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  1. A little historical perspective: Since 1910 to this day, the Mexican peso has devalued 7,500% President Party Years Exchange rate at beginning at end Difference % devaluation Lic. Luis Echeverría Alvarez PRI 1970–1976 $12.50 $22.69 $10.19 82% Lic. José Lopez Portillo PRI 1976–1982 $22.69 $150.29 $127.60 562% Lic. Miguel de la Madrid Hur
  2. There are so many variables involved in this issue, I cannot even begin to speculate on the out come. What if the stock market bubble burst? What if the real estate market takes a dump? What if Deutsche Bank goes under and that takes down some US banks? What if the Arabs want their oil paid for in the new gold backed Chinese currency? What if there is a war in the Middle East? Now where is my magic eight ball gizmo?
  3. Did they ever catch the European looking fellow that was working the area a couple of years ago? Also, have the mustard bandits ever reappeared? They see to have occurred about the same time. Maybe they are of the same tribe.
  4. Just out of curiosity, did they ever catch that "European Appearing" fellow that was working the area a couple of years ago?
  5. Try these two sources. If you cannot get Black Austrolorps try for Jersey Giants. Also the Cara Blancas from Spain make a nice bird. Just avoid the bantams. The Cara Blancas have a white face mask larger than the Minorcas. http://www.quiminet.com/shr/es/comercializadora-para-el-campo-1265058306/productos.htm http://www.quiminet.com/shr/es/incubadoras-huacuja-1230104047/productos.htm?pp=7806871780 Good luck, Rufus
  6. Evaporative Cooling works if you live in a very dry, arid area. We in Arizona relied upon them for years. But, the water supply was switched from well water to water from the Central Arizona Project. Somewhere up in northern Arizona, the Little Colorado River flows over a salt deposit. That ruined it. We put in air conditioning. They are labor intensive. Prepare to spend a lot of time on the roof. You have to make sure you replace the deodorante blocks on schedule or there will be a very funky smell. That is where the swamp part comes in. Make sure the sacrificial anode is replaced a c
  7. Not to be paranoid, but when using public transportation always wash your hands after getting down from the bus. Everyone touches those hand rails. Keep your hands away from your mouth, nose and eyes. If you have to touch or rub your face, use the back of the hand. And, get a flu shot.
  8. Sorry if you are bored. I found this to be a very interesting thread, not so much about the language as the personalities. When I was a kid in the US, the teachers used to hit kids for speaking any language but English. The Indian kids were always getting hit. Anyway, as a result, Spanish became a language that was only spoken amoung trusted friends and family. And since the language was learned without any instructions, people were illiterate and made a lot of mistakes. Cut us some slack! If you are understood, you are doing ok. Just say it like they say it, and you will get by. Ru
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