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  1. 16 minutes ago, mudgirl said:

    The frozen turbines account for a very small part of the problem.

    "While ice has forced some turbines to shut down just as a brutal cold wave drives record electricity demand, that’s been the least significant factor in the blackouts, according to Dan Woodfin, a senior director for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which operates the state’s power grid."



    Further detail

    But the vast majority of energy the state generates is through natural gas. In October 2020, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that renewables generated 22% of the state’s energy, while gas generated 51.8%.

    In ERCOT’s plan for this winter, it expected that thermal and hydro resources, i.e. gas, coal and water, would need to generate 67,000 megawatts per hour during a high demand event to support the state. This didn’t take into account a historic snow storm where demand would increase and supply would be threatened.

    On Monday, frozen instruments and a limited gas supply forced 30,000 MW/h of power offline. This was half of what ERCOT believed they would need. According to the agency, wind turbines account for less than 13% of the total generation that was lost. The majority of which was coal and gas.

    So yes, there are some issues with renewable energies during extreme weather events, but those issues are only a sliver of a larger problem that has left hundreds of thousand in the dark.

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  2. 19 hours ago, Mostlylost said:

    Just would like to know ....Name 5 societies that flattened or crushed the curve and  are now living normally because of lockdowns. 

    New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea and there are probably a couple of others out there

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Dough said:

    Interesting ours were dated Feb 5, 2013 and all it has beside the picture is the birth date  ... so they must have started including the CURP after that.

    Ours are dated Feb.26, 2013 so, yes, a change in there at some point.

  4. 39 minutes ago, Ferret said:

    Not arguing, just stating facts. Our permanente (called Inmigrado cards at the time) were issued in 2012. Our curp numbers were in our FM2 books previously but it didn't make it onto the permanente cards. I asked at the time why that was and got a shoulder shrug. But, yes, it is easy to get the printout from the website.

    Interesting. Must have changed shortly thereafter. Our RP's were issued in Feb. 2013 the CURP is the last line of the personal data next to the picture on the front.

  5. 16 hours ago, bdmowers said:

    Hi, Fast Rabbit, same question to you as to Curmudgeon: Is your fiber service in Chapala?  How did you initiate your fiber service?  Thanks.

    No, Alan. We're on the Libramiento. We are fortunate that there was already fibre running past our gates up to the Tech school. We got 60 homeowners to agree to pay 4000 pesos each and contracted with Telmex to install new ducts for bring the fibre along all the roads and into each house.

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  6. 15 hours ago, Curmudgeon said:

    I've had Telmex fiber service for some time. I'm very happy with both the Internet and voice service. There is no cost differential between fiber and copper. I and paying 599 and I usually get 200 down and 100 up.

    I have the same results with Telmex fibre and never an outage since it was installed almost a year ago.....touch wood.

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  7. After you are on the website, scroll down the page until you see "Back to the top". The last item on the list on the right is Help. Click on Help.  Scroll down to Browse Help Topics and click on Need More Help? You will see pop out to the right with three items one of which is Contact. Click on Contact, click on Start Chatting now and follow the instructions.

    Once you know how to find it, it is by far the best way to communicate with Amazon. I have had all kinds of issues resolved using Chat.

  8. 14 hours ago, ibarra said:

    FrankyOP,  you are all over the place with your questions and concerns.   I will try to answer what I can from your questions directed at us.  1.  We do not have a U.S. address, only MX.  So that means our default address is MX.  Items that ship to MX state under the price Ships to Mexico.  If the item is available from Amazon.com.MX, we determine what, if any price difference there is, and order the less expensive option.  2.  We have ordered  laptops and tablets from Amazon MX.  None of the packages have appeared to been opened when we received them. We try to order everything from sites that Amazon provides, not 3rd party sellers.   3.  Some items we have ordered from Amazon.com.MX have been imported.  Usually, like a previous post indicated, a small amount will be refunded about 60 days after delivery for overcharges.

    If you want to receive your purchases in MX, change your default address to MX and you will avoid being told "this item doesn't ship to MX".  You will see, like I just told you, Ships to Mexico in item description under the price.  If the item does not say "ships to Mexico", then obviously you will not want to add that item to your cart.

    Here is an example of an item from Amazon.com that shows it ships to MX:

    Ships to Mexico

    Excellent summary.

  9. On shipments from the US, Amazon estimates the costs associated with importation and charges you for those in advance. They usually slightly overestimate those charges and make an adjustment when they have been assessed the true cost. This usually results in a small refund for the purchaser. The best thing about all this is that the importation process is handled entirely by Amazon so you are not faced with DHL or Fedex tacking on some ridiculous brokerage or processing charge or having your shipment held up by Aduana in Guadalajara. I've had hundreds of items as varied as clothes hooks, pool pumps and filters, electronics, shoes and on and on, sent by Amazon US to Mexico and never had a problem.

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  10. 2 hours ago, AndyPanda said:

    NOTE that the addition is not inside the original store, but a couple of doors west.

    Actually, I was just there yesterday and there is direct access from the existing space to the new space.

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