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  1. I needed more energy and turned to Moringa. I have found it very helpful. You can make tea from the leaves or find capsules. But I found a much more powerful form. I now buy Moringa oil from Ana at her restaurant Machina (some number like 425). It is upstairs from Trinidad Papelería on the Carretera in San Antonio. Her mother actually makes it. She charges 100 pesos and the bottle comes with its own eye dropper, all ready to use. I do Crossfit, which is extreme exercise. I highly reccomend her moringa.
  2. Thanks everyone. I just happen to have a steam machine. So thanks to your advice I can sanitize the area for her. Thanks again.
  3. I am looking for someone that is good at treating mold and finding the cause. I have a friend whose house has a problem with black mold and it smells damp in the house. Thanks for any advice.
  4. Prolotherapy is a possible alternative. It worked well for me and my neighbor. We were able to avoid surgery. It was less expensive and no downtime or rehab. I would be happy to relate my experience and contacts to save another person a surgery if possible. You are welcome to call me at 766-5510, Bob
  5. La Ola Girls Orphanage. She could help the girls with homework and tutoring.
  6. I went again this morning. I just saw some questions here when I got home. I don't know when they close. I have been there on a Sunday and a Saturday. Mexican menu. Yes, open for breakfast. Yes steep steps.
  7. Second visit to Maquina 425 today. My wife and I went for lunch a month ago. We thought it was exceptional in price, presentation and service. Returned for breakfast today. Even more impressed after today's visit. There was nothing they could have done to make it any better. It was simply a terrific experience. The owner Maria makes you feel very welcome the moment you arrive. Oh ...the location is on the Carreterra in San Antonio. It is in the same building as Papeleria Trinidad, only upstairs. Years ago it was called The Thirsty Turtle location. The restaurant is very clean and man
  8. Yes, that Express Pharmact you describes. Go see Claudia
  9. I am super happy with the ones I bought at Express Pharmacy. They are right on the counter and you can try them on.
  10. Yes, I have had it. I can answer all your questions. Just call me Bob 766-5510
  11. We brought an electric mattress pad. It is a sufficient heat source to get you through the winter without a furnace. I have not seen them available here. Bed linens are rough here. So bring your sheets. Everything else you can find here.
  12. Hi, If you are from Bucerias you may have seen a band called Bubba and the Bottom Feeders. I used to see them in Bucerias. Anyway I sent you a PM. I would like to try out as rhythm guitar.
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