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  1. You may want to give them a bit longer than half a day to help you. BUT, the no-call list is 'just' a list that callers are supposed to contact BEFORE they call, not some silver bullet that intercepts calls. Or at least that is how it works NOB. Guess how many companies.... and especially the spam/scam one.... are actually referencing that list.
  2. Knowing what I know now.... which may not be very accurate but it's all I have.... I *think* that in the US I, as an older person with only hypertension to worry much about, will probably not be able to get 'a' vaccine before the March-April timeframe. Depending on what I hear from the media quoting scientists as to the safety of those that went before me, I'll be rolling up my sleeve first chance.
  3. IMO, anyone who professes that they "won't buy anything made in China" is either 'going political' or just has not really looked at or understand what that really means. Many, many consumer goods are either totally made or have significant component makeup from China. I understand that about 70% of goods sold at Walmart are manufactured in China; 45% of goods sold on Amazon are Chinese produced. And about 27% of all goods purchased in the US are made in China. So aside from automobiles, most farm goods, most televisions and a few more categories that I'm not aware of, we in the US
  4. Canada won't get vaccine until later.... https://apnews.com/article/justin-trudeau-canada-coronavirus-pandemic-united-states-e405547090d24e017a2fe267babcaa0e
  5. I hope Mexico's 'do-not-call' list works better than the US version... which has been a farce for years. All my phones are and have been on our no-call list and I probably get 15 spam/scam calls a day! Fortunately some/most are intercepted by my cellphone carrier but, for example, I've had 5 of them today in the last 2.5 hours that actually rang through. Since calling number ID can and is 'spoofed' by a computer it is pretty much impossible to keep up with this blatant disregard for people's privacy by unscrupulous 'companies'.
  6. "Simon Says"... https://electrek.co/2020/10/25/tesla-next-killer-product-solar-roof-elon-musk/ Only your hairdresser knows......
  7. ... and SpaceX is the darling of the moment with NASA for replacement of non-existent US rockets.
  8. I am surprised... with a capital "S".... that it covers 'only collision' as I, like Mostlylost, have never heard of a Mexican policy covering US travel Collision and maybe especially on a rental vehicle there. I really don't know how one can protect themselves from financial despair when driving a non-US covered vehicle while in the US other than paying the rental agency for that coverage... and it ain't cheap.
  9. Not a lecture AT ALL but good, solid information. And I'm impressed with your walking program! Cheers.
  10. What 'surgical masks' Pete. This discussion is about mask 'brackets' that some put inside of masks. N95 is an OSHA standard; Kn95 is a 'similar' Chinese standard and Trump would not want you wearing one of those. 🤐
  11. Technically 'landlines' are the old phone services coming into the house on wires from the Ma Bells of yester-year.... so Vonage is not a landline. It is a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service.... so using your Internet not wires coming in from outside. When you say 'landlines' you are probably just referring to the actual 'phones' that you are using and not the type of service. It's a common 'mistake'. VoIP service like Vonage started out years ago and were just connected to phones in your house using the Internet but with the advent of smartphones they can now also be connected
  12. Does your MX insurance cover 'collision' for you in the US or just liability? If not, how does the rental company get reimbursed for repair is you have a wreck? If it does cover collision etc, is it at a Mexican hourly rate or US rate? Just curious.....
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