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  1. Yes, it is on the third floor. Take a ticket as you enter the lot. After you enter the building follow the signs and take a right turn to go up the up ramp. At the beginning of the third floor ramp you scan your ticket into the machine to raise the gate. There has always been plenty of parking upstairs. The down ramps are over behind the elevator building.
  2. Does anyone know a good reliable hot tub repair person? Our last "reliable" one seems to have taken off with our pump 5 weeks ago and never to be heard from again!
  3. It is on the right side of the main doors of security. After checking in you can then use the new security entrance that is upstairs on the north end of the terminal (near Burger King). Tar's gates are at the very northern end of the terminal. At the end of a very long hallway you take another escalator or elevator down to ground level to the new gates. There is a coffee bar and a takeout restaurant down there.
  4. Spencer, A couple of years ago we got ours by going to the Delagacion in Ajijic and five minutes later we had them. Is that not possible today?
  5. We have a remstar m power pack cord that you can borrow until you get your cors back or get into Guadaljara for a new one after the holdays. Call Jim at 766-2832
  6. I am sure that I will regret replying to this topic but here goes. HandyMail has told us repeated;y that they use FedEx to send our mail across the border (not a local driver). The amount of YOUR check doesn't matter--it is the total of "money" by the over reaching US government that determines what happens if the total exceeds the $10,000 amount. For them HM to have not told you the charges upfront is unforgivable but since they incurred such a large fine previously I can imagine why they are now protective. Many of us can share other outrageous stories of the other mail services charging us outrageous "customs" or handling charges. I think it is time to give it all a rest and move on. Change companies and I hope you are happier with your choice. Folks that very kindly carry our mail into the US from LCS or the Legion are putting themselves in potential jeopardy. Have you ever read the statements we so quickly answer on our US customs forms? As a 38 year international flight attendant coming through US customs 3-6 times a month I will NEVER take an envelope across the border from someone I don't know.
  7. For 1500 pesos you can buy a new frame for the bed. The furniture store at the main light in Chapala has them and will deliver the same day.
  8. Our friend Hector is visiting Ajijic again from Oaxaca this week. He is selling his families Alebrijes along the carretera just east of El Torito.
  9. This doctor has been recommended to a friend of mine seeking a hip replacement: Quality Care was Dr. Martinez. Any recommendations will be appreciated. Thanks.
  10. The ATM at Superlake had an out of order sign on it yesterday.
  11. Our friend Hector is visiting Ajijic again from Oaxaca this week. He is selling his families alejibres along the carretera just east of El Torito. He will be there through Wednesday.
  12. In the US T-Mobile is the carrier to use for free calling. If you connect with AT&T you will get roaming charges.
  13. Try the Hotel Nuevo Posada. They have bungalows that I believe are reasonable. All the hotel booking sites list them. It is an easy walk to the main part of the village.
  14. Travis, we don't think of you as a "townie". We call you all "Village people"! Linda
  15. Travis we have found in dealing with the water company that the person who calls is the person they make pay for the repair!! Our neighbor has returned home and will call CFE. The biggest issue is the lack of concern by our utilities to emergencies. All they care about is who will pay them!!!
  16. Tonight an electric pole full of hanging wires caught fire in front of our neighbors house. We called the fire department and all they could do is put it out. CFE is refusing to come out and repair it because we don't know our neighbors meter number and they aren't home.
  17. Well here is the question---Where is the real boundary of the road's right of way? Are we all so hung up on getting a bike path that we are willing to overlook years and years of citizens infringing on land they do not own to create businesses we may or may not patronize but hamper the improvement of the village?
  18. My friend in California with a Jalisco-plated car has a Mexican buyer in Tijuana, who would register it with Baja plates. Does anyone know the required steps in the ownership transfer process? Is there anyone local who might serve as an agent or go-between to ensure this deal is properly done? Thanks for any info or leads!
  19. mexilady

    Wine bar?

    It was a lovely setting. Several tables in the courtyard and some inside under the roof. We had a flight of wines (three) and a flight of cheese and dips (also three) as well as a large portion of the best brie I have had outside of France that was served with a very fresh baguette. The wines were all Spanish. It was nice to try something new. They are only open until 7pm. A bit pricey for Ajijic compared to getting a full dinner at other restaurants but I am not an expert on wine bar pricing. We will be going back again. Reservations are a must! During the day you can call Barbara's Bazaar to reserve. 766-3636
  20. mexilady

    Wine bar?

    Thanks, we will check it out
  21. mexilady

    Wine bar?

    My husband heard that a new wine bar was opening only on Friday and Sat. and that reservations were suggested. Has anyone more details?
  22. There are some new regulations for bringing pets into Mexico. The Puerto Vallarta webboard has the information.
  23. Once again we have a major broken water pipe on the main street in LaCristina caused by all the heavy construction trucks coming and going to the three new building sites. Is there a weekend number to call or do we just have to watch the water flowing down the street until Monday?
  24. Mario from Satellite Systems came out today and as he repeatedly shook his head at what my friend's late husband had set up eight years ago got everything working again and will be back later when he has more time to completely rewire the house! Thanks everyone.
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