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  1. Is it new that the old registration card is needed, I always when with my plates no and it was ok. Thanks
  2. I use delivery Walmart service here in Colima, very happy with them.
  3. Thanks Ajijicbound for the phone no. I called the number and reached them. Super help you gave me.
  4. Thanks happyjillin, not being in Ajijic any more cause me a problem.
  5. I tried to reach the Chapala post office at the number given before Phone: 800 701 7000 but always busy. Any other numbers? Thanks.
  6. I don't have a proof of add with my name on, is my rental contract be accepted?
  7. I am paying my rent with a cheque, hope cheques stay, that is the only way to do it for me. I don't have any other alternative.
  8. Thanks HoneyBee to check on it. Good for you no more traffic to beat.
  9. I have a post office box, they don't have my recent address, so I hope I can get my mail in Chapala Post Office.
  10. Do I understand the Ajijic Post office move to the Chapala Post office?
  11. At the post office or at your home? Thanks Al Berca for the notification, there is hope.
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