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  1. Second recommendation for ‘Happiness’.
  2. Shopped at Walmart two hours ago. The booze is definitely off sale, off limits. They have taped off the racks. I thought , perhaps, it was another local government edict to discourage out of town parties this holiday weekend in line with the traffic check points, so interesting to read above that Walmart will keep the department closed down through the end of May. La Paz was closed also when I drove by.
  3. This development broke ground in mid August 2019, 6 plus months before the current uncertain economic times, and certainly is intended to take advantage of the recent influx of newcomers to Lakeside. There is/was lots of solid rock underlying the mountainside which has been gradually chipped out to supply the materials for the extensive stone walls that now encase the development. The development fronts on Niza, runs up the mountainside from Niza, and along Niza for several blocks. Several other developments have been built in this same area in recent years, primarily utilized as weekend/vacation 2nd homes for wealthier tapitos, but nothing close to this in magnitude. The street Niza is already inadequate to handle it’s current traffic load, and, as with many streets in Ajijic, only one car can pass through certain stretches of Niza at a time.
  4. This is old news to those of us who live in the Lourdes area (the French Quarter of Chapala - Lourdes, Monte Carlo, Niza, Marseilles, etc.).Very interesting that they have torn down the mountainside below and very close to homes, most of them new, some still under construction, that sit on top of the ridge above this development in progress. A couple of directional observations: The development is not above Lourdes (the street) but rather east of Lourdes, and Mr. Crowe runs up the hillside from the carretera about a half block east of the Monte Carlo Hotel complex. Mr.Crowe dead ends in steps climbing up to Niza.
  5. El Zapote, 2 or 3 blocks east of the main/centro traffic light.
  6. Don’t know if it ranks as a spa, but the Montecarlo Hotel in West Chapala does feature a thermal pool and an adult clientele although children are not banned. It will be very crowded on the U.S. 4th, however, as Democrats Abroad are hosting their annual 4th of July fundraiser.
  7. Depending on your age, state of health, and, especially, mobility, four days is an excellent starter tour of Mexico City. It is a fabulous metropolis requiring 4 x 4 plus days to begin to experience it’s vast richness. And unless you are younger and possessed of prodigious levels of energy you will need recouperative time built into your schedule. Concentrate your visit on a very few select personal interests, art galleries, museums, historical sites, etc., and even being ‘selective’ the array of worthy sights within a catagory can be overwhelming. Best to plan on a greatly extended stay or multiple visits over the coming years.
  8. Have had a Capital One bank account for several years and a Capital One credit card even longer. Never any problem. Never heard of a verification code. Never have used a vpn for any banking transactions. I do use a Laredo mail forwarding address, but they obviously can see my sometimes daily use of the account is based in Mexico. And I can use the credit card with NO foreign exchange fees applied, unlike B of A. In fact Capital One credit informed me that I didn’t have to bother with updating them about being outside the US periodically, that I can use the card anywhere, all the time. Yes, they do occasionally send an email asking if that was me making a particular purchase, and yes, I have always been able to click the email in the affirmative to verify the transaction. But that’s it. No other bother.
  9. 75 pesos an hour for a reliable, honest and competent cleaning lady.
  10. I am thinking of using Lakeside Master Builders for an upstairs Casita and Mirador.  I was wondering if anyone had any recent experience or knowledge of this contractor they could share with me.



  11. They were around back in 2007/2008. They went under when the economy collapsed nob and numerous of their clients backed out of planned projects.
  12. I did not know Wayne personally, but my lady friend, Liz White, who has been here 20 years plus and was a major actress and board member for many years with the Lakeside Little Theatre in the 90’s and early 2000’s could not say enough good things about Wayne and his involvement with LLT. She had tremendous respect for his insight and intelligence as a director, and his ability to communicate the language of the ‘Theatre’ to both players and audiences. He was an esteemed mentor and teacher in the Theatre community at that time in addition to all his other pursuits. Very obviously he was the definition of a ‘Renaissance Man’.
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