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  1. Mine has been working in La Cristina all day
  2. amazon.com.mx carries some supplies
  3. I just read on facebook that you have to go and pay June's Telecable bill to get the service back on. The first week of Jul;y you will need to go and pay the new company! Thanks for the heads up Telecable!!!
  4. Anyone else having difficulty this morning?
  5. Jackie was at our home today delivering three bags of salt. We know we pay a little more but we are beyond carrying 50 pound bags of salt into our bodega! 766-5999
  6. If anyone knows of a lineman that will moonlight for street lights please pm me. Thanks
  7. My neighbor is looking for a door bell the uses a rope to make it clang. Anywhere locally?
  8. I have a community problem I need help with and don't want to put it out on social media so I wold like his email address if anyone has it. Thx
  9. USAA refunds up to five atm transactions a month. It is done at the end of the month on your statement. They don't charge a foreign transaction fee either.
  10. Medicare has been informing everyone for the last year that new cards are coming!
  11. We had all of our trash picked up tonight! This is the first time that the trash folks have been to La Cristina in daylight since they took over the route. It is the first pick-up since last Tuesday.
  12. I have not had telmex phone since 10am this morning. The internet has been sporadic but the phones are totally out. Anyone else out west having problems?
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