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    Nearing retirement age and planning on moving to Mexico, both of us love the beach and have a place her in Missouri on Table Rock Lake. Have travelled many times to the carribean side of Mexico, but have yet not visited the Pacific side. Will rectify that soon.
  1. Thanks Mainecoons & Kbleitch, got the directions, will let you know how it goes. Thanks to all for the other options, Pharr route breaks up much better for us time wise. Will let you know how it goes when its over. Steve & Wheezy
  2. Driving down from Southwest Missouri, wife, two dogs and a small trailer leaving on the first. Afraid I can only make about Austin first day. Second day I'll be about 4 hours to the border, plus whatever delay I have there and can maybe make another 4 hours before all will be ready to stop for the night, I'm thinking that should be about Saltillo. Does anyone have a good stop that might take a couple of gringos and a couple of labs that might also have some secure parking in that area? Thanks P.S. staying at Angel Flores Guesthouse 3rd night before pushing on to Barra de Navidad, underst
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