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  1. "Don't ask, don't tell" fits many situations in many countries.....
  2. Left off that list was a free annual mammogram and free prostate exam and free blood tests (if/when ordered by a Doc). But/and all these and the things that you mentioned come with the key words.... YOUR DOCTOR. One can't just 'travel north' and bop into an office to get them done at will. My experience and information from others in the US is that getting that annual appointment can be daunting or at least not 'in a couple of days or weeks'. IMO if one is/would be considering going north for any of these services one might surely want to find a Doc willing to accommodate your needs.
  3. Can one actually fly with a desktop computer as luggage? Would it survive?
  4. RV... is there a price-differential buying an iMac in the States vs in Mexico... say in Guadalajara?
  5. You are correct.... is it new in a box? I would take it out of it's original box if possible and present it as used....
  6. I purchased a HA's from Costco and was pleased with their selection and their audiologist center/personnel. AND, Costco pricing on said HA.
  7. Moderator maybe could make CG's information a Sticky?!?
  8. Dental Express west Ajijic... latest techniques
  9. Well, that's not quite how it happened, but.... Mexconnect was in fact the go-to website before any of the others had anything/much going. BUT, the Forum was just a small part of the offerings on Mexconnect as they, over the years, have had some fabulous writers. IMO, the main reason the Forum is seeing less traffic these days is the advent of other Forums like this one and Bob's as well as Facebook. Back in the old days San Miguel, with it's Expat population, also did not have a forum but does now. Times change. Moderator, Mexconnect
  10. Ditto for Lakeside. Seemingly very tolerant.... if that is even a good description. Most of us could care less what your sexual preferences are. Now being African American.... I don't know about that!!! 😂🤣😍
  11. Yes, on the surface it would seem to be a recipe for trouble. BUT, if one knows what they are doing it can be OK. I've done maybe 15 sight unseen over the last 5-10 years, including one 2 weeks ago, and haven't yet been sorry. Just gotta do your homework.
  12. Just make sure the house already has a phone or service. Some don't and lead time can be long or forever. Understand the true meaning of the word mañana!
  13. Get a life dude and chill! Post was clearly marked. If it doesn't interest you don't open it in the first place. And I strongly suggest that you go back on your meds...
  14. Telcel also has a " me casa" service which is a box in your home, utilizing the cell signal then broadcasting WiFi inside the house.
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