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  1. Thanks Rick for the routing and thanks Toyhauler for the update.
  2. Rick, last time we took this route we were coming south and took the bypass around Monclova. The road was not particuarly good, and there was no traffic and one police vehicle parked in a more remote location. It spookies us a bit. Do you recommend the bypass or just driving through Monclova.
  3. Astra Zeneca is 8 - 12 weeks. Our second shots in Guad were just over 8 weeks.
  4. Actually, we've had three different employees of Carlos and they have all been just fine. We don't have any chemicals they can use and they supply the salt and the muriatic acid. Never a problem.
  5. Not enough of a shortage, it would appear.
  6. Both Trinidad at the corner of the carratera and Allan W. Lloyd in San Antonio and the papeleria on the carratera south side in Ajijic can do this.
  7. The issue of mixing two specific vaccines is under active research in the UK now. The results on the first phase for mixing AZ and Moderna should be out within the next few weeks. Phase 2 is already underway.
  8. Resurecting this thread......do you go in person to the office by the YC to make the appointment, or can you do it on line or....??
  9. Working here on the Libramiento. Calling in or out no problem
  10. Further detail But the vast majority of energy the state generates is through natural gas. In October 2020, the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that renewables generated 22% of the state’s energy, while gas generated 51.8%. In ERCOT’s plan for this winter, it expected that thermal and hydro resources, i.e. gas, coal and water, would need to generate 67,000 megawatts per hour during a high demand event to support the state. This didn’t take into account a historic snow storm where demand would increase and supply would be threatened. On Monday, frozen instruments and a limited gas supply forced 30,000 MW/h of power offline. This was half of what ERCOT believed they would need. According to the agency, wind turbines account for less than 13% of the total generation that was lost. The majority of which was coal and gas. So yes, there are some issues with renewable energies during extreme weather events, but those issues are only a sliver of a larger problem that has left hundreds of thousand in the dark.
  11. Since I've been permanente, I've crossed into the US and back half a dozen times without going through Migracion. After I made the bizarre trip to Nuevo Laredo INM office and showed my RP only to have the officer tell me it wasn't necessary, I haven't bothered again.
  12. New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, South Korea and there are probably a couple of others out there
  13. Ours are dated Feb.26, 2013 so, yes, a change in there at some point.
  14. Interesting. Must have changed shortly thereafter. Our RP's were issued in Feb. 2013 the CURP is the last line of the personal data next to the picture on the front.
  15. I have four boxes of Norfenon 300, 30 tabs per box, all 2022 dates. 1200 pesos for the lot. Please PM if you are interested. Thanks.
  16. Been looking for a replacement for my Kirkland Vitamin D (not available here). Any suggestions?
  17. Is it possible to buy wheat berries here or in Guad?
  18. Spent two years in Malaysia. A sight like your picture was very common there. I have no doubt it's real!
  19. No, Alan. We're on the Libramiento. We are fortunate that there was already fibre running past our gates up to the Tech school. We got 60 homeowners to agree to pay 4000 pesos each and contracted with Telmex to install new ducts for bring the fibre along all the roads and into each house.
  20. I have the same results with Telmex fibre and never an outage since it was installed almost a year ago.....touch wood.
  21. Ours delivered to the door yesterday with ID and signature required.
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