Tepic”. It will join the 15D west of Guadalajara. Drive west on 15D until you see signs for PV ultimately using Mex 200. South of Las Varas, 200 will become a winding 2 lane until about Bucerias. That stretch of road will test your perceverance. BTW, this is Mexico so you will encounter ‘crazy drivers’ everywhere. Not all of them or Mexican!
  6. Mike in Ajijic, termonogly is important. What “Telmex cable”? If you are referring to the telephone line that comes into your house, THAT cable MUST plug into a Telmex Modem. ONLY a Telmex modem can be used as that first connection from the street. That modem has wifi capablilities. Like CG said, run a speed test to see how fast your service from Telmex is. Run it several times at different times of the day for a baseline. IF you suspect that the Telmex modem’s wireless signal is slow or weak... not reaching throughout your casa.... then potentially one can get a better/stronger wifi signal by purchasing a router and connecting it to your Telmex modem via an ethernet cable. Turn off wifi on your modem and turn it on on the router. Run the speed tests again and see if by adding a new router, and using its wifi signal, has increased your speed and maybe strength throughout the house. If not, then the Telmex modem and wifi was OK, the added router did no good and you are just getting lousy speed from your DSL Telmex service.
  7. RickS

    Telcel messages

    Is AT&T's coverage Lakeside equal to Telcels? Guadalajara? Other places in Mexico where you go?
  8. As was mentioned, this service has been available for quite some time Techno. AT&T has also had a similar service for a while.
  9. RickS

    El Chapo found guilty

    .... and the officials to bribe.
  10. I’m a little confused about what you are asking, but.... One must have a TelMex DSL modem AND an Internet account with TelMex. Whether your old Telmex Arcadyan modem will work is. a crapshoot. Telmex ‘may’ require you to use one of their current models.... Take Ferret’s recommendation and buy a backup Telmex modem on Mercado Libre. You’ll probably need it. BTW, those modems are are both eternernet and wifi. IF you want to also purchase a wifi/router to use ‘behind’ the Telmex modem, yes just plug it into the modem and use it for whatever reasons you wish.
  11. RickS

    Honda CRV repair needed

    IMO, unless your CR-V is still under warranty and the suspension work might be covered, I’d have it done locally. Suspension parts.... struts/shocks, tie-road ends, bushings, torsion bars, etc..... are not rocket science items to replace. Felipe, mentioned above, will and can do that job with one arm tied behind his back! AND, he won’t replace anything that doesn’t need to be replaced, his charge will be half what a Guadalajara dealership will charge without the hassle that involves for most. Felipe speaks fluent English and is a very nice guy. If, for some reason you must/want to have only genuine Honda parts.... not at all necessary!..... he can easily get those too. You’ll just pay more. If certain components are replaced, the CR-V will have to have a front end alignment done at the end. Felipe will probably sublet that part out Lakeside as it takes specialized/expensive equipment.
  12. RickS

    El Chapo found guilty

  13. RickS

    ILOX update

    15 days in Mexico is an eternity...
  14. RickS

    Beach place

    Looks like a trip is in order.....