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  1. Has anyone found a source locally for Clopidigrel, the generic for Plavix?
  2. Any one know if it's possible to renew early. I plan to be away for some time during which my license will expire which means I won't have a valid license for driving a rental car?
  3. Purchased a few days ago in error. Wrong dosage. 300 pesos for the pair. PM me with your contact info if you are interested.
  4. Can't find WabiSabi on google maps. Can you give an idea where it is. Thanks.
  5. Thanks. I've made three attempts to contact this company through their website without success. I don't speak Spanish well enough to phone them.
  6. I'm looking specifically for a meyer or eureka lemon, a true washington navel, and a moro blood orange. Is there a nursery or nurseries here that might have these? Thanks.
  7. Rick, I realize this is an old thread but in trying to send a PM I got a message that you were not receiving PM's. I have no experience with battery tenders but will shortly be needing one as my Acura is going to sit for three months. Could you recommend a brand, size etc. Thanks.
  8. If the generic is levothyroxin, then Eutirox is the med you want. I'm sure there are other types of thyroid med available if you know the underlying generic name.
  9. Been trying to reach Enrique the painter. I think his last name is Pineda. Left a message on home phone and cell voice mail is full. Does anyone know if he is around and how I might catch up with him?
  10. I was at Pancho's yesterday and it was not at all like you have described. Carts were not being sanitized some staff were not wearing masks and their was no attempt to limit access in a way that would maintain social distancing. There were also three vendors in the store not wearing masks. I left quickly.
  11. You are correct and I notice that the OP has not responded to this.
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