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  1. I am very happy with the care. Been here for many years. They save my life.
  2. You could report him to Erika. That is what I would do.
  3. I used Lakeside Medical also and I was please with the service and the staff.
  4. I called Mexico to report it yesterday and this morning it was back working good. Just hope it last.
  5. Problem solve. Wifi working.
  6. Any one know if Telmex change defective modem or do I have to report it and wait for the repair man? I know I can go to Telmex and check it myself but, if you know please just tell me. Thanks.
  7. I am Canadian but no insurance in Canada I am permanent here. I have a Mexican insurance that pay me back only with a Factura.
  8. I don't mind to pay 800.P not to have to go to Guad. but when they say they don't do factura, I think it is a little abusive. This happened to me yesterday.
  9. I wonder between Aguagente, H2O or other system what is the best. Thanks for your comments.
  10. Found someone to give it away.
  11. Still available. Thanks for sharing with friends who use the medicine.
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