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  1. mexilady

    Trash pickup

    We had all of our trash picked up tonight! This is the first time that the trash folks have been to La Cristina in daylight since they took over the route. It is the first pick-up since last Tuesday.
  2. I have not had telmex phone since 10am this morning. The internet has been sporadic but the phones are totally out. Anyone else out west having problems?
  3. mexilady

    Cydney's ( "C2" ) phone number?

  4. mexilady

    Cydney's ( "C2" ) phone number?

    Anyone have it?
  5. mexilady

    Patio set

    You can also check with Amazon.com.mx It is pricey because of the cost of shipping those items to Mexico.
  6. mexilady

    small appliance repair

    Thanks very much
  7. Does anyone have the phone number for the small appliance repair shop on the mountain side of Colon?
  8. I am willing to going into Guadalajara to see a vascular specialist but of course it would be easier if one comes to this are.
  9. mexilady

    Event Center - permit required?

    Yes a permit is required. A friend of ours had an events place several years ago and finally shut down because the permit fee was so high he had trouble making a profit.
  10. mexilady

    Phone out

    I just tried calling Dr. Haro's office in Riberas and his phone isn't working either.
  11. It's been 10 hours since anyone has posted on this subject. The outage is pretty much the whole far west side of Ajijic. One of the local well known and connected house manager's office is out and she wasn't able to get an answer from Telmex today. As well as being incredibly inconvenient it is also dangerous. So now we have trash collection at 9-10pm, no phones and no answers! Those of us with cell phones have to go outside of our houses because Telcel hasn't put a cell tower close enough for us to get a signal. I guess we should feel lucky that the rains haven't knocked the electricity out!
  12. Juan Pablo Giovanini at Home Services also does this type of roof and it lasts soooo much longer than any other type of installation.
  13. Try checking with the vets. I get Vetmedin from Dr. Berenice. It isn't chew-able so I have to wrap it in a small piece of meat for my dog to swallow. Dr. Berenice is in the strip mall by Tio Sam's.
  14. We too have used him for 13 years. We no longer ever seek other bids. His workers are on time, clean, courteous, kind, honest and thoughtful. I can't say enough about how good their work has always been.
  15. mexilady

    Lakeside increased population?

    Every time I feel frustrated driving East into the village I am still appalled watching most;y local vehicles throwing trash out the window. When I feel very frustrated I take a trip back to the US. I am terrified of driving on 4-8 lane highways. I cringe at restaurant prices. I quake at housing prices. After four days I long for Ajijic again with all its faults.