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  1. Sorry, I should have noted some time ago that it was sold.
  2. Thanks, Chillin. I din't think to search just scrolled through an didn't see it. The two for one is interesting but, as you said, expensive. Thanks for the offer. I'm looking for something other than a cutting so that I can espalier different citrus on my back wall. Need something a little more mature.
  3. Interesting site. Wide variety. Unfortunately, no Meyer lemon.
  4. Some do, but certainly not all. We have had 5 in our home for 10 years and not a drop has ever leaked.
  5. Li Ion batteries are only a problem in checked baggage, not carry on. I travel with tablets, laptops, kindle and an Li Ion power pack in my carry on and hand luggage and have never had a question about them from security. Now, whether you could get a something like a drill or a saw on a plane in hand luggage is another question but it won't be because of the battery.
  6. Yep, its a fact. My wife, who is from Montreal, and I were talking about how bizarre this is not more than a couple of days ago. Why would anybody think that makes sense?
  7. Be aware you are responding to a four year old post.
  8. Siglo has been a construction disaster for the last couple of years. Last December it was still a problem. Anyone transit it recently who can report on conditions?
  9. Dr. Monica at Dermika. She detected an early melanoma which resulted in surgery. Left undetected, it could have been fatal. I see her regularly.
  10. Not operational yet. Reputed to be a month away
  11. Yakima Skybox 16 and Thule Go Pack 4 All replacement values below are APPROXIMATE, and for information only.) Skybox system purchased new in 2008, used once on our drive to Mexico. Skybox in excellent condition; some light staining on exterior case. Bags in perfect condition. This is a very highly rated roof rack system, and worked perfectly for bringing us to our new home. The Box can be opened from either side of the car, and has locks on both sides. The Skybox is aerodynamically shaped, and stays still and amazingly quiet on the road. Replacement values: Skybox ~550 USD if NOB, 14,000 MXN locally; Go Pack ~200 USD if NOB, 5000 MXN locally. Asking 10,000 MXN for both. Yakima Q Towers and Round Bars: We also have a set of 4 Yakima Q Towers, with locks, for attaching the Skybox to the car. Replacement value about $200 USD if NOB, or 3800 MXN locally for the set. Plus another $50 USD approximately for the locks. Asking 1000 MXN. NOTE: You would have to purchase the attachment pieces somewhere (Q Clips) – ours have gone walking. And in any case, there are many types of Q Clips, and they are fitted to a specific car. These seem to be around $50 to $100 USD if NOB, but may vary depending on the car and the source. We also have a pair of Yakima 58” round bars. These are what the Skybox actually attaches to. Replacement value about $100 USD for the pair. Asking 1000 MXN.
  12. Ditto. Nothing at all like that.
  13. All good points Rick. Still, I prefer this route. I'd rather navigate Ags than Lagos any day. As to the post immediately above yours, Siglo XX? is to be avoided at all costs. We use the inner and outer loops on the West side of Ags.
  14. My last 5 round trips have been on the Zacatecas/Aguascalientes route. I don't use the SLP/L d G route any more. Roads are good and less traffic IMHO.
  15. I'd be interested in a response to the OP's original question. Whether or not you think one is necessary, I know one is necessary for a long term car rental I intend to make in Europe and I would be most interested in how to get one here as I no longer have an NOB license, only Mexican.
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