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  1. Hi Saturn I was wondering if you could tell me more about the private clinic that you have mentioned on my thread.  I am not getting anywhere with S.P. and I think I may have to book an appointment at the clinic in Guadalajara that you go to for tomography (?).

    I see that you have provided a telephone number but before I call I wonder if you could tell me if there is an English speaking person to book appointments and if so would this be a different number than the one that you posted.

    Also, I will have to arrange for transportation and I am wondering how long you waited to get an appointment.  I am thinking that I should maybe have my potential driver book the appointment as she will have to arrange for a time when she is available and I am free pretty much whenever.

    I have discovered a lump and though I am sure that it is nothing more than a cyst I would like to be sure so any additional information that you can give me regarding your experience would be gratefully received.

    Thanks in advance,

    Jennifer Miller


  2. Hi:

    I can think of two possible homes for the little white chi but one friend is leaving for Canada a week from today (driving) so probably could not arrange for shots to cross the border.  Another friend is not convinced that she wants another dog and yet when she visits our home, our little chi mix's feet never hit the floor; she is being held and cuddled all the time by our friend.  I have been anxious to see a picture or find out where DR. Karen is so that I might be able to help place this girl if she is still available. 

    Thanks for any help you can provide.




  3. As you have been a painter I was hoping that you could answer my question about salitro (sp?).  We have had a lot of new construction done in our house and on some of the new plaster we have large areas of salitro appearing a year later, about twenty inches up from the floor.  The contractor told me that it is coming from the ground which I question because there is no sign of it at floor level above the baseboards.  We are about to dig it out ourselves and repair; do you know how to combat this problem.  We have a new roof and eves that carry away the rain water and sidewalks surrounding the house so I can't think that it is caused but damp but it is very frustrating. 

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