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  1. I excuse myself of saying it was 350. It is 300. It is my error. My quote was on Jan. 8
  2. My mistake, Ajijic was also 300P. Sorry.
  3. Thanks, I will be careful not to fall in that trap!
  4. I received 2 text and one email from Windows saying: We detected something unusual about a recent sign-in to the Microsoft account, they want me to contact them. I will not for sure. Thanks Mike.
  5. The price for postal office always been the same Chapala or Ajijic. It is not for the 50.P difference but I think it should be the same. I will not go to Ajijic to claim my 50.P I was surprise to see the difference.
  6. 300. Chapala, 350 Ajijic, not normal don't you think?
  7. Why Ajijic 350. yesterday?
  8. I was asking every 2 or 3 weeks directly at the entrance of the hospital that was always their answers.
  9. I heard that before, as soon as they open, it was coming in 3 weeks.....
  10. What happened sometime we get distracted talking to someone with us or in line, so it is easy to forget to count the change, I think the best option is to have almost the exact change when it is possible.
  11. I live now in Barra de Navidad but, been 20 years in Ajijic. Too high altitude and too cold during winter, as I have COPD, I decided to try Barra this winter but, my goal is to visit Colima, Colima and may be move there full time. Trying to collect info on Colima, Colima.
  12. More Liana, Yes, you are right, covered all the time. Where do you live? I don't know you but I know you, just following what you write, always nice and pleasant and positive.
  13. When you removed the cover, then they come back, I guess. It looks like impossible to get ride of them completely.
  14. 1/2 of cup of clorox, as soon as I was seeing one back in the shower, here I go with the clorox. may be hydrogen peroxide work.
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