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  1. My last 5 round trips have been on the Zacatecas/Aguascalientes route. I don't use the SLP/L d G route any more. Roads are good and less traffic IMHO.
  2. I'd be interested in a response to the OP's original question. Whether or not you think one is necessary, I know one is necessary for a long term car rental I intend to make in Europe and I would be most interested in how to get one here as I no longer have an NOB license, only Mexican.
  3. Whenever it is at all possible, I make Amazon my international point of purchase. I've had close to a hundred amazon shipments from the US to my home here. I never has a single customs problem. Amazon estimates the shipping, taxes and any duty in advance and that information is available instantly at time of purchase. And, as noted by oregontochapala, there is frequently a small refund from Amazon when they receive the final charges.
  4. Mike, I know this is an old thread, but do you have contact info for Puertas Y Systems Automatica
  5. We are full time residents with a lap pool which has a cover. We are on a meter pay approximately 3000 pesos per annum.
  6. I got rojo at the Pemex in Chapala a few blocks south of Soriana today.
  7. Anyone have personal experience with Alejandro Vazquez and his company?
  8. I have found the NexCare (sp) product in the past at Walmart here.
  9. I'm looking for Durum flour which is similar to but not the same as semolina. Semolina is a courser grind and primarily used for pasta.
  10. Any bread bakers out there who know where I can find this locally or in Guad?
  11. Thanks, go solar. You are correct, gallons not litres. My brain went one place and my fingers another! Just came in after a very nice swim.
  12. Interesting discussion. We have a lap pool 11 metres by 2.5 meters average depth 4.5 feet, volume approximately 9700 litres. With a variable speed pump running 6 hours per day, 10 of the thin flat black solar panels and a standard solar blanket, our pool at this moment is 88 degrees. Definitely warm enough for us to swim.
  13. Just got gas at Interlago. Line up starts in front of Steren on the Carretera. In and out in less than 30 minutes. 500 pesos. Maxima only no premium.
  14. BP at Interlago on the Libramiento still pumping at 4:10. Maximum 500 pesos. Line up all the way down the hill and around the corner on the carretera. Thanks for the heads up oregontochapala.
  15. Lets be clear. There is no gas at the Pemex at Plaza Interlago on the Libramiento. There may be gas elsewhere but not there.
  16. Anyone know how to find a septic tank on a property which is completely paved in concrete. Doesn't seem to be any clues as to where it might be.
  17. Anyone know if there is Premium anywhere along the lake.
  18. Wookie, thanks for the link. Canada has accepted more immigrants than the US for years now and the country is all the richer for it. Looks like it will continue to be the strategy for some time to come.
  19. David at Tabarka does great catering of small plates...tapas
  20. Why would you go through Chihuahua? This route goes through Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Zacatecas, and Aquascalientes. And as RV said, thousands do it every day.
  21. Jose Espiritu does excellent work. He has two shops, one on Guadalupe Victoria and one on Revolution above the carretera.
  22. What DeborahM said. We've bought and sold very successfully on the site including two weeks ago.
  23. Bought morning glory muffins there two days ago. Absolutely fabulous. There doesn't seem to be much available before 11 and when I asked about cinnamon rolls he said to come back after 1. Says he has a small oven.
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