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  1. The clothes should not be a problem especially if you take the tags off of them and put them in an old suitcase. The upholstery fabric will probably depend on 'how much'.
  2. Sally, not to sure who that might been directed to, but you have responded to a 3-year old Post so don't expect much response from your question. In another thread here I did see that there were 2 Honda CR-Vs for sale by a guy who also runs a car wash at Lakeside. His cars are usually very good. Also, there is a place called S&S Auto who is very reputable. He has both used vehicles and can/does act as a 'dealer agent' for car dealerships in Guadalajara.
  3. That road.... Ruta 49.... NW of Fresnillo has been bad for 'many' years. I quit going that way unless absolutely necessary. Too bad to hear that it is still in poor shape. Thanks for that update.
  4. For clarification.... are you going to be coming down to Lakeside mid-to-late Nov. and want someone to drive for/with you from Laredo to here for a fee? Is it that you don't wish to make that drive in Mexico by yourself? Moderator: it may be valuable to move this Post to the Guad/Ajijic Forum because I doubt lots of folks visit this Automobiles section....
  5. Then good luck with a clean transaction and hopefully you had a honorable seller....
  6. Might help to let us know where you live..... especially since you tacked on to a 4-year old thread about Mazatlan.
  7. MC, the OP would not be coming through Torreon or using ruta 49 coming from Blanco.... he/she would use ruta 54 from Saltillo down to Zacatecas and that road is a good, wide 2-lane road all the way.
  8. There is a local 'music scene' w/some gringos... and Mexican Nationals.... playing at various venues. Touching base with them might get you some info about a piano.
  9. If your question is 'which road is more "enjoyable", down 85 to Monterrey/Saltillo and then on to Zacatecas or going through Ciudad Victoria'.... then the Victoria route would be my choice. It is, however, 2.5 hours and 200 miles farther that way to Zacatecas. I can't say that there is anything 'enjoyable' about going from Laredo to Zacatecas on 85/40/54 other than there are more cuotas and it is quicker to that destination.
  10. Nothing complicated about crossing at Colombia Solidarity.... just to the western edge of Laredo. After a quick crossing you will join 85 south towards Monterrey just as if you crossed downtown Laredo.
  11. Most of us on the Board are getting pretty old.... no offense to those of you who are not! IMO, by the time this kind of thing happens to Windows.... and we no longer have use of the Windows OS as we have had for decades.....we will have passed. And passed on our ancient Win10 PCs to the museum of old farts.
  12. I guess that is one way of looking at it.... a conspiracy that our government is deploying so that we can never get ahead. Poor us. SS payments increases if/as the cost of living index increases. Period. It's the law. Part B insurance may or may not increase annually due to costs of that program... each of us paying our fair share of the increase. Period. No conspiracy. That increase CANNOT be more than the increase in COLA for any given year. The law. Our government looking out for us IMO. Let the wring of hands continue....
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