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  1. Oh, Val, I was not questioning the validity of her services at all.... just being a horse's a$$ by poking fun at the name of her business... mixing Norary services with Nuptials just struck me as funny at the time. No offense. But I/we may give her a call as may have the need of a Florida notary in the near future! Thanks.... and again sorry for making fun at someone else's expense.
  2. Ooooh, what I wouldn't give for a good 'maintenance person' to come to my house for 90 minutes for $25US!!!
  3. My wife had the 'same' experience with cartilage in her hip about 16 months ago using stem cells from her bone marrow and PRP, said injection(s) guided by fluoroscope. She also had a 'bone cyst' there that was 'treated' and that has also been helped. The procedure was done in the US (Colorado). Yours was from 50 years of dancing and her's was from 40+ years of a small woman riding big horses!
  4. I don't know Ms Jones.... 'Rainbow Notary and Nuptials' leaves me wondering. 😆😉
  5. Oops... forget that major purchase.
  6. I'm pretty sure that any of the main airports in the US are going to require masks and social distancing. Food will probably be limited.... especially since seeing that ORD has only a BK. Taxis and Uber are all having/requiring masks. Not to be catty but if you fly into a Texas (for example) airport you will probably see there and within the area much more relaxed requirements for masks and social distancing. If into Colorado, for example, you will find/see many restrictions... like required masks everywhere, limited open restaurants and if open social distancing of tables, limited # of
  7. ...and more likely than not the procedures and/or conditions were not the same or similar. One just cannot give a thumbs up about something and expect it to be of value to everyone... or anyone for that matter.
  8. Your comments are about Step 2. Step 1 is to legally Import it back into the US with Customs as mentioned above. Again, the mantra is "Check with Texas".... unless of course Texas believes they are a country unto themselves and they don't need no stinking Customs folks interfering with their business. 🏰
  9. When science turns political it's all over but the shouting.... In the mean time the public is left with 'mouth agape' and wondering what to do to try and protect themselves and others during a pandemic!
  10. You said "Pro" and 'she'. Did you mean Prp? Did Dra. Justina Jimenez do this injection? Was there any kind of Fluoroscope used to guide the needle into the spine? Did the relief come immediately or take weeks or months? I am not trying to be difficult but IMO if one is going to give testimonials I think more info is needed to be of value. 'Now, no pain' is probably not enough info to be of value to someone who is considering RPR and/or Stem Cells. Might even be mis-information.
  11. Man sometimes I'm in the wrong month..... especially THIS year!
  12. Yes, stem cells and PRP are/can be very useful in attacking soft tissue problems. Can even 're-grow' cartilage and can be an answer instead of surgery. Takes a long time 'tho...is not an overnight 'cure'. As with any 'new' procedure, the field gets flooded with quacks pretty quickly. Research, research, research should be the mantra.
  13. So I'm wondering how someone who has only posted ONE message here.... the one above.... but knew to come onto this Forum an give a great testimonial to this doctor's procedure. A grain of salt comes to mind, but then I'm just skeptical about things like this I guess.
  14. The job of changing out a static alternator with the battery cable(s) off is not something that is going to bring other "electrical" issues with it. And millions of batteries get removed/changed out daily with no real need for concern assuming the person doing it has ANY experience at all. More likely to hurt your back than anything else... especially for us ole'uns.
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