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  1. does anyone know of a store Lakeside that caries Quad A Batteries. there are 3 types of A batteries 1 AA 2 AAA 3 AAAA Thanks Email me bobkat1226@gmail.com
  2. need a web address for a weather station that shows a table of weather stats that includes rainfall daily monthly and yearly. the riberas station used to when it was active.
  3. Hi I am looking to buy a Folding Cargo Carrier Luggage Basket 766-1145
  4. Looking for a good motel in Saltillo, pet- friendly and close to the toll road
  5. I checked a few of the stations here and none show totals in inches or mm, they give percentages which mean nothing.
  6. Now that we no longer have Chapalaweather.net, who is keeping rain totals daily for our area>
  7. Did anyone find my debit card, I lost it Sunday at Superlake. it is from Morgan Stanley, name on card Robert A Katz. Call 766-1145. Thanks
  8. You can contact Patti Lopez at Coldwell banker Chapala realty. email coldwellbanker3@gmail.com. web site www.chapala.com. She handles rentals, very reliable.
  9. Google FACTA, it is what the us wants and what you are seeing are the banks in Mexico and other countries are doing in response.
  10. It is called FACTA, her is a link http://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Corporations/Foreign-Account-Tax-Compliance-Act-FATCA
  11. It is CANADA DAY, like the fourth in the US
  12. LCS Video Library converts video tape to DVD, I think the price is 50p per tape. Do not know of any place converting audio tapes.
  13. Harry What about San Antonio, there are two eventos in a residential area that reach 90 db, the music can start in the afternoon and go on past 11pm. There have been nights when it is still going on at 1:30a. Calling the Police is fine, however, they take forever to come out and then it gets turned down a little and then back up. This happens very often and the police going there has a very temporary result.. We need punitive action taken, repeat offenders fined, equipment confiscated, license revoked. .
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