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  1. Couple months ago I lost all my Montreal channels. No hope to have it back on. Too bad!
  2. I just tried again and I succeeded, I printed it and put it in file. I am in Colima, very happy with the organization of Vacine.
  3. I Went also on the site it say and make me repeat many times I am not a robot. The other things they mention is Estamos atendiendo su solicitud and nothing else happened. Any idea what more I can do? Thanks.
  4. Daisy Is the name of VPN is Strong VPN? Curmodgeon I might also try Express VPN. Thanks. I try to put Canada VPM but It seems I receive only 1 channel.
  5. Hi. I need to register with a VPN to watch my Montreal, Quebec tv channels, any recommendation? thanks
  6. My tech came he said that he can't fix the problem of loosing my French Mtl channels, I have many English one but not the one I like. We install CanadaVPN, I can see 702 TVA but not Radio Canada, they say not in the country I am. Is there any other solution you can suggest? Thanks for you help. I am in Colima.
  7. My problem with Telcel is they not permit me to pay on line like every month, they say my bank is not accepting my card, wrong, . That force me to go to Oxxo to put $ on my cell.
  8. Is it new that the old registration card is needed, I always when with my plates no and it was ok. Thanks
  9. I use delivery Walmart service here in Colima, very happy with them.
  10. Thanks Ajijicbound for the phone no. I called the number and reached them. Super help you gave me.
  11. Thanks happyjillin, not being in Ajijic any more cause me a problem.
  12. I tried to reach the Chapala post office at the number given before Phone: 800 701 7000 but always busy. Any other numbers? Thanks.
  13. I don't have a proof of add with my name on, is my rental contract be accepted?
  14. I am paying my rent with a cheque, hope cheques stay, that is the only way to do it for me. I don't have any other alternative.
  15. Thanks HoneyBee to check on it. Good for you no more traffic to beat.
  16. I have a post office box, they don't have my recent address, so I hope I can get my mail in Chapala Post Office.
  17. Do I understand the Ajijic Post office move to the Chapala Post office?
  18. At the post office or at your home? Thanks Al Berca for the notification, there is hope.
  19. Received a PM from him. Did not answer. Thanks for the advice.
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