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  1. Thanks for the comments, however .... Let me re-post the original question, as it appears that none of the comments are addressing it: see underlined words. Any one knows ( actual experience only please) if they are accepting residents with a Zapopan address or a lakeside address, anyways? I know that the published articles say Guad. residents only, but being we are in Mexico, there are other possibilities, hence my inquiry. Cheers
  2. All the news refer to the Pfizer vaccines are for Guadalajara municipality residents only. Vax being given from today (Sat. 3/20) for a few days till they run out each day. 1) Any one knows ( actual experience only please) if they are accepting residents with a Zapopan address or a lakeside address, anyways? 2) Also please confirm that indeed it is a Pfizer vaccine (and not Sinovac or one of the others) although today's start appears to be chaotic, maybe it will settle down a bit by mid-week.
  3. To Artsnob: the phone number for Veronica Lucy you posted ( 331 109 5985 ) goes immediately to voicemail. I have tried it for 3 days. Is there an alternate number or email to contact that you may have ??
  4. Question: artsnob - did Veronica/Lucy do it this year ? how much did they charge ?
  5. Has anyone been there ( main office on Avenida Independencia in Guad.) recently ( this year) to pay the IMSS annual fee ? If so, how are the crowds ? does one still have to be inside and wait in various waiting halls which are very crowded and for about 1-3 hours to finsh all the steps ?? Can one wait outside in the street instead ( and be called when one's turn is up? ) any input on the safety of being there is appreciated.
  6. Confirmed in El Informador on line that all were found and are fine- Details it says will follow https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Localizan-a-ocho-personas-desaparecidas-en-Chapala--20200615-0104.html Morena presenta queja contra gobernador de Jalisco Esperan resultados de la revisión a gastos por CO
  7. Does anyone know if the Wednesday Ajijic tianguis was open today, or if not, when it is scheduled to reopen. ?
  8. same with me - rather poor quality for the TV channels
  9. Just there today Sunday, and Firemen say they have enough food donated, but they need thick gloves (like garden gloves) to avoiid being burned by the file. If anyone has some old garden or very thick gloves, they will appreciate your donation at the firehouse on the libramiento, (just before the schools on the libramiento) following are some Facebook excerpts on the subject 🍃 30 firefighters are up there working 🍃 they are cover on drinks, foods and tools. 👉🏼 🔥 They need 20 pair of “Carnaza” GLOVES for gardening and 4 FIRST AID kits in bags, so they
  10. Update: it took a lot of time and effort, but ILOX did deliver the two items that were not working in the original instllation 1) the camera's are now accessible from the internet (as of about 10 days ago) 2) the LAN functionality now appears to be working In other words, one PC on the home LAN can see the others in the home LAN. Prior to today, all the devices in the LAN could connect to the internet and viceversa, but not to each other. they now corrected this limitation. they claim they need to do it as it is not a user controlled feature, but claim that
  11. Tkessler has indeed been very helpful with me in identifying and then a work around using the switch ( muchas gracias, Tom), so things are improving, however, as a user, my expectation was to get a system that works equal or better than the previous one. This is indeed still work in progress, and I hope that ILOX will provide a solution within their router. The 'switch" addition solves the problem of connections within the LAN, but the wireless devices ( Ie cell phone) still cannot communicate with other LAN members, since the switch does not have WiFi. Awaiting further ideas on thi
  12. UPDATE THERE APPEARS TO BE A MAJOR FLAW IN THE ILOX ROUTER program ( I AM USING THE BLACK ONE WITH 4 LAN PORTS IN THE BACK) It appears that the ILOX router ports CANNOT communicate with one another - but only between each port and the internet . Hence there is no 'LAN netwrok" as it is supsed to be, just access to the internet from each LAN connection. by connecting the ILOX router via a single LAN cable to a switch, and connecting all the local PC's and camera controller to that new switch, I can now see from my PC all hte other PC's and the camera controller on the LAN.
  13. The camera system is indeed connected via a LAN cable to the router. there are two switches along the route. Again, all worked fine with the Telmex router. the moment the cable was moved to the new Ilox router, it stopped working. the Security system has a fixed IP address. ILOX folks came to the house yesterday, and after much phone conversations with ILOX headqurters and doing all kind of thigns ( openning the desired ports, and other stuff I am not clearly aware of) - came to the conclusion that there is nothing else they can do, and that the problem is with my equipment ??
  14. Is that the ILOX installer or the Security camera system installer ? - cold you clarify ( by the way, the security camera system does have a static IP address.)
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