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  1. Gringal as you know I travel quite a bit from Mexico to Colorado so have used many of the crossings. If they are open to using slightly smaller crossings, I would recommend Eagle Pass or Del Rio Texas. Under normal circumstances I usually cross within 20 minutes at either. However, circumstances are NOT normal these days and it will probably take a 'watchful eye' using the CBP website below. It tells, by the hour, crossing times for ALL. Watch it for a couple of days at all times of the day to get maybe a better idea of which crossing seems to be more lax, and when. For example Del Rio seems to be better than most at all times of the day for the last week or so. Having said that, all crossings have their good times.... like at 8:00 tonight even Laredo has a 10 minute delay and Colombia has a 'no delay' status as did Eagle Pass and Del Rio. YMMV https://apps.cbp.gov/bwt/mobile.asp
  2. Gringal, you may want to use the 'ignore' function.... or not. I haven't seen a Post from your nemesis for a couple of months now and things are surely a lot more pleasant. Just saying.....
  3. I have never seen this exact question asked..... BOTH names on the title and one is Permanente.... but if I were a betting man I'd bet that your wife's name better be the only one on the title, she being the legal Temporal one. As you know by now, in that case you can drive the MH legally even without her in the vehicle. Unless you find out otherwise with authority, I would not temp fate.
  4. ... and I would suspect, but do not know for sure, that one size fideicomisso does not fit all.
  5. Couple of thoughts as long as my thread has been royally hijacked.... Yes, I made a Personal comment. I certainly should have known better. But you err when you say it was "in response to facts I don't like.... and know I am wrong".....about what!?! There is only one sentence after my 'going personal' and it rebutted nothing the Texas Horn Man had said about the border agents being reassigned. Also I didn't notice, in your 300-odd word opinion piece, any mention of the Horn Man's attack on me and others. Missed those I am guessing. Anyway, for those of you who care I am truly sorry that I screwed up by reacting to his Post in a personal way. I'll try and be better in the future especially if it will hold down the ensuing off-topic rants.
  6. I stand by my assessment of your comments. This thread was solely about current NOB border crossing timing for people who are facing that task. I posted valuable web links, I think, that should help them. You immediately brought in the political aspect to the thread telling us that we should not be surprised and making sure we know who you think caused all of this. Planting smiley faces into the comments don't make them less cutting.
  7. Spoken like a true Texas Republican. I don't think that folks are 'surprised' but rather trying to be alert to their circumstances should they need to cross the border into the US any time soon.
  8. At 1:00PM Thursday, Laredo Bridge II was.... 210 minutes w/only 3 of 15 lanes open. Colombia was.... 160 minutes with 2 lanes open. One can see this information, updated hourly at https://apps.cbp.gov/bwt/mobile.asp?action=n&pn=2304 ... and one can click on 'Back to List" and see all the other border crossings!
  9. Actually since McAllen is 'farther south' than Laredo, once the border is crossed it's about a toss-up according to Maps. But for this particular driver.... and I am assuming this is a maiden voyage for him/them....I would not send someone that route. Agree about McAllen 'tho.
  10. The one caveat is that both 'ends' of the transaction must be within the US. Can't currently send from/to SOB if one's bank is there.
  11. .... so you haven't noticed a bit of 'drooping jowels' around town?!?
  12. Couldn't agree more about using the Colombia crossing southbound for ease of use. Just be aware that one would have to change their route a bit because Cotulla is not on US59. If it were I, I'd just continue on down 59, stay in downtown Laredo (I personally like staying at the LaQuinta Inn by Windham right on I35 and close to everything) for the evening, get my pesos, have a nice dinner and then in the morning take Mines Road out to the Colombia crossing. Be aware that that crossing does not open until 8:00am. Many will say, and I actually agree, that crossing SOUTH using International Bridge II downtown is just as easy and the time spent is equal to or less than driving out to Colombia and then 'doubling' back to hiway 85 south. If coming down I35 from San Antonio, staying in Cotulla and using Colombia is a good choice 'tho. YMMV
  13. Top COPD places to live by State: and oxygen level is only one of the criteria! Texas – Brownsville, Edinburg, Harlingen, McAllen, Raymondville
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