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  1. 8 years and never a problem. Wouldn't consider any alternative. Maybe three times since we started using them we have had to switch to an alternative day to accommodate the maid's personal needs. Letitia has always been amazingly responsive and very, very flexible.
  2. You can purchase gps here in Mexico (Best Buy in Guad, eg) but in general they are more expensive than NOB. We've always bought ours on Amazon.com and always Garmin LMT (lifetime maps and traffic) with North America maps (includes Canada, US and Mexico). Lifetime maps gives you free updates via download. Traffic not much use down here but very useful NOB. You might also inquire around about a used one. I have sold two of my previous gps locally so that I could upgrade to a larger screen. Both went quickly. We have TomTom built in nav system in our new car and it is, IMHO, of minimal utili
  3. I traveled the route 10 days ago and, like Rick S., nothing to update.
  4. Oscar just north of Chistiana Park in Chapala
  5. We just had two office chairs reupholstered by Oscar. He did and absolutely amazing job at a very reasonable price. We really couldn't have asked for a better job! We have used Miguel from time to time with mixed results.
  6. Anyone have experience with this contractor? Comments?
  7. There is a small electrical shop just east of Café Magana. Might be called Gonzalez. They will supply and install 8000 watt or 4000 watt ISM whole house regulators. As other posters have noted they do not protect against power surges but they do stabilize voltage. You will still need high quality surge protectors for all of you sensitive equipment.
  8. Don't have location but here's the phone number for Letitia....765 2953 Posted simultaneously with Gringal
  9. We used Strom White for our move and we were very satisfied with both the price and the quality of the move. It was not a straight up point to point move. They had to arrange to pick up goods in three locations in two countries. Everything arrived in Ajijic at once, on time, in good condition and for the quoted price.
  10. Very interesting, Augie. Never got to Riyadh. As I'm sure you know, the Saudis don't really like a lot of visitors. We sailed down the Red Sea and on to India and SE Asia in 2005-06.

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