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  1. If RV's comments weren't clear, you should report to Aduana for the car permit "tie" to your pending Temporal visa. Aduana will not be co-located with INM usually.
  2. With respect to DAC 'tho, one is no more or less likely to get into that tier with 220 than 110....unless of course the reason one is getting 220 is for an anticipated addition like pool or A/C.
  3. How about rum and coke and gin and tonic? Every other day.... one one day, the other the next. Then tequila all weekend.
  4. Now that he has resurrected this old one, it's new now. Waiting for the 3 40 YOs on the forum to respond.....
  5. Stealing cable has a value due to the copper in it. Fiber optics has no copper and the optics would probably be compromised with the probable rough handling of the thieves. Also the market for fiber would have to be really slim.
  6. I would add a caveat to 'calling iLox' for anything definitive that one can hang a hat on..... from several first hand accounts of pre-paids, calls and even visits to the office would be given 'you will be installed tomorrow, or next Tuesday' or something similar when in fact this just did not happen. More than once. What the office thinks/says and what the installers do has often not been congruent.
  7. Telcel and AT&T were mentioned... they will be cell service but both have service where a 'box' can be placed in your home from which you will get wifi service to your devices there. Make sure you 'test' either of their cellphone coverages AT you house.... not just in your neighborhood.... as cell coverage can be strange sometimes.
  8. Let the back-seat driver comments begin....
  9. Couldn't agree with you more but the operative word there is.....'should'. The politicians long ago made travel to Cuba political.... and verboten. I understand, but don't have personal confirmation, that when a US citizen travels to Cuba from Mexico the 'authorities' do NOT stamp one's US Passport as would be done normally. Any confirmation of that from a local Cuba traveler?
  10. Mini-splits can be either..... cool only or heat/cool. The second might be called a heat pump but that is over my pay grade. Where to find a repair person for yours is also...... past my grade so I'll just tee-off. 🏌️‍♂️
  11. FYI, they are called mini-splits. They are about the only kind of AC (residential) found in Mexico.
  12. I think that all of Kyle's Posts are saying that one must live/domicile in the US in order to qualify for a Medicare Advantage policy. I totally agree with that statement. Yes, if one's domicile is the US and comes to Mexico on a trip and has an emergency here, then 'most/all' Advantage policies will reimburse one for that expense once they return and file the paperwork. Above board. If one is living/domiciled in Mexico but still has some kind of connection back in the US, IMO it is still illegal to apply for/get an Advantage policy there. Not saying that someone can't and hasn't done this or is still doing this but it ain't legal. Just shady. If one is living/domiciled in the US but is playing snowbird/sunbird for, say, a few months each year AND has an emergency while in Mexico I suspect that when they go back home they could submit paperwork to their Advantage carrier and still get reimbursed. Fine line maybe. Better check your policy. Insurance companies are ALWAYS trying to see how they can get out of paying anything even when everything is perfectly above board! YMPWV.... Your Mileage Probably Won't Vary
  13. But I think that there are provisions for exclusions such as the 'Foreign Earned Income Exclusion' which allows you to decrease your taxable income on US expat taxes by the first $105,900 earned as a result of your labor ($103,900 for 2018) while a resident of a foreign country. And as far as being domiciled in Mexico there is the US-Mexico Tax Treaty to help relieve double taxation. .... and I had previously used Sr. Google to enlighten me on the subject. https://www.greenbacktaxservices.com/blog/form-2555-instructions-expats//
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