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  1. Platiquemos Pizza....Great food, good service and prices in Chapala and not in the village, taking Zaragosa north past Farmacia Gudalajara on the street Pepe Gazar. They have a nice menu with appetizers, paninis, pastas, pizzas, salads, beer, and wine. We had a little bit of everything as their was five of us and everyone was more than happy with their orders and most of us took home food. Take the cerratera past Sorriana heading north, take a right, then the first left past the carneceria, take the next right and go down the hill, then take the first left, drive 4 blocks and turn right just past the new clinic, its on your right about 50 yards...(you can follow the Clinica signs that will get you to the Clinic and turn right just past it)……………...Or, take Zaragosa north almost to the Chapala Haciendas 1, pass the Church, take the 2nd street to the left and it will be on your left about 100 yards.
  2. Everything.... But I like it best on pineapple, apples and lime sherbet... Heavy on the Tajin...Orale
  3. The sound of snot while I am eating makes me want to throw up.
  4. Thanks....calling Quality Care tomorrow....
  5. Thanks to all of you for your help...
  6. You are right, it is soooo gross...
  7. I do not know, it is close to my pubic area and makes a gurgling sound and can be painful at times...It does not bulge...
  8. We go out to eat with friends and someone always blows their nose at the table. I nearly throw up every time I see and hear the snot going into their tissue...Is this okay at the table or should I stop them and excuse myself from the snot....😀
  9. I possibly have a hernia, although I have not had an X-Ray. Has anyone had this surgery locally or in Guadalajara. I need information about the Doctor, price and recovery... Thanks.
  10. texmextwo

    beef jerky

    Pancho's has it...It is nothing close to what we get in Texas, but if you need a fix, it is very dry and brittle but edible.
  11. We might all start trying to do the same. Heard there will be a push on not using plastics and Styrofoam in the near future. Hope so.
  12. For large groups, calling in advance might be helpful as one waitress usually handles lunch...
  13. I received a Parking ticket in Jocotopec on Monday. Does anyone know if I can pay this in Chapala??? Thanks for your help.
  14. I received a Parking ticket in Jocotopec on Monday. Does anyone know if I can pay this in Chapala??? Thanks for your help.
  15. No internet in Brisas de Chapala for two days....fiber optics...
  16. Mexico does not sell Kureg pods here.....I am not sure why Costco would sell them....but we have also been told you can buy pods at Soriana....but they were Nescafe...
  17. Great food, my Wife picked up my lunch there today....She ordered it extremely hot....They took it to the back and prepared it as ordered.... I will be back.
  18. I am trying to remove the stains from my glass shower doors. Have tried all of these with no success.
  19. The shop is on the street 16th of September....A young guy name Josh is the owner....nest door to the Dildoria....
  20. My bad, I checked back too late....thank you anyway...Blame the dog...
  21. Does anyone know of a sports bar in the area where we can watch the UFC 212 on Saturday night at 9:00pm......Thank You!!!
  22. Had an 85th Birthday party there....everything was fine until the dog showed up(Black Rockweiller)huge dog walking around the table and then just a few feet from us pooped on the grass as the wind brought the aroma to our tables..of course he came back to visit us after his business. I guess Roberto can run his business any way he wants, but we will not be back......
  23. Thanks for all the info. I think I now have enough information to go find it.
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