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  1. Actually it is not on the Mexico side (Mexico side?) where much of a backup will be but rather on the US Customs side. I think that if you go into the US thinking "Police State" your mindset might depict how it goes for you. The process has not changed much over the years and I pretty much find all of the CBP personnel to be professional if not very much attuned to their task. Arriving in a US plated vehicle will probably be your best bet as it matches multi-millions of others there. They will DEFINITELY not just wave you on but of course that has never happened. Prepare to answer several questions.... preferably truthfully...., have no 'goods' that are persona non grata (meats, produce, fruits, guns or bullets etc). They will not care how much booze you are bringing into the US but the State you are coming into.... Texas especially.... will and will require you to stop and pay a tax on it.. Here is a URL to check all border crossings for wait times by the hour. US Customs and Border Protection Web Site.... estimated wait time for reaching the primary US inspection booth https://apps.cbp.gov/...action=n&pn=2304 This is for Laredo. Click on 'Back to List' to see all other crossings.
  2. That is a question we/I cannot answer for you as we know nothing about the condition and what might come of a visit to a doc/hospital, or for how long or how many visits. The Advantage program will have a cheap 'premium'... some are $0 dollars and most won't be over $40/mo. But there will be co-pays and maybe deductibles etc. and he must go to a Doc of their choice. If he goes to Original Medicare and is anticipating some serious stuff he will want to also get a Medigap policy to cover the remaining 20%. The monthly premium for a Medigap Policy will depend on just what coverage he buys.... there are 5-8 different coverages that will cost different amounts depending on what they cover. The Plan "F" is a popular one. But also he will pay a much larger monthly premium for a Medigap Policy... maybe as much as say $250 for a Plan "F" coverage. With a Medigap policy, he can go to any Doc that accepts new Medicare patients.
  3. I tend to buy Netgear routers as have never had a problem with them....
  4. Please remember that no ISP guarantees their highest speed. Most say 'up to xxmbps'. Now if one is bouncing between, say, 40 and 70 all the time then something may well be wrong. Also, it depends on what speed test you are using.... I can use one and consistently get X mbps and switch to another test and get an entirely different speed... consistently. There is one test/location that was being 'promoted' for testing iLOX speed but I don't remember where/who is was. Someone will.
  5. ... and by 'cover' do you mean Liability or that plus Collision & Comprehensive?
  6. Maybe you should change 'legal eagles'.... just talked to Spencer this morning and he says he can get me one right now!
  7. Short answer is yes it's safe. 10's of thousands of folks travel the tool roads every month. You'll hear of the occasional trouble spot in Mexico... just this weekend but FAR from your path.... but then nothing for weeks or months. Drive the toll roads... which from Green Valley you will do anyway.... only in the daylight (cow/horses and bad drivers, not outlaws!). Stop well before sunset. Plenty of gas stations but don't drive it dry. Tolls will be fairy high ($150?) for that distance. Get a bunch of pesos in Green Valley or better yet in Nogales at a casa de cambio out around I19 and Miriposa Rd. shopping center. Use the Miriposa border crossing and not 'thru' Nogales proper. If driving a US plated vehicle you'll need to get a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) at the border or onlines and of course Mexican Insurance plus of course a Tourist Visa, both good for up to 180 days. March is around the end of snowbird season so you should be able to get a rental easier. March begins the hottest season Lakeside, will be dry until June 10th when the rainy season starts....but it mainly rains at night! Otherwise... enjoy your trip!
  8. ... and I hear that the 'weather' is a bit different over on the south side. Winds, etc. Plus one doesn't have a very good view of Señor Garcia.
  9. It might be valuable if everyone who has iLOX phones would decide a specific day to call Support and complain.... saying that it is intermittent and has been going on since installation. Maybe a raft of calls on date certain about the subject will get some attention. Or maybe good ole Tom will step in and throw his good weight.... not saying he is overweight as I have never met the man!..... around with the uppercrust of iLOX.
  10. First of all chillin, why is it important to you to call me ignorant? Make you feel good? Make you feel superior. Second, you are correct that I do NOT know how legal systems work around the world! Never claimed I did. Most don't but you seem to claim that knowledge. Also I don't know how that is relevant to this discussion. Good for you if you do but por favor refrain from calling those of us who do not, ignorant. Por favor. Thirdly, all of this is about a gringa here who is probably already in over her head and has an ill husband to boot. Now some want her to step off into the legal world of Mexico needing 'connections' and hope for the best. I am NOT among those who would wish that upon her in a hundred years and would hope that she can get a resolution without all of that hocus pocus. She seemingly also needs some help understanding the situation with a motorhome that has not moved in 9 years but I'm betting it would be best for her to remove it 'legally'.
  11. By suggesting that she break Mexican law. Can you quote a law that says that "Liability is handled by removing the plates and...." Por favor don't try and help me with recommendations. I don't care how long you've lived here and how many Mexican friends you have. IMO this lady does NOT need more problems than she already has.... I agree that there are no 'Squads of RV Tip Inspectors' roaming the country but thanks for clearing that up for us. Hell the government can't even fix potholes!
  12. Be careful about taking some of these recommendations, ever how well meaning... A vehicle, including a Motorhome, that is US titled/plated and has a Mexican Temporary Import Permit (TIP).... even if that TIP is expired.... CANNOT be sold to anyone who does not have the intent of removing the vehicle from Mexico post haste. Since the TIP has expired one can get it out of Mexico legally by getting a SAT document called Seguro Retorno... Safe Return. That document can be written so as to allow someone else, who is either a Tourist or a Temporal, to drive or otherwise take the vehicle to the border within 5-6 working days after procurement from SAT. A local attorney who frequents this Board can arrange that for a small fee. Ditto the remark that was made about the 'value' of that Motorhome since it has basically sat for 10 years. MANY things can happen to any vehicle that has sat for that long, especially a Motorhome. Tires and battery would be just starting what could have and probably has gone south. IMO it would be worth less than wholesale as everything in it could be/probably is not in very good working condition if at all. And then there's 'rodents' chewing everything they can get their teeth on. They LOVE electrical wiring and bed/couch mattresses and a Motorhome is full of that stuff. P.S. Be careful. Unless that vehicle is taken to the border and the TIP cancelled, Mexico still considers it here and YOURS with all the liability that may go along with that. The last thing I would do is trust anyone who says that they can 'do it legally' any other way than what the law requires you to do and that is remove it from Mexico. EDIT: Cross-posted with Toyhauler above. He can possibly help and is very reputable.
  13. Short answer is 'yes'... Longer: Up when approaching Villa Arriaga one used to 'turn right' and take a 2-lane cuota over to the south side of SLP hitting highway 57 and then the east bypass 57D of said. Now, just keep going straight there (Villa....) and that takes one to the 'new' western bypass of SLP connecting on the north side of SLP with 57 to Matehaula/Saltillo.
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