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  1. Today when I went to Limetorrents, eddvdl.com, and the piratebay, the shows I have been downloading are not there at all.  I am looking for Masterchef Australia E10 that should have shown up this morning specifically. I also tried finding American Idol from last night and it isn't there either.  Anyone else having problems?

  2. I had Telmex out this week to repair my phoneline (crackles and buzzes).  After a thorough inspection they told me that it was a problem within my house and I would need to get a private repair person to fix it. Even the offer to pay them to do it didn't work. I have changed the filter on it but that isn't the problem.

    So, does anyone have the name and phone number of a phone repair person I can hire?  Magz

  3. Harry we have a Remstar we could lend you until you get someone to bring you one from the states.  Do you know what pressure you need? This is just a straight cpap. Jim now has the bi valve one that adjusts the air flow each time you exhale and is much more comfortable to use. Email me at: mexilady@ymail.com if you are interested.  Linda

  4. A few years ago I was having trouble with my HSBC debit card. The manager came over to "help" me. In the process my card got eaten by the ATM. The manager shrugged his shoulders and said "well, you don't need one as your husband has a card:!

    I promptly walked over to the tellers and closed the account.

  5. There used to be a firm in Guad that installed and repaired problems with Dish systems.  I did a search but couldn't find them  I am not looking for Mike Merriman.  I haven't seen their ad lately.  Anyone know who they are and contact info.  Looking for a friend as Mike has been able to fix all our needs but not my friends.

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