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  1. Well, for a contrary (to that!) opinion, I hope that Alan spends all his waking days here with us 'forever'.... and maybe someone else depart. But that's just me I suppose.
  2. mudgirl, my comments were less directed to you personally but rather whether it is OK for anyone to put unsubstantiated stuff out without doing some due-diligence on it themselves first. Especially these days . That's probably just my personal take on responsibility. Everyone has to determine their own I guess. So far, with even more research, I cannot verify nor debunk the data. Can't even find out anything about the presenter although 'he', Alex Someoneoranother, might have a Facebook account and might could be contacted that way. I'm not a FB'er and I'm not going to join to check this out further. Carpe diem
  3. Well, who has verified that this 'visualization' is on the up and up. Maybe an extremist for what ever reason wanting us to believe what is portrayed I did some 'investigation' and here is what I found: The UK company that developed the 'presentation software', Flourish, seems to be OK. BUT, can 'anyone' use their software without the data being fed into it verified by them or any other reputable third party. Who knows. I didn't fine that it was/has passed any test of validity. So my opinion is that when we see something like this, maybe BEFORE posting it as fact the source should be at least given a cursory examination. And BEFORE we all just gobble up Posted stuff as fact and maybe praise it's message, we should do our due diligence on it also even if the message happens to support our on position on the subject. End of rant.....
  4. Not exactly. If one does NOT receive SS but HAS filed a 2018 or 2019 AND paid their taxes electronically out of their bank account, the stimulus will be deposited into THAT bank account. Otherwise, yes a check 'is in the mail'. Just don't look for it anytime soon.
  5. I'm just sorry that you feel it necessary to share your 'hates' with us... especially your grammatical ones....
  6. Duke it out with wiki, Ukiyo... https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pala├║
  7. Those cops work 'both directions'. 6-8 months ago they stopped me for.... speeding. Didn't seem to make any difference that I was between trucks going about 30mph. Short story is that they let me go after I nicely but repeatedly tolf them to 'take me to the office and I'll pay'! BTW, first time ever on February I was stopped by a couple of cops looking for mordida just as I was coming into Nuevo Laredo. Speeding. Had the 'speed gun' showing I was doing 95 kph. Of course that was a lie. Same outcome as above.
  8. last time I was there (2/6/20) there was construction/cement barriers all along there. I did not know about/see a 'booth' for turning in one's TIP and never knew there was one there but.... What does one do with their tourist card as in turn it in and get one's Passport stamped? EDIT: Looking at Google Street Scene I see that the booths say they are for TIP cancellation. The booth to the left 'might' handle visas as it says "INM" and "Banjercito". My last time through there was major construction there and only the left side was open, but unmanned. No problem as I had already gone 'under the bridge' where I usually go when using Bridge II.
  9. Colombia will be FAR easier, especially with respect to turning in/cancelling your TIP. At Colombia one basically cannot miss the 'hut' for tuning in the TIP nor the building IF one also needs INM services. At Laredo Bridge II one must either have been there before and remember OR just be damn lucky in finding it as a newbie. (Yes, I know the Bridge II area has signs IF one knows what signs to look for and which lateral to take and when, but.....) I am aware of no 'booth' at the Laredo Bridge II crossing except up next to the hard-to-find INM building. At Colombia crossing it sits right out there on the entrance road daring one to miss it!
  10. More likely is the fact that thousands of Japanese immigrants came in the late 19th Century seeking jobs in the new Coahuila coal and steel plants. Many of their descendants still live in the area and probably even have some Asian friends who visit and stay at your Hotel Fiesta Americana. So I doubt the Covid cluster have anything to do with them being there, but good try.
  11. But still relevant....even in this fast changing world.
  12. IMO these anecdotal stories... 'who has it, who is getting tested, is testing even available, if I die will it be chalked up to 'just the flu' etc etc etc.... is JUST as valid here in my neck of the woods in the US as in Mexico. I have to show up at the Emergency Room to even have some chance of being tested. Tests ARE being done on first responders/hospital staff but.....
  13. Then you better have a mask if you plan on getting outa your car for gas or... https://time.com/5815641/laredo-face-mask-fine/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=the-brief&utm_content=20200405&xid=newsletter-brief
  14. IMO, talking about a vaccine for Corvid-19 to be developed, tested, rolled out and administered to, what, maybe 150 million people is like talking about who is going to win the 2022 Super Bowl.
  15. RickS

    DYI Facemasks

    It is my understanding that cloth/cotton masks are not effective as are 'too porous'. I doubt Lakeside has any/many HEPA vacuum bags but those can be cut up and used very effectively.
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