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  1. Dr. Claudia Camacho Choza Eye Centre Chapala 3334033857. Excellent credentials, excellent equipment. She has been our opthamalogist for 5 years. Did cataract surgery on both my eyes and both my wife's eyes.
  2. Los Leal did ours. I bought the Chamberlain motor on Amazon Mexico and they supplied the door, the rails and did the install. Very happy with the result. 376 766 4973. Ask for Jonatan.
  3. Been nearly three months since we requested corrections and nothing yet.
  4. Anybody use this? I inadvertently purchased a box of 30 caps .4mg at Costco when I should have purchased Asoflon Duo. Paid 940 pesos and would be happy to sell it for 800 pesos.
  5. As I said above, I'm not a new client.
  6. I've used him several times... as recently as a couple of months ago. He's always been prompt at responding so I can only assume he is away or indisposed. In any case, I found another plumber to do the job. Thanks.
  7. Dr. Briseno has been my cardiologist for 9 years and three stents. I have a very complicated medical profile that he has had to contend with. Like RV, I'm still alive and kicking because of him.
  8. 3 drug eluting cardiac stents implanted 1 year ago this week. Dr. Hector Briseno at Terranova Hospital in Guad. 240,000 pesos total.
  9. Anyone know if he's still around. I'm not able to reach him via his cell.
  10. The generics made by Apotex (Canadian manufacturer) are readily available here and are excellent quality. As and example, their generic for Plavix ...Clopidogrel...is excellent and about a 10th the price of Plavix.
  11. It's not the duty that kills you it's the obscure convoluted processes you have to go through to get anything out of Aduana in Guadalajara. Not to mention the "processing fees" that the couriers tack on top.
  12. Thanks Rick for the routing and thanks Toyhauler for the update.
  13. Rick, last time we took this route we were coming south and took the bypass around Monclova. The road was not particuarly good, and there was no traffic and one police vehicle parked in a more remote location. It spookies us a bit. Do you recommend the bypass or just driving through Monclova.
  14. Astra Zeneca is 8 - 12 weeks. Our second shots in Guad were just over 8 weeks.
  15. Actually, we've had three different employees of Carlos and they have all been just fine. We don't have any chemicals they can use and they supply the salt and the muriatic acid. Never a problem.
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