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  1. My neighbor is looking for a door bell the uses a rope to make it clang. Anywhere locally?
  2. mexilady

    Hector's email

    PM sent
  3. mexilady

    Hector's email

    I have a community problem I need help with and don't want to put it out on social media so I wold like his email address if anyone has it. Thx
  4. mexilady

    ATM exchange rates

    USAA refunds up to five atm transactions a month. It is done at the end of the month on your statement. They don't charge a foreign transaction fee either.
  5. mexilady

    US Medicare Health Ins. card change

    Medicare has been informing everyone for the last year that new cards are coming!
  6. mexilady

    Trash pickup

    We had all of our trash picked up tonight! This is the first time that the trash folks have been to La Cristina in daylight since they took over the route. It is the first pick-up since last Tuesday.
  7. I have not had telmex phone since 10am this morning. The internet has been sporadic but the phones are totally out. Anyone else out west having problems?
  8. mexilady

    Cydney's ( "C2" ) phone number?

  9. mexilady

    Patio set

    You can also check with Amazon.com.mx It is pricey because of the cost of shipping those items to Mexico.
  10. mexilady

    small appliance repair

    Thanks very much
  11. Does anyone have the phone number for the small appliance repair shop on the mountain side of Colon?
  12. I am willing to going into Guadalajara to see a vascular specialist but of course it would be easier if one comes to this are.
  13. mexilady

    Event Center - permit required?

    Yes a permit is required. A friend of ours had an events place several years ago and finally shut down because the permit fee was so high he had trouble making a profit.
  14. mexilady

    Phone out

    I just tried calling Dr. Haro's office in Riberas and his phone isn't working either.