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  1. I'm looking for a 42 inch lateral filing cabinet. Does anyone know of any used office furniture outlets in Guad?
  2. Actually, I was just there yesterday and there is direct access from the existing space to the new space.
  3. Been using Bancomer for CPP, OAP and US Social Security for 10 years. Never a problem. I suspect other banks can handle it as well
  4. None of the Canadian snowbirds I know are coming. They all tell me they feel safer in Canada than in Mexico where testing is minimal and accurate case counts and deaths are really not known.
  5. The good news is that Quality Care are setting up a cath lab on the second floor of the San Antonio Hospital.
  6. Has anyone found a source locally for Clopidigrel, the generic for Plavix?
  7. Any one know if it's possible to renew early. I plan to be away for some time during which my license will expire which means I won't have a valid license for driving a rental car?
  8. Purchased a few days ago in error. Wrong dosage. 300 pesos for the pair. PM me with your contact info if you are interested.
  9. Can't find WabiSabi on google maps. Can you give an idea where it is. Thanks.
  10. Thanks. I've made three attempts to contact this company through their website without success. I don't speak Spanish well enough to phone them.
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