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  1. Lots of information there, but what shocked me most is this: The article also references another "viral video" which can be found here: https://america.cgtn.com/2019/01/27/robberies-on-the-rise-in-lake-chapala-a-community-in-mexico-popular-with-expats
  2. The Chapala American Legion website is not responding as I write this, so I can't confirm that the menu there has been updated or not, but the menu that I saw there before is the basis for my previous post stating a price rise. When I went there in summer, 2018, prices where as on the menu. For example: The Tuesday filet mignon special was 130 pesos. Then, when I went again in November, 2018, the menus were the same ones, but they had nearly all prices taped over with new prices written in. The filet mignon special was 150 pesos. I am seeing similar price rises all over the lakeside area.
  3. Prices have been raised about 15% recently.
  4. Earlier this year, San Luis Potosi's Libramiento Poniente was opened. It extends the Libramiento Norte, which terminated at the road to Zacatecas, and connects with the still fairly newish highway that connects through to Lagos de Moreno and Guadalajara. I believe it is designated 20D. Here is one of the videos on YouTube giving a driver's view of the road. I think this will save about a half hour v. going through the middle of SLP city, or the scenic route to the east of SLP (actually my favorite part of the run between Laredo and Chapala.) I intend to take the new route next week.
  5. In December of 2013, I ordered about $100USD of vitamins/supplements from mercola.com and could not get them. Here is the response from the shipper: I asked a friend who has lived in Mexico more than 15 years about vitamin shipments to Mexico and she said that's not allowed. So, I assume the experience of the many posters on this thread is due to the inefficiency of the authorities. I have received some medical supplies through the mail without even a duty. The same supplies were turned back at the border on another occasion.
  6. It seems the new Macrolibramiento has opened between the Chapala-Guadalajara highway and the Guadalajara-Mexico City highway. I hope to use this when driving back to the USA next month. This is a four-lane divided highway, and with a reported toll of 44 pesos for cars. It should be much better than driving into Guadalajara, or bypassing Guadalajara using the by-pass that connects with the Chapala-Guadalajara highway just north of GDL airport. Has anyone used this highway yet? Returning to Chapala using this road will probably require driving toward Guadalajara for about a mile to use the turnaround, just as you must use the turnaround north of the airport when returning to Chapala on the existing by-pass. http://www.theguadalajarareporter.com/index.php/news/news/guadalajara/48591-macrolibramiento-opens-with-44-peso-charge-for-cars http://www.informador.com.mx/jalisco/2016/674457/6/abren-primeros-25-km-del-macrolibramiento.htm
  7. Yesterday, I found that the ATM at Banco Multiva charged a 60% higher fee than previously.
  8. I like Dra. Candy as well, but since we're talking about extractions here, I would add that, when I saw Dra. Candy about a year ago, she said that she does not do extractions herself. She brings someone into her office to perform that particular procedure.
  9. None of my cards charge me for using an ATM, and I have found that the ATM fees charged by the ATM owner are very small in comparison to the difference in the exchange rate I get depending on the card that I use. The various banks' ATMs that I have used do not appear to be a factor in the exchange rate. I am refunded ATM fees by the institution that issued one of my ATM cards, but the exchange rate is so unfavorable compared to my preferred card that, even paying the ATM owner's fee, I am ahead on any withdrawal over about US$20.
  10. Humidity isn't ever high here, as I define it (dew point above 65°). It pushes that level sometimes, but before you know it, it falls back. The most humid days are not the hottest days. Temperatures above 85° are mostly restricted to the very dry months of March, April, and May. Having grown up in the American Midwest and South, I know from experience the unbearable weight of high heat and humidity. That never happens here.
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