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  1. I quit reading when I saw, "There is not a single documented Covid infection anywhere in the world from casual outdoor interactions, such as walking past someone on a street or eating at a nearby table." Why anyone, much less a news publication, would use this absurd statement to justify anything is beyond me. It's not documented because it neigh impossible to document where anyone actually GOT the virus... at least not in any numbers that could possibly be used as a reference point. But we'll use that statement and hope that no one actually thinks about how misleading it is.
  2. While this USED TO BE the case in/around Monclova it is no longer the case... or at least no more of a problem than any other place. Yes, there was a bypass so as to not drive right down through the middle of Monclova on Blvd. Harold Pape.... it was out through the community of Ciudad Frontera. Bad cops would wait in several spots on that bypass and were particularly bad on RV'ers. Monclova itself was not that bad. Fast forward to several years ago when the population of Monclova rose up and demanded that this mordida stuff come to an end. Signs were put up everywhere along the main rout
  3. Not saying he won't reply w/the request, BUT realize that he posted that about 5 YEARS AGO.... 2016
  4. Good information.... don't know why the last sentence was necessary 'tho.
  5. Well, the Mexican part of the trip would be safe. Can't guarantee that for the Arizona part 'tho......
  6. Hell-of-a website! I'm just wondering how an H.E.B. grocery store pharmacy is keeping all that Pfizer and Moderna vaccine super cold as required. Janssen, I guess, is Johnson and Johnson. Wouldn't it be nice if that huge supermarket, with seemingly tons of vaccine available for the asking, could/would just ship about 500 shots to the Guadalajara airport for US citizens* Lakeside.... they'd get a ton of goodwill advertisement thrown their way I'm sure. Open it up to Mexican citizens also and wipe out a bad stigma that was created over the last few (4) years. Next question is: If
  7. Of course they sold 200 million other ones last year alone... actually 2019....that did not do this.
  8. Elrich, sent you a PM on this site....
  9. I just found someone else to put on my 'do not read' list..... now I just have to remember HOW to do it!
  10. I"m sure the OP is benefiting greatly from this discussion.....
  11. "Good genes" trump about everything else..... those of us with those good genes are very lucky!
  12. To each his/her own but I get vaccines regularly... and as proof that they work is the fact that I have been driving a car since well before 1973.....😉 But on a serious note, could you further explain your statement, given as fact it sounds like, that the " Injection of vaccines makes no sense from the viewpoint of your immune system....". At least at one point later you said, "I think...."
  13. There is a difference between the 'natural' leaking of air over time by rubber tires on vehicles and what is being discussed here.... a slow leak in one tire that is going to cause problems sooner or later... and probably sooner.
  14. Specifically you might use 1) the "Michelin" tire shop on the Libramiento between Walmart and Chapala. OR 2) the "Goodyear" tire shop just as one starts to pull into Sorianas in Chapala. IF there is a problem and you have to buy a new tire, please re-read my thoughts on that above....
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