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  1. 31 minutes ago, Aquaponicsman said:

    He helped me avoid surgery for a torn rotator cuff (now 99% painless and functional) and ironically had to have surgery for his own torn rotator cuff. His grasp of natural and homeopathic solutions combined with a keen knowledge of effective pharmaceuticals and how the body functions from a multitude of disciplines, i.e traditional mainstream techniques, ancient Chinese practice, Eastern practices, Native Indian traditions, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractic, etc., was an amazing conglomeration of wisdom, knowledge and personal experience as a medical practitioner. And, he always made you feel more like a friend whom he cared about, than just a patient.

    Does anybody have contact info for gifts for the surviving family?


    I will be returning tomorrow, I had gone to the U.S. A few days before he died . Thank you so much for sharing your stories...all of you...and your appreciation of his gifts and expertise, his compassion.  He loved what he was put on this earth to do and he loved all of you. 

    I know that some of you need your medical records and things like that, it will be the first thing I attend to when I get back. Please call the office if there is something you need and I'll make sure you get it. 

    If you want to give a gift, just find someone who needs some unconditional love and give it to them...do something for someone and think of Ricardo when you do it :)  He was a giving person and he would like that.  He planned and provided well for me (his wife) I have everything I need. Except him. 


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  2. I also am looking forward to trying this new burger joint. However, does anyone really know where or when it will open. I was at Centro Laguna yesterday and looked all over for a store or a sign that showed their location and I couldn't find anything. If someone has info on this it would be appreciated.

    You can follow them on Facebook. The owner says he will post when thy open.


    I'm sure someone will post the opening here as well.

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  3. This was the worst food I have ever eaten. We only ordered 3 things but really, it was dreadful.

    Okuma Sushi is a restaurant chain. The "food" is made with mostly pre sliced frozen meat and vegetables. I ordered a simple chicken Teriyaki, it was a bowl of impossibly awful rice that was so chewy and dry it hurt my throat to swallow it. There were 4 small cubes of

    Chicken that had been cooked to a frazzle and drizzled with a teaspoon of sauce. My husband ate one of the cubes and I ate one but we could not agree if it was fish or chicken, the waiter said it was chicken. They took that back without an argument and deducted the $80.00 from the bill. Next up was an eel sushi cone, it was edible but the tiny pieces of eel were almost undetectable. Then came a sushi roll that was supposed to have shrimp or something in it. Meh. It tasted the same as the roll.

    The servers were clueless, the flys were pesky. The place was clean and looked nice, but there is absolutly no reason to go there. There isn't even a well intended owner to feel sorry for, it is a faceless corporate place with nothing to offer.

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