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  1. Been trying to reach Enrique the painter. I think his last name is Pineda. Left a message on home phone and cell voice mail is full. Does anyone know if he is around and how I might catch up with him?
  2. I was at Pancho's yesterday and it was not at all like you have described. Carts were not being sanitized some staff were not wearing masks and their was no attempt to limit access in a way that would maintain social distancing. There were also three vendors in the store not wearing masks. I left quickly.
  3. You are correct and I notice that the OP has not responded to this.
  4. Thanks all. A week ago, I looked in Walmart, Soriana, Superlake, Pancho's and none of them had any flour. Yesterday, I was able to buy all purpose and integral almost anywhere. Just as short term problem I guess
  5. That may be true in general. However, there are some European countries where the police require and international permit if you happen to be stopped by them. Rental companies aren't the problem. The police can be. At least that has been my personal experience. Maybe not all police are not bilingual and require the translation?
  6. When is the last time you saw it. I have not seen any for 10 days
  7. Anyone found any anywhere. Even Costco appears to be out as it was not in my order received today.
  8. https://www.wikiprocedure.com/index.php/Mexico_-_Obtain_an_International_Driving_Permit
  9. Perhaps not being forced. However, Cunard vountarily offered us a full refund for a cancelled cruise or a 125% future cruise credit. The choice was ours.
  10. Speaking from experience, if you are looking for seat comfort on long trips, the Mazda CX5 doesn't cut it. We traded ours for that specific reason.
  11. The problem is that there is so little testing that there is no real understanding of infection levels anywhere in Mexico.
  12. Zero, I'd say. Without massive testing how would anyone know what the situation really is.
  13. I've been baking our bread for a couple of years now and didn't anticipate a shortage of flour. All purpose seems to be in reasonable supply but not integral. I guess we'll be switching to white bread!!
  14. Been looking all over for the local whole wheat flour and can't find it anywhere. Superlake, Pancho's, Walmart, Soriana all out. Anyone seen any? Anywhere?
  15. Superlake carries SAF yeast. Been using it for several years now. It is excellent. I empty the package into Lock n Lock or Snapware container and store it in the freezer. It will last for at least a couple of years if you don't use it all up before that.
  16. I second Zeb's recommendation for Breadtopia. Been a fan for years and made a number of the recipes on their very detailed site. I've developed my own take on one of their no knead recipes that works just great for me.
  17. Dr. Haro's specialist from Guadalajara did my implant including bone graft and it's perfect
  18. It's usually on one of the end cabinets in the section that has cheese, sausage, charcuterie, and a lot of other stuff. Right opposite the meat counters.
  19. Tim Horton's may be here eventually. They are in Monterrey and Saltillo already.
  20. I have had two procedures done buy Dr. Monica at Dermika. The first for a melanoma was done locally. It was surgically removed, there was a cut of approximately 3 inches involved and two years later the scar is virtually invisible. The second was for a different type of skin cancer and was done with laser in the GDL office which you can walk to from Costco or the Galerias shopping area. I highly recommend her.
  21. For a very small job but must be well done. Anyone have a recommendation with contact info. Thanks.
  22. I have grown Hawaiian papaya here in Ajijic. Brought the seeds in from NOB. Unfortunately, after several successful crops, a strong north wind snapped my tree. Now I eat Mexican papaya but don't find it as good as Hawaiian.
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