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  1. My Shaw is fine. It is head and shoulders above streaming.
  2. Yes when they burn off things, especially the remains of a corn crop. Sometimes they reach forest and turn into large forest fires so they need to be monitored.
  3. Yes, when they burn off things, especially remains of a corn field. Somtimes they turn into large forest fires when the fire reaches forest.
  4. This time on the western flank of Garcia (above the town of St. Cristobal?) Once it gets dark we will see how large it is.
  5. Price is not a consideration
  6. Andares is too far away. I will try Outlet Plaza
  7. Amazon MX is not acceptable as I need to try them on first
  8. I find Flexi to be an inferior product.
  9. Yes I have checked Marti in Laguna Mall-nothing
  10. Coppel doesn't carry any now-only online which is not satisfactory
  11. Seems to have quit working.
  12. Nothing relevant onthat link. I have the requested information but am tied up at this time trying to help somone on a complex matter.
  13. The reason is hackers or phishers of course.
  14. It is working as normal for me.There is a reason for the 15 second delay when doing a subsequent seach.
  15. I finally heard some rainbirds in central Raquet Club. When I lived in eastern RC they were too noisy for me to read outside. They sounded like loud buzzsaws.
  16. On the north east flank of Garcia. I do not see it burning now. Probably a corn field not forest. I have a more complete view than you. I know where you live.
  17. Lower down/ maybe just burning off the remains of a corn crop.
  18. Posted August 20, 2017 I found this one in Guadalajara. An old fashioned, well established clock shop. Lama Relojeria Pavo # 121 Guadalajara, 36 13 32
  19. It usually starts June 12th at 11pm.
  20. I had dengue a few years ago. No rash or bumps just a lab test. I was tired and achy for a week. A Mexican fiend moved in for a week to help me with garden up keep. I have since been vaccinated against it.
  21. Yes, they are filed for public record according to my notary.
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