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  1. Cedros: good point; I understand that is why I requested infoto be delivered in a PM!
  2. Spent the whole afternoon there with friends and family yesterday and we all had a great time same as usual!
  3. So, getting back to my question: can anyone, or all, supply me with a list of Lakeside providers by PM? I would like to contact a few for some information.
  4. Can anyone, or all, supply me with a list of Lakeside providers by PM? We know of a couple but perhaps three are several that we are unaware of.
  5. dearle: you're welcome. For everyone else thank you for your input. I think I will follow up on your suggestions; it is not that we necessarily want to get rid of Shaw but I think our provider is robbing us and I would like to do something about that!
  6. Computerguy I have a Canadian billing address for my credit cards and most of my banking is still done via my Canadian bank accounts; does that work?
  7. Computerguy: we have had the same package for nine years without any changes except to the bill and as I mentioned there has been an increase every time for at least the last three billings. We have often been suspicious about our facilitator. Lumeretoo: How would we go about dumping the facilitator in favor of our own account?
  8. pappy'smarket No but we probably should. We just keep paying and paying; feels like robbery!
  9. Our biggest problem is that we have all the attachments for the Dr. Ho which worked will but the controller stolen during our last robbery. I am not sure what someone can do with a controller that has no attachments but then the thieves took other things that didn't make much sense either!
  10. No it is CDN dollars and there are a few things we like to watch and also like getting the Canadian news at night, but I can't understand why the service continues to climb without offering any type of benefit to us. I am not really all that computer literate and do not know how to get/use streaming. Can you explain without a lot of technical instruction por favor?
  11. We have Shaw (Star Choice?) for our television viewing. We pay every third month and for the last three periods our bill has gone up and up. This month's billing is for another forty five CDN for the three month period. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  12. Thanks all. I have made note of the recommended painters and will call them in a couple of weeks when we have purchased the paint!
  13. I saw them today at Drs. Ladron's and can attest that they are sweet, sweet puppies; so tempting but we are at our limit for now. However, it looks like they will be fairly small when they grow up and they are obviously very smart and very cuddly.
  14. I forgot to mention I live in Jocotepec so it would probably be more realistic to look for a painter in the area.
  15. We need the name and number of a good house painter who speaks some English and has his/her own equipment such as some scaffolding for some very high ceilings in awkward to reach places. Must be someone who works reasonable fast and relatively tidy.
  16. Thanks everyone; that is very helpful information.
  17. Camillenparadise is Greg Ochs a local carpenter? If so do you know where he is located? NoVaDamer Is there a website for California Closets?
  18. I think it is the mini splits that we would want and we went bigger (much) then necessary when we installed our solar. Do you know who handles the mini splits?
  19. Can anyone recommend a company, either here or Guadalajara to talk to about heating and cooling our house. Now that we have a solar system we are interested in heating the whole house instead of huddling around the fireplace or heaters to keep warm. I know that many have said air conditioning is not efficient here but never the less we would like to talk to someone about it; we have been in several air conditioned stores in the early spring when the temperatures are breathless an central air seems to work just fine.
  20. We are thinking that a Murphy Bed would be a good alternative to our pull out couch. Does anyone make them Lakeside or sell them ready made?
  21. Thank you everyone; you have all been very helpful. Can anyone tell me how long installation takes? Not that it is important, I am just curious from first contact to finished product was it days or weeks?
  22. Thanks all and yes, Bournemouth, I would like the e-mail address of E2Energias, now SmartPV. I would like to gather a few facts and estimates before making any decisions and although cost is a consideration, quality of installation and guarantees are an extreme consideration.
  23. I know that this has been covered before but I would like some updated information on the pros and cons of going solar. I would like the names of the best companies to deal with either here or in Guadalajara (if they would consider installation Lakeside) and it would be nice to hear the good, the bad and the ugly of your experience with Solar and solar companies.
  24. I will try at Prasad next time I am in Ajijic and will likely ask friends who will be coming at the beginning of November to bring some for me. In the meantime my Oncologist recommended a concoction containing xylocaine which tastes terrible but helps marginally though I think the Biotene would have the edge.
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