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  1. I think you mean a carbon MONoxide detector. CO rather than CO2, which is present in the air all around us. Carbon monoxide is the silent product of combustion that comes from unvented or improperly adjusted gas flames. Badly functioning furnaces kill people in the US all the time, particularly in winter when windows are closed. Home Depot in Morelia has them and I assume they're readily available in any decent hardware store. We have 2 in our house. Nancy in Pátzcuaro
  2. Check Home Depot. When we were in the market for a new system we saw several different models at Home Depot. Most had screens, some in color. We opted to hire a company to install a Commax system, which we are very pleased with. Our street door is some distance from the house and it's nice to know who's ringing the doorbell. The systems are out there, and you owe it to yourself to look at the Home Depot options and then do a quick Google search to learn more about them. If there are companies who install security systems in the area, I would contact them about installation and prices. We had a
  3. We're working with the local Telmex guys here in Pátzcuaro, and we hope that by tomorrow they'll have figured it out. They solved the signal to noise ratio and now they have to find out why we're not getting the speed we're paying for. We've determined that the problem is not here in the house, so it's in their hands now. Nancy in Pátzcuaro
  4. We had here in Pátzcuaro what I think is the "new modem" you're talking about. Over the summer a thunderstorm cooked that modem, and when my husband took it back to Telmex in September they told him that these modems have been unreliable and that they were using an older model again. Despite the fact that my husband liked the capabilities of the new modem, we now have a version of the old one. He said that when he went to Telmex there was a pile of the new modems in the corner. This is not my area of expertise, so I may have gotten some of the details wrong. However, we now have the old modem
  5. Zeb, I'm sorry to say that you're absolutely right about how pain management is handled (or in fact, not handled) by doctors in the US. Pain medications should be part of a doctor's arsenal of treatment options, but as you say there are onerous restrictions that make them afraid to prescribe what's needed. Sometimes this is the result. It doesn't help that opiates on the street are cheaper in some cases than the prescription medications. Nancy in Pátzcuaro
  6. Thank you all for your constructive ideas. I think our friend has concluded that any rehab center that would be helpful to her daughter will have to be in the US, and it's also clear that rehab without a change of attitude will be a waste of time and money. But the problem is, how to keep an emancipated adult away from the people who don't have her best interest at heart. The young woman has to want this to work, and from what I know she doesn't seem to be ready to change. It's a real pity--a lovely young woman, smart and talented, but one who will probably not survive. Again, thanks for all y
  7. I am asking on behalf of a friend who's daughter has a heroin habit. She began using after doctors would no longer prescribe medications for the pain she was experiencing after a car accident. Our friend would like to know if there are any rehab centers anywhere in México. This is not a subject I know anything about, but I said I would ask on our friend's behalf. Our friend feels that her daughter might have more success if she could go through rehab in a very different location, where there would be fewer of the triggers that have made it impossible for the young woman to get clean. This is n
  8. We have polished concrete floors in our house in Pátzcuaro and after 5 years we have a few very minor cracks. The floors are divided by bands of small beach rocks laid in white cement, and there is a shiny coating on everything. If you're bothered by tiny cracks then this floor is probably not for you. Even if you put tile on top there will be the same little cracks underneath. We also have in-floor heat, and if you decide to do that, please be aware that no single zone should be longer than 300 feet of tubing. Our system had only 3 zones, all of which are much too long, and as a result we hav
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