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  1. My comment about using 'Laredo Tx.' includes the Colombia Solidarity International bridge, which is in the city limits of Laredo. As to your McAllan (sic) comment, which bridge/crossing out there would you send them to, and then where to then? These are 'newbies' remember....
  2. Can't speak to Salvador, but I continue to use Felipe at AutoCheck in Riberas, next to "Telecable".
  3. Yes, loads of people.... snowbirds mainly.... drive their US and Canadian plated vehicles into and then out of Mexico every year, so it is plenty doable. To do this one will need to get a 180-day Mexican Tourist Card and a temporary car permit (TIP) at the border. The TIP costs about $50 and one is also required to place a $400 deposit (cash or credit card), refundable when one takes the vehicle out within the 180 day window. To acquire a TIP, one must have either the title or Registration document and their name must be on the title/registration and it should be the same as the name on the US Passport. The most reasonable crossing into Mexico for you would be Laredo Tx., below San Antonio. From there one can and should drive on toll roads (cuota) all the way to Guadalajara... about 650 miles.... for about $60 US, paid in pesos. Most folks will do that in 2 days. Gas in Mexico is running about $4.30/gallon Regular (Magna) equivalent and is most often paid for with pesos. Stock up on pesos in Laredo for the trip... most often at one of the prevalent 'change' houses there. The current exchange rate is about 18.2 pesos per 1 US dollar. If you plan on using a debit or credit card while in Mexico, be sure and let your card holder bank know this information as they may otherwise block any transactions while here. Most folks use a local ATM at their destination to get additional pesos for their expenditures.
  4. The 'exact procedure' is exactly what you described. The key part of that is having the vehicle at the border to 'turn in/cancel the old TIP'. The rub after that..... assuming the new 'buyer' actually wants to come back into Mexico quickly with the car.... is how to get a new title/plates so that the person can drive back in. Texas et.al. won't give a person a title unless they have a Texas address.... mail-drop won't work. South Dakota will give 'anyone' a title/plate. All one has to have is a valid US address to which they can send the title/plates and future annual registrations. The plates and Registration card will be sent out pronto to that address.... the actual title takes much longer but it is not needed for the TIP... Registration card will suffice. I have heard that someone...Spencer?.... might can make all of this happen virtually but I have never questioned him about the process and whether or not it is actually doable or advisable for all concerned. If the process does not include cancelling the old TIP from the database somehow, I'd be especially concerned if I were the former owner.
  5. The TIP is not actually 'connected' to your Temporal.... it's just that you TIP is valid as long as your Temporal is valid. The TIP is connected to the owner's Passport/number. So if one "looses' their Passport and get's another one... with a new number which is mandatory.... a TIP can be issued 'against' that new Passport #.
  6. 10 years ago several banks would cash a check for you......
  7. https://iheartdogs.com/city-introduces-programs-to-make-life-better-for-street-dogs/
  8. Pappy... what exactly is it that you are trying to achieve?
  9. I took a legal/valid TIP car out around Dec. 20th, cancelling the TIP at the border and the deposit has not yet showed up as a refund on the owner's credit card!
  10. When you go to INM and renew your Temporal for a 3-year period, that will mean your TIP will be valid for those three years, BUT.... yes this first time you must go to Aduana and renew the TIP... showing them the new Temporal or at least the paperwork for it if you don't actually have it in-hand. Failing to renew the TIP this time will mean that it will expire at the end of the first year. Your 'Ajijic in a vacation' comment was not clear to me but..... as a Temporal you won't turn your VISA nor the TIP in when you leave Mexico nor get a new one when you return. Just make sure you aren't out of Mexico when your first year Temporal/TIP expires.
  11. Not all Temporals are good for only 1 year.... only the first one is mandatory for that length. After that one may renew for up to 3 more years... meaning one CAN get their second Temporal for 3 years. The duration of a TIP follows the duration of the Temporal and for longer Temporal lengths the TIP is good for as long as the Temporal is valid. But under no circumstances must you return to the border to renew the TIP.
  12. You did not say if you live in Mexico full time and just wish to have a US number that anyone from there can call you on, or..... you actually live in the US but when you come to Mexico you would like anyone to still be able to call you without charges while in Mexico. BIG difference in solutions! Also, IMO while WhatsApp is nice it does require the caller to also be using WhatsApp and, again IMO, that will make the WhatsApp choice less desirable.
  13. IMO, of all that was said, this is most likely the 'take home' words. The rest is, again IMO, just mental masterbation.
  14. ...of course there has been 'a little' inflation since 1973, no? $1 then was worth $5.78 now, so that little 'Thing' would be over $16k relatively speaking.
  15. Well, the 'new' NAFTA was signed today so maybe someone thinks it will favor Mexico. Or just maybe it is a 'normal' swing of the exchange rates and means nothing.
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