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  1. RickS

    Forewarning for Tomorrow Morning

    Not to hijack the thread but..... MC, did you ride your MOTO all the way to OAXACA!?!
  2. RickS

    Cold weather warning

    Pete, if you go back to the beginning of this thread you will see that Bisbee Gal Posted that the ajijicweather site ‘says’ that their forecast temps relate to the GDL airport. Elsewhere I have seen before from, like Accuweather, the same ‘disclaimer’. It has been this way ‘forever’ and I was just wondering if these days some legitimate weather ‘forecaster’ might be reporting for Lakeside proper.... but that appears to not be the case. Not surprising I guess. This mornings temps, verified by you and Bisbee Gal and Tom pretty much confirm that at least morning forecast temps for Lakeside cannot be relied upon to be accurate.
  3. RickS

    Cold weather warning

    Way to go Bisbee Gal.... if you could/would do that for a few more days it would be nice. So one can see that, in the last 3 days anyway, the nighttime forecasted temps are nowhere near the actual temps ‘on the ground’ in Ajijic. I suspect, but don’t have proof, that the big lake is responsible for the difference.
  4. RickS

    Stop telemarketer calls

    i hope it works better in Mexico than it does in the US. Once upon a time the Do-not-call list worked pretty well. Today it is a farce. All of our phones (4) are on both the Federal and State DNC lists and between us we get around 15 calls A DAY. I ‘block’ on average 2-3 calls every day but it does no good. Companies in todays world have absolutely no consideration for anything other than their OWN bottom line. P.S. When I was younger I told myself that, when I got old, I would not become a cynic. Guess what!?!
  5. RickS

    Cold weather warning

    I still don’t think that is for Lakeside proper but probably GDL. As a test why doesn’t someone write down the forecast from above (say, next 5 days) and compare it with the acutal temperatures that will come from stations at Lakeside. Anyone up to the challenge?
  6. Based on what I read, hear and see..... consider yourself lucky!
  7. Well, that’s right from the horse’s (most knowledgeable contributor!) mouth. With regard to what the “local Mexican Contador Publico” told you about ‘defering’ your Permanente I have this OPINION: with this option there seems to be a lot of ‘timing’ issues AND reliance on the various Mexican Agencies and databases reliably ‘talking’ to each other for you to have ANY assurances that all will work out as you wish! As Spencer suggests, if you don’t leave Mexico by February 15th (and I would make it February 14th!!!) you are probably going to loose the deposit anyway**. I also don’t know if I would be ‘playing around’ with my Permanente visa’s validity by deferring the process.... just to save $400 that you are probably going to loose anyway. YMMV ** There is a database that one can access to tell, with pretty good reliance, as to whether the Mexican Government determines that your vehicle is, in fact, still legally in the country. Somewhere along the years to Permanente status, with annual renewals of your Temporal and supposedly renewals of the TIP, the vehicle ‘could’ have become illegal.
  8. It is not uncommon for a ADSL (Telmex) upload to be next to nothing.... 0.50. While not great by any standard, there is not much ‘uploading’ going on when surfing the net. Trying to upload pictures or doing Facetime or teleconferencing.... yes... but otherwise not so much.
  9. RickS

    ILOX install

    I suspect that, at the first install, THAT news will be spread near and far.....
  10. You are going to have to share with us which Provider you use..... are you talking about Telmex or TeleCable or Telcel cell coverage??? I suspect it is Telmex (the phone company) but...... Also, with a download of 10 and upload of .50 your web pages should be opening just fine so something else might be wrong with your connections.
  11. RickS

    RR Crossing on Lagos de Moreno north bypass

    Coming from the south, yes. Just stay on the main road into town and follow signs to San Luis Potosi. Take a look with google maps at the downtown area and one will see what to anticipate... but there isn't anything real 'tricky'.
  12. RickS

    RR Crossing on Lagos de Moreno north bypass

    I just always go directly through Lagos (easy) and therefore ‘bypass’ that horrible bypass and its railroad crossing.
  13. Hard for us/me to confirm all that information (stamped extension letter, etc), but generally: when one has a valid auto permit (TIP) and goes to extend a currently valid Temporal Visa then yes one must also go to the local Aduana office and ask to ‘extend’ the TIP and ‘tie’ it to the new Temporal. At that point the TIP will then have a concurrent timeframe of the new Temporal and must be renewed by Aduana every time the Temporal is renewed. If this is done ‘religiously’ then the original deposit on the vehicle is preserved. At the point where one has received their last available Temporal (4 years on a Temporal) the holder must either leave Mexico (with the vehicle) OR apply for a Residente Permanente visa. Since a Permanente cannot own/have a foreign plated vehicle IN Mexico, that vehicle must be taken out of Mexico as it will be illegal once the Permanente is issued.
  14. RickS

    Cold weather warning

    I took his comment to be ‘tongue in cheek’.... maybe not but......
  15. RickS


    If you are concerned about a possible leak AT your propane tank.... and you have good access to that tank...., a solution of soapy water can be dabbed on the threaded connection to the valve. If the solution 'bubbles', you have a leak (which can potentially be cured by just tightening the connection and tested again).