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  1. I have had two procedures done buy Dr. Monica at Dermika. The first for a melanoma was done locally. It was surgically removed, there was a cut of approximately 3 inches involved and two years later the scar is virtually invisible. The second was for a different type of skin cancer and was done with laser in the GDL office which you can walk to from Costco or the Galerias shopping area. I highly recommend her.
  2. For a very small job but must be well done. Anyone have a recommendation with contact info. Thanks.
  3. I have grown Hawaiian papaya here in Ajijic. Brought the seeds in from NOB. Unfortunately, after several successful crops, a strong north wind snapped my tree. Now I eat Mexican papaya but don't find it as good as Hawaiian.
  4. Hate to disagree with you Sonia, but here is exactly what happened to my wife and I at the Laredo INM office. Went in with our passport, RP card and FMM. The agent asked why we were there. We told him and he said "Residente Permanente....no es necesario". He was an older experienced agent. We shrugged and left.
  5. We've had it for a week and are getting between 45 and just over 50mb
  6. Is there a local supplier of pickling cucumbers?
  7. In Canada, if you are a non resident for tax purposes, you are a non resident period. I have personally spoken with a snowbird neighbour who attempted to drive his Mexican plated car across the Canada/US border and was turned back because he was deemed a resident, i.e. he had never filed for non residency. Canada is no different from most other countries in this regard. You have be resident or non resident, you cant be both. I have driven my Mexican plated car in Canada because I established non residency 25 years ago and have maintained that status ever since.
  8. It was actually a large group of people from a couple of condominio. And the mayor at the time was openly biased against the random construction of these types of towers. He was actually working with the crew at the top of the tower to dismantle it.
  9. Jackie changed our filters and light just a few weeks ago. Why do you H2Ole is defunct?
  10. 29th Nov or Oct. I heard Oct. I also heard Hotel Monte Carlo
  11. Baloney. I have SP and I'm not a citizen.
  12. Costco Galerias currently has a large wine cooler as a special offering. Don't know the brand or cost but holds more than 100 bottles in 2 zones
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