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  1. Found someone to give it away.
  2. Still available. Thanks for sharing with friends who use the medicine.
  3. I agree, this is what we should always do before using a medicine and talk to our Dr. Someone around here might use it already and want to have a free month of it.
  4. Med for bond density problem. Expiration date Oct 2019 Free.
  5. I agree Hospital Ajijic have good Dr. and good care.
  6. I hope they will have it work sometime.
  7. As of now, the MRI are not available until 1 month or so in San Antonio hospital.
  8. I deal with the long red hair girl and she never, never tried nothing on me, the contrary she is very helpful.
  9. Will check thanks.
  10. I am in Joco, real bad those days. Thanks will look for AT & T modem, is there an office in Ajijic? I think I saw one. Thanks
  11. How is working those days AT&T modem, for me no luck with Telcel or Telmex. Looking for an other option. Thanks.
  12. I have telcel and telmex modem and no wifi, on and off for 2 days now. Any one else having problem in Roca?
  13. All back ok this morning. thanks for the helpé
  14. Thanks, I did restart it. The surprising is that I can go on facebook, Chapala.com Skype etc, just Hotmail, might be a Hotmail problem. Thanks for your help
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