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  1. I am on the old Internet explorer, old technology. Window 7.
  2. I tried to registered on line. I can't, does not work even if I follow the instructions.
  3. They suggest also to wear a mask in public, how can you have breakfast and talk with people with a mask on?
  4. Yes, you can be both, because I am full time in Mexico I choose to be non resident of Canada.
  5. I agree with you, it is exactly what I did, non resident of Canada, permanent here. I am Canadian in my hearth and love Mexico.
  6. It will come to 0 soon. The best way to stop contamination is to stay home.
  7. If you stay home and have someone to help you it is the way to do it. Even if you think you could do it yourself, well that is the law and it is to save you and others. No fun to be home 24/24 I know how you feel, I am in this situation.
  8. This is a joke, nobody want to know if and where we can buy grocery.
  9. Good to ear some people care for others and not selfish. Stay home. I know I said it before.
  10. Stay home, there will be time later to go out and enjoy life.
  11. Great you got it done. It is always happening to me I succeeded in something on line and I don't know how! ha ha
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