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  1. Yes, I asked how to do it via google-make and model of phone but....
  2. Logic does not always come into it when you are dealing with Telcel.
  3. He definitely has a head on his shoulders and is on top of things like that. It sounds like you aren't
  4. Checks has never been widely used in Mexico. There is no point in using the "liberating checks" route. People have traditionally used bank to bank transfer but that and Paypal are fading. If the person who is to receive the money has an email address that is probably the easiest and cheapest way to pay them. Cash is king here.
  5. Often when you take a empty box in to a Farmacia for a refill they will give you something different that they say is the same. Who knows?
  6. Not true according to my urologist.
  7. Some of them have purer medications than others and some have better service. There are differences according to my urologist and GP.
  8. The latest one is. I told her my phone didn't ring long enough for me to get to it. I have tried to fix that but it didn't work. Ana replied come back in 3 or 4 hours and I will fix that. What? I have to go home (an hour away) and then return? So I went to Telcel at Laguna mall. They told me they could do that but I had no time on my phone. (Ana said I had time until September 5). But the lady at Laguna mall fixed it right away anyway.
  9. You can also pay to a persons email address if you set it up with the person receiving the money. It does not sound like it is worth it to go the check route as there are many other ways to do it as mentioned above. https://transferwise.com/help/11/getting-started/2932105/can-i-send-money-to-someone-with-only-their-email-address
  10. That seems to be the case even though she has a Telcel sign. I can't figure out how she operates. She does do some peculiar things.
  11. I got quite a few replies Here and another site and I was surprised That Telcel is still so popular. I've had it with Ana at her Telcel store by Alex's pasta and have returned to Telcel at Laguna. (this is the second time I have left Ana). It is easy to pay Telcel online.
  12. If I was an American I would probably do that. I only hear good things about Schwab and ATMs here.
  13. 14 people were happy with Telcel. 3 with AT & T
  14. No. I pay nothing at HSBC and some pay nothing at Intercam. Some who have a Schwab account get refunds on any fee they are charged at any bank. swab
  15. Best to reject. They are tryng to get you to accept a worse exchange rate.
  16. Thanks. I thought I had that one but looking at it it is more comprehensive than I thought.
  17. Do you mean Telcel or Telmex?
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