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  1. Maybe one of the better (rather than best)climates in the world
  2. They aren't that different. El Chante is at an earlier stage of development than SJC.
  3. I'va always found it easier to warm up (more clothes) than to cool down.
  4. June 12th Fair enough that you don't take part in guessing.
  5. Thanks, I will try Jorge first as I have had some private recommendations for him and I know where his office is.
  6. My doctor has suggested that a physiotherapist may help deal with neuropathy in my lower legs. Can anyone recommend a good one?
  7. 2018 was relatively recent
  8. https://mexiconewsdaily.com/news/lake-chapala-at-its-highest-level-in-years/ that is not the first time he has shown that he is not very observant. Maybe too busy waching where he puts his feet.
  9. I had the same experience. I found a way to get in when the front door was locked. I see Dr Juan at the same clinic now.
  10. It is with great sadness that I want to let you know that Dr. Teresa passed away. She had been hospitalized for a few days before, and unfortunately Monday night she lost the battle against cancer. Her funeral mass will be in Guadalajara at 12:00 hrs and after that they will bring her to Jocotepec’s Cemetery around 2-3 pm. She’ll always be in our hearths. May She Rest In Peace. She will be missed by many. I considered her a friend and a good doctor.
  11. I finally found their number. Janet said they were closed for Semana Santa but they are open again.
  12. I know this has been discussed before but the seach function is not working. I have had several operations through them and I have an appointment to see them in early May. Are they open these days?
  13. My Shaw is fine. It is head and shoulders above streaming.
  14. Yes when they burn off things, especially the remains of a corn crop. Sometimes they reach forest and turn into large forest fires so they need to be monitored.
  15. Yes, when they burn off things, especially remains of a corn field. Somtimes they turn into large forest fires when the fire reaches forest.
  16. This time on the western flank of Garcia (above the town of St. Cristobal?) Once it gets dark we will see how large it is.
  17. Price is not a consideration
  18. Andares is too far away. I will try Outlet Plaza
  19. Amazon MX is not acceptable as I need to try them on first
  20. I find Flexi to be an inferior product.
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