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  1. Does anyone know if there is a dermatologist in Jocotepec? I have been to one in Ajijic for contact dermatitis on my hands (probably caused by oil paint) and she was great but first I have forgotten her name and contact info, and the other thing is that I would love it if I didn't have to drive into Ajijic for an appointment but I will if I have to.
  2. Thank you all; I have forwarded the information for Valerie Rhoda and will tell the lady about the on-line groups.
  3. I am posting this for a friend who lost her husband a few weeks ago and is interested in grief counseling or a group setting where people have recently experienced significant loss. Does anything like this exist lakeside and if so, who should she contact?
  4. Thank you mudgirl and puro guero; I will check out both the fabric stores and El Grano; these are really good suggestions!
  5. I am looking for some really loose (open weave) burlap; I think that they sometimes use it to bind tree roots in nurseries. Does anyone know where I might find some for sale Lakeside?
  6. I guess I don't visit this site as much as I read the paper. Hensley I never thought Julie; I should have sent an e-mail to local friends, earlier. I only knew about it (the show) via the e-mail that comes out to ASA members. About two weeks ago was the first time that I had noticed a section on the web board for the Art Scene. I will have to try and pay more attention to it although I often don't remember to check out the web board period!
  7. gringal: How did the opening go last night? I was there early in the morning to submit a couple of paintings but, unfortunately, I couldn't face driving all the way back in from Roca Azul for the opening.
  8. Does anyone know, or have worked with Juan Jose' Galindo Bautista of Calli Intra Muros? I am still looking for an architect or engineer for a house project. I was in the Calli Furniture store on Ocompo and was so impressed tith their inventory and set up and was told that the owner is an architect. Quote Edit Options Delete
  9. Does anyone know, or have worked with Juan Jose' Galindo Bautista? I am still looking for an architect or engineer for a house project but so far I haven't been able to put together too much information.
  10. Does anyone know Temo Marquez from Joco and have a contact number? I have heard that he is a good architect.
  11. I haven't shopped Mercadolibra but maybe I will have a look.
  12. I have asked this question before but cannot find the answers that I got at the time. We actually had a wonderful guy recommended to us but unfortunately he is too busy to take on our project for the next year. I need someone with provable, documented certification as an architect/engineer, as our planned renovation includes structural changes that MUST be done properly with necessary support/foundation enhancements. I speak almost no Spanish so I really need someone who is proficient in English and someone close to Joco would be good!
  13. You are lucky. Mine took three months. If I hadn't had a spare... Where and how do you get a spare; it sounds like a handy thing to have.
  14. Thanks Gringal; I have something that I could enter but again: it is getting there that early!
  15. I have used them and been very satisfied. At first, I didn't get the system and they seeded closed whenever I went there. Finally found them to only be open on certain days and life was a dream afterwards. northernnewbie: Exactly! We are not in Kansas anymore and schedules Lakeside tend to be a bit loosey goosey and variable; it can be frustrating sometimes!
  16. Gringal Thanks for the information on Joco's cultural center; I will look into that. I am actually a member of ASA but have a hard time getting to meetings because they are so early and it is a long drive from Roca Azul. I am just debating on whether or not to hang a painting in the show coming up at the cultural center in Ajijic for the same reason!
  17. I am guessing that maybe the problem is luxating (sp?) patella; I am sure that there are a few surgeons who would handle this type of surgery Lakeside. We have always sought the advice and attention of Ladron's clinic for our dogs and would highly recommend them.
  18. I am not saying that she does go out briefly; it just occurs to me that she might. I had my own business and lots of staff but once in awhile I would be in the shop alone and would have to nip out to the bank for change or next door to grab a coffee and yes I did leave a note on the door, just in case, but I always expected to be right back and it was tempting not to bother. I agree that an appointment would be a good idea; I have never known Lupita to miss an appointment.
  19. I recently had a dead modem. I initially took it into Ajijic (one hour drive each way) and was told that they don't exchange the goners anymore. It would be two or three days to have a new one delivered from ????? middle earth? And so began a series of telephone calls and finally after nine days of no internet, we got a modem. Now some of the delay can be blamed on the courier who drove by our hose at least twice without even slowing to check the number, until we finally noticed him in time and went out to flag him down to collect our modem. .
  20. I believe that Lupita is there Monday, Wednesday and Friday from ten until about six every week; they are NOT closed but she is often on her own and may possibly close briefly for lunch, errands or whatever.
  21. I might be interested in some wheel thrown pottery lessons or some clay sculpture. Does anyone have any information on who teaches? My preference would be in Joco. but we could probably manage Ajijic.
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