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  1. Your date of birth is shown in your CURP. Hope that can help.
  2. Couple months ago I lost all my Montreal channels. No hope to have it back on. Too bad!
  3. I just tried again and I succeeded, I printed it and put it in file. I am in Colima, very happy with the organization of Vacine.
  4. I Went also on the site it say and make me repeat many times I am not a robot. The other things they mention is Estamos atendiendo su solicitud and nothing else happened. Any idea what more I can do? Thanks.
  5. Daisy Is the name of VPN is Strong VPN? Curmodgeon I might also try Express VPN. Thanks. I try to put Canada VPM but It seems I receive only 1 channel.
  6. Hi. I need to register with a VPN to watch my Montreal, Quebec tv channels, any recommendation? thanks
  7. My tech came he said that he can't fix the problem of loosing my French Mtl channels, I have many English one but not the one I like. We install CanadaVPN, I can see 702 TVA but not Radio Canada, they say not in the country I am. Is there any other solution you can suggest? Thanks for you help. I am in Colima.
  8. My problem with Telcel is they not permit me to pay on line like every month, they say my bank is not accepting my card, wrong, . That force me to go to Oxxo to put $ on my cell.
  9. Is it new that the old registration card is needed, I always when with my plates no and it was ok. Thanks
  10. I use delivery Walmart service here in Colima, very happy with them.
  11. Thanks Ajijicbound for the phone no. I called the number and reached them. Super help you gave me.
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