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  1. Thanks HoneyBee to check on it. Good for you no more traffic to beat.
  2. I have a post office box, they don't have my recent address, so I hope I can get my mail in Chapala Post Office.
  3. Do I understand the Ajijic Post office move to the Chapala Post office?
  4. At the post office or at your home? Thanks Al Berca for the notification, there is hope.
  5. Received a PM from him. Did not answer. Thanks for the advice.
  6. You are excuse, Artsnob tolerance towards other is good.
  7. Same with me, never rude. She did a lot for me always nice woman.
  8. I am on the old Internet explorer, old technology. Window 7.
  9. I tried to registered on line. I can't, does not work even if I follow the instructions.
  10. They suggest also to wear a mask in public, how can you have breakfast and talk with people with a mask on?
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