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    Wine bar?

    My husband heard that a new wine bar was opening only on Friday and Sat. and that reservations were suggested. Has anyone more details?
  2. There are some new regulations for bringing pets into Mexico. The Puerto Vallarta webboard has the information.
  3. Once again we have a major broken water pipe on the main street in LaCristina caused by all the heavy construction trucks coming and going to the three new building sites. Is there a weekend number to call or do we just have to watch the water flowing down the street until Monday?
  4. Mario from Satellite Systems came out today and as he repeatedly shook his head at what my friend's late husband had set up eight years ago got everything working again and will be back later when he has more time to completely rewire the house! Thanks everyone.
  5. I went to Telmex on March 17 to add internet service back to my account. They told me that a third party vendor would be delivering my modem within the next six days! After 15 days and two emails from this third party vendor telling me to be home for delivery it still hadn't arrived. When I went back to Telmex and complained they loaned me a new modem. Here it is May 3 and I still have not received my modem!!! I have Telecable as well and have wanted to do a test on which service gives me the best service. So far Telecable wins but I am grandfathered in to the "higher" speed of 8 download. I get it occasionally but at least I don't lose their service several days a week as I do with Telmex here in west Ajijic. I doubt the Telmex office will be getting their loaner modem back soon!
  6. I have a friend that has an incredibly complicated dish tv (hooked to three tv's), a sound system hooked to one of the dish tv's and more wires going every whichway and a WD box hooked to the tv and a computer. We want to simplify it all but need a knowledgeable person to disconnect everything and start it all again in a more simplified fashion. Currently there are wires that don't make any sense to us so we don't want to fool with it ourselves. Does anyone have a person that could do it for us? Thanks. Email me at mexilady@ymail.com please
  7. Lydia's tour is doing a one day trip to Atotonilco. Call or email her if you are interested. Tequila**Gourmet Restaurant** & French Style Cheese in Atotonilco One day tour April 27, 2017 Visiting. Tequila factory Included Tasting Cheese Factory (French Style) Tasting with wine and bread Swiss Gourmet Restaurant ( lunch Included) S 1,300.00 pesos. Phone.- 045 33 10 26 48 77 lydiastours@hotmailcom
  8. We had a beautiful headboard made years ago with copper inlays made in Tonala. the factory information is: Replicas y Originales Ornelas (the owner is Eric Jaime Ornelas Sepulveda and he speaks English) Carrt. Libre a los Altos No. 816 San Miguel de la Punta, Tonala 45420 (400 Mts. del Crucero del Penal Fte. a Gas Z para auto) Phone 333 690 1069 I would call them for good directions now that the new highway has been built. It is outside the main shopping district.
  9. Thanks, I will go see him on Monday.
  10. Is there a tv repair person that will come to my home to repair my very large tv? I know about the repair place in SJC but don't want to have to try and get this thing in my car. Thx.
  11. You might want to get a plumber to clean out the trap on your sink. That is often the place they hang out/ Hot water doesn't seem to kill them!
  12. Make sure your US cc doesn't charge you a foreign transaction fee.
  13. Ok, Here is my 2 cents. Everyone that suddenly discovers our "Paradise" thinks they should be the last ones that find it. I may be listed as a newbie but have been here since 2005 and don't post often because of the abusive nature of so many. This town will continue to grow as more boomers feel the need to leave their homelands and those of us here that hate all the added traffic will continue to complain. There isn't anything you can do to change it except complain so get over it. I live on the far west side and I hate the traffic and time it takes me to go east but who am I to complain about others that have discovered us and want to join us here. It has always been inevitable since my aunt discovered her paradise here in the late 70's.
  14. The rehab center behind the Ajijic Clinic has them 766-5563
  15. We bought ours from Juan Pablo at Home Services (Handy Mail - east of Super Lake) It is stainless steel so it won't rust. They also installed it for us.
  16. Years ago you could go to CFE and change the name on the account (say from the husband's name to the wife's name) and that would start you as a new user and get you out of DAC immediately. I don't know if it works that way anymore but it would be worth a try.
  17. I love this site. I got a house sitter within 12 hours of listing!!! This will make spur of the moment trips possible again.
  18. Thanks I will take our ballots into LCS today.
  19. Is there going to be another ballot pickup this week at LCS?
  20. We just used Rudy to have Quartz counter tops installed. My understanding is that in Mexico the quartz is not engineered like in the US but real slabs cut just like granite or marble. The great thing about quartz is that it is way more "tuff" then granite or marble. It took Rudy three times more blades to cut our quartz then it did his granite slabs. We had a much better choice of colors to choose from by choosing quartz. The two slabs we needed for our kitchen cost us $7000 US. The only maintenance on them is to occasionally rub them with the red oil our maid loves to use and leave it on overnight before rubbing it out. After three months we haven't had to do that yet to maintain it's shine. Rudy's employees were prompt and cleaned up every evening before they left. My entire kitchen gut job took about 8 days. We are thrilled with the results.
  21. Can someone please post her Joco office address and phone number please.
  22. Scroll to page two of this forum and there is a big discussion on check cashing under the new rules with a list of banks that accept them. You will need to create an account to be able to do this. Otherwise send it back to a bank in the US for cashing.
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