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  1. Mike, I don't quibble with your comments on Telmex service. But I will say that they have started to bring fibre into our gated community and the cost per house was less than half of what people paid when they signed up for Ilox. I certainly wouldn't describe 4500 pesos as "a huge amont upfront". Admittedly, the Ilox sign up included service for some period of time, but still....
  2. Reggie was a one off. He will be missed my many of us in the community. He had a million stories and they were all true. What a life!!
  3. What's the drive time from Ajijic to PV these days?
  4. There are some fixed cameras that are still in effect in Guad/Zapopan and also red light cameras. I expect they have some in Tonala as well.
  5. Oh my, The Green Door...thanks for reawakening some wonderful recollections of some of the best local Chinese food ever!
  6. Contact information for Alejandro at HandiArtistic??
  7. We have four small pots of lemon grass available. PM if interested.
  8. Looking for contact info for someone who has experience moving fridges, freezers. Need to move one of each next week.
  9. Waze has been owned by Google since 2013 and many of the features of Waze have now been incorporated into Google maps.
  10. Does anyone know if there is an open MRI in Guad. A friend cant stand to be in closed space....claustrophobic.
  11. Not to mention the mosquitoes which are as bad as I've seen anywhere.
  12. The park across from El Parque has some pads, sewer and power hookups. Very convenient, much more so than Roca Azul although maybe not as pretty
  13. Thanks, Chillin. I din't think to search just scrolled through an didn't see it. The two for one is interesting but, as you said, expensive. Thanks for the offer. I'm looking for something other than a cutting so that I can espalier different citrus on my back wall. Need something a little more mature.
  14. Interesting site. Wide variety. Unfortunately, no Meyer lemon.
  15. Some do, but certainly not all. We have had 5 in our home for 10 years and not a drop has ever leaked.
  16. Li Ion batteries are only a problem in checked baggage, not carry on. I travel with tablets, laptops, kindle and an Li Ion power pack in my carry on and hand luggage and have never had a question about them from security. Now, whether you could get a something like a drill or a saw on a plane in hand luggage is another question but it won't be because of the battery.
  17. Yep, its a fact. My wife, who is from Montreal, and I were talking about how bizarre this is not more than a couple of days ago. Why would anybody think that makes sense?
  18. Be aware you are responding to a four year old post.
  19. Siglo has been a construction disaster for the last couple of years. Last December it was still a problem. Anyone transit it recently who can report on conditions?
  20. Dr. Monica at Dermika. She detected an early melanoma which resulted in surgery. Left undetected, it could have been fatal. I see her regularly.
  21. All good points Rick. Still, I prefer this route. I'd rather navigate Ags than Lagos any day. As to the post immediately above yours, Siglo XX? is to be avoided at all costs. We use the inner and outer loops on the West side of Ags.
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