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  1. conejorapido

    Looking for a proctologist lakeside.

    Learn something new every day!
  2. conejorapido

    Looking for a proctologist lakeside.

    What the heck does a proctologist have to do with a colonoscopy??
  3. conejorapido

    russet potatoes

    Anybody know if it's possible to grow russets locally
  4. conejorapido

    Pool Maintence

    SInce we don't know who your current pool maintainer is, it's hard to recommend "another company". I can only say that Carlos Taylor has been maintaining our pool for the last year and it is always perfect. I recommended him to two other people who were having a terrible time with their pool maintenance service including cloudy water and both of them never fail thank me periodically because their pools are now clear and clean. Taylor Pools Service 3314104414
  5. conejorapido

    Beach House

    Name of the hotel?
  6. conejorapido

    Antonio, Ironworker

    Anyone have a phone number for the Antonio, the ironworker whose shop is about a long block up from the carretera on Revolution. Thanks.
  7. conejorapido

    Swimming Pool Solar Blanket

    Carlos Taylor, Taylor Pools Service, 3314104414. Measures, has it make in Guad, delivers and installs it.
  8. conejorapido

    Teocintle MaĆ­z :: FABULOUS Ajijic Restaurant

    Four of us went to Teocintle Maiz on Wednesday evening. Two of us had chamorro, one had arrachera on a skewer and one had the salmon. All dished were beautifully presented, perfectly cooked and were delicious. Service was very attentive, very generous wine pourings and the place was full. We will definitely return.
  9. conejorapido


    David from Tabarka has catered a couple of events we've been to that have been very good.
  10. conejorapido

    TelCel Internet speed

    If it is 150 gb per month then that is a hell of a deal. Better than Telmex, Ilox or Telecable. But I'd sure want to make certain that your interpretation is correct before I signed a contract.
  11. conejorapido

    TelCel Internet speed

    They throttle to 2 gb or 1gb depending on the plan you sign up for according to their website. Check on this page under Politica de Uso Justica
  12. conejorapido

    MAJOR plug for Dra. Claudia (eyes)

    I had both eyes done by Dra. Claudia 1 month ago. Clothes on, mild relaxant but definitely not sedated. Awake through the whole procedure. She uses clear contacts as a "bandage" which are removed the next day. Great experience all around and excellent vision.
  13. conejorapido

    Patio set

    Yep, but take your cheque book. This place as some of the most expensive patio furniture I've seen anywhere.
  14. conejorapido

    TelCel Internet speed

    Right, but they also throttle the speed on their "unlimited" contract after 1.5 gb of use. I've yet to be able to determine if that is 1.5 per day or per month but suspect the latter.
  15. conejorapido


    I always keep a bottle of Pernod on hand for cooking. Just used some three nights ago. Great addition to any kitchen.