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  1. I have four boxes of Norfenon 300, 30 tabs per box, all 2022 dates. 1200 pesos for the lot. Please PM if you are interested. Thanks.
  2. Been looking for a replacement for my Kirkland Vitamin D (not available here). Any suggestions?
  3. Is it possible to buy wheat berries here or in Guad?
  4. Spent two years in Malaysia. A sight like your picture was very common there. I have no doubt it's real!
  5. No, Alan. We're on the Libramiento. We are fortunate that there was already fibre running past our gates up to the Tech school. We got 60 homeowners to agree to pay 4000 pesos each and contracted with Telmex to install new ducts for bring the fibre along all the roads and into each house.
  6. I have the same results with Telmex fibre and never an outage since it was installed almost a year ago.....touch wood.
  7. Ours delivered to the door yesterday with ID and signature required.
  8. After you are on the website, scroll down the page until you see "Back to the top". The last item on the list on the right is Help. Click on Help. Scroll down to Browse Help Topics and click on Need More Help? You will see pop out to the right with three items one of which is Contact. Click on Contact, click on Start Chatting now and follow the instructions. Once you know how to find it, it is by far the best way to communicate with Amazon. I have had all kinds of issues resolved using Chat.
  9. On shipments from the US, Amazon estimates the costs associated with importation and charges you for those in advance. They usually slightly overestimate those charges and make an adjustment when they have been assessed the true cost. This usually results in a small refund for the purchaser. The best thing about all this is that the importation process is handled entirely by Amazon so you are not faced with DHL or Fedex tacking on some ridiculous brokerage or processing charge or having your shipment held up by Aduana in Guadalajara. I've had hundreds of items as varied as clothes hooks, pool
  10. I'm looking for a 42 inch lateral filing cabinet. Does anyone know of any used office furniture outlets in Guad?
  11. Actually, I was just there yesterday and there is direct access from the existing space to the new space.
  12. Been using Bancomer for CPP, OAP and US Social Security for 10 years. Never a problem. I suspect other banks can handle it as well
  13. None of the Canadian snowbirds I know are coming. They all tell me they feel safer in Canada than in Mexico where testing is minimal and accurate case counts and deaths are really not known.
  14. The good news is that Quality Care are setting up a cath lab on the second floor of the San Antonio Hospital.
  15. Has anyone found a source locally for Clopidigrel, the generic for Plavix?
  16. Any one know if it's possible to renew early. I plan to be away for some time during which my license will expire which means I won't have a valid license for driving a rental car?
  17. Purchased a few days ago in error. Wrong dosage. 300 pesos for the pair. PM me with your contact info if you are interested.
  18. Can't find WabiSabi on google maps. Can you give an idea where it is. Thanks.
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