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  1. Where is Dr. Candy located; do you have a telephone number?
  2. I am wondering if there is a dentist Lakeside who does porcelain veneers and if anyone who has had experience cares to comment on the level of satisfaction, cost etc.. Please PM me if you would prefer to comment privately.
  3. I think that I read somewhere that the last day that Anita's Shelter would be open was the thirty first of July. Does anyone know if this is true and if so did all of the dogs and cats get homes?
  4. I'm pretty happy with things as they are. Sure the pot holes, the topes and the inconsistent garbage pick up can be frustrating but it is part of what I signed on for when I chose to retire here. But one thing that I would like to see changed which would likely have a positive affect for everyone is the littering. We have followed cars where the windows are opened up and whole bags of garbage are just tossed out. The bypass is an example where there are piles of garbage here and there but then maybe it is an official dumping area; I don't know. But the one thing that I think was affective NOB many, many years ago and that most of us retired folks remember is the "don't be a litter bug" and similar campaigns that we grew up with. To throw garbage out of a car window or on the ground as I walk along would be unthinkable and it is probably a subconscious norm developed in my earliest days via those long ago efforts NOB to place litter where it belongs: in a container meant for refuse.
  5. I am thinking about going doing the Costco, Wal-Mart and Home Depot tomorrow run tomorrow. Can anyone tell me whether or not these stores are open and also what the traffic is usually like on a Sunday mid-day?
  6. I am posting for a friend who is travelling very early in the morning next week and is considering staying at one of the hotels either at the airport or nearby. She would need a shuttle service that runs in the wee hours and an attached restaurant would be nice. Can anyone recommend something inexpensive, clean and reliable in terms of shuttle service; also if you could let us know approximate cost that too would be helpful?
  7. bdlngton What is the procedure if one is interested in adopting? Yes more information would be helpful, and when will the puppies be ready for adoption?
  8. I'm a bit confused (as usual!) I was told to direct people, who might be interested in adoption or fostering, to the website but I am not sure what or where the website is. Can anyone help?
  9. Thanks Gringal; I usually shop at the places that you have mentioned and Salvador has stretched miles of custom sized canvas for me! It is just about an hours drive to go into Ajijic from Roca Azul and I was hoping not to have to make the run. But made the trip today and stocked up; I am going to locate Lumen though as I am sure that I would find lots of what I haven't found here which reminds me: does anyone sell yuple for watercolor here?
  10. Thank you Artsnob; I have never been to Lumen; I guess I will have to look it up, put the address in our GPS and make the trip but for now I was hoping for something closer to home and I am sure that you are right: Ajijic!
  11. I need some large bottles of odorless paint thinner, some brushes and a couple of other things but was hoping not to have to go all the way into Ajijic to get what I need. Is there a well stocked art supply store in SJC or Joco. I did drop into Paper Max in Joco but found that they don't have much of anything in the way of art supplies.
  12. A couple of months ago (or more) we went to do some shopping at Home Depot and could not get in as they seemed to be doing some road work on that secondary road leading tot he plaza. We left from Jocotepec up #15 to Lopez Mateo as it is the only way that we do not get lost in Guadalajara. We are interested in making the trip again but would like to know that we can actually get into the parking lot; does anyone know if the construction is finished?
  13. Yes I keep checking to see if Nina has been located and hoping that one day I will sign in and find that she is found. I hope she is.
  14. It is scary to even think about a lost pup of any size but the itty bitties are somehow worse; I hope that you have her back safe at home soon.
  15. Thank you Fred. Are there specific hours to contact Ceasar and by any chance do you have a number for him?
  16. Our Seguro Popular will expire on the sixteenth of June; do we have to wait for it to expire or can we go and renew it now. Also, the first time we applied we had a translator who had/has an office somewhere in the plaza, but we have forgotten his name and his exact location. We might be able to manage on our own with our poor Spanish, but just in case does anyone know the name and number of the man who helped us last? I believe that it was barbara habacht who put us in touch with the man two or three years ago.
  17. vista lake is it not a good time due to the rainy season approaching?
  18. As I mentioned in another post a week or so ago, we are currently debating the addition of a partial second floor, if it is possible. I was just thinking that with the rainy season coming maybe it is not a good time to build when the earth is wet, as definitely we would be looking at least one wall requiring a new foundation, or maybe it is the best time! I have no clue and would like to hear from anyone with an opinion who does not necessarily have skin in the game I.E. builder etc..
  19. johanson we didn't go with a back up battery system for power outages during the rainy season because we were told that batteries are very expensive an not necessarily reliable. I am still drawn to a battery though as I think it would be nice to have power during blackouts. Can you comment on your battery, pro or con and how expensive are they?
  20. johanson We went with e-sun too and were told that some people have their credit wiped out at the end of the year if it hasn't been used and others do not. It sounds like there isn't a whole lot of consistency and it depends a lot on your personal luck!
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