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  1. The snowbirds have left and we are looking for poker players for a low stakes game. For more information please call Jimmy at 766-5073
  2. Archibald

    upholsterer Armando

    Where is Armando ?
  3. Archibald


    Phone John 106-0620 or Perry 763-5126 or go to the soccer field at northeast corner of Revolution and camino real Friday or Monday at 10 a.m.
  4. Archibald

    Upholsterer required

    Talked to Miguel today at his shop. He is booked for the next 2 months.
  5. I am looking for a good upholsterer at a reasonable price in the Ajijic-Chapala area. Any help appreciated
  6. Thanks Sonia. I had been told that a Permanent Resident could not legally drive and be insured for any foreign plated car. Is it only a spouse's foreign plated car or any foreign plated car that a Permanent Resident can drive?
  7. Thanks Ken Crosby for the valuable information. I just realized that I am now filling out the entry part at the bottom to exit. Had I not read your post and/or been distracted by other posts this process would have been very confusing.
  8. Archibald

    Seamstress Alma Gutierrez

    #59 Constitution 766-1066
  9. Archibald

    Poker Players Wanted

    At this time the men play Monday nights but they have enough players. They will be looking for Monday night players when a couple of snowbirds leave in mid April.
  10. Poker players wanted for low stakes game. No Texas hold em. We play Wednesday from 1-5 at Birds of Paradise. If interested, for more details call Ron at 766-4633.
  11. Archibald

    Car inspection

    As I said before ..probably my problem because I don't speak Spanish and did not realize I could drive away. I expected the 5 minute and 250 peso situation as I had read this a few times on this board and the vehicle only has 65000 km. He told me it did not pass and I needed a tune up. Come back in three hours and the cost would be 1850 and would include the sticker. This was the week before the article was in the Reporter saying that it really wasn't necessary to get the test anymore. Lesson learned!! I will not bother with this "test" again.
  12. Archibald

    Car inspection

    I went to the place on Zaragoza. It cost me 1850 pesos to get out of there. I felt extorted...probably because I don't speak Spanish. Maybe the guy needs to make more money. The Guad Reporter suggests the emissions test is redundant as there is no enforcement.
  13. Archibald

    Beach towels

    Is there a place to buy beach towels at a reasonable price in the area? The selection at Walmart isvery limited.
  14. I should have included that this is a Mexican plated vehicle.
  15. I have heard that if you plan to rent or loan your car to someone that you should give them a letter of permission to drive it and the letter should be in English and Spanish. Does anyone have a copy of such a letter that they could post or PM me? Thanks. Are there any other requirements?