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  1. Perfect, just being careful, it might help others to remember. Enjoy life.
  2. I agree with you, we have to put all the chances on our side not to spread the virus. Good for you.
  3. Don't forget to stay in your motorhome, if you are coming back from a trip.
  4. So sad, love him and his music!
  5. FOR SALE ...A rear mounted carrier that will carry one motorbike or small motorcycle. Up to 500 pounds, fits into a class 2 hitch. Is located in Roca Azul RV park . $5000 pesos, price is firm. Text or call 332 726 5718 More photos avail. I am posting for a friend, please contact him, Larry. Thanks. I
  6. I excuse myself of saying it was 350. It is 300. It is my error. My quote was on Jan. 8
  7. My mistake, Ajijic was also 300P. Sorry.
  8. Thanks, I will be careful not to fall in that trap!
  9. I received 2 text and one email from Windows saying: We detected something unusual about a recent sign-in to the Microsoft account, they want me to contact them. I will not for sure. Thanks Mike.
  10. The price for postal office always been the same Chapala or Ajijic. It is not for the 50.P difference but I think it should be the same. I will not go to Ajijic to claim my 50.P I was surprise to see the difference.
  11. 300. Chapala, 350 Ajijic, not normal don't you think?
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