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  1. Now I have 1,000s of slightly larger ants at the other end of my patio going somewhere. I usualIy find when they are on the move  like this they have found a new food source or they are moving their nest. Who knows what they are up to? I just hope they stay out of the house. 

  2. Probably not. They can only allow so many people at a time inside because of the virus. If you stand outside the bars they will come out and let you in if they have  space. There are often two lineups in that foyer-one for the ATMs and one to get inside the bank. Otherwise you can use their ATMs.

  3. 14 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    More a case of extremely shoddy construction.  It is so bad it could only be fixed by digging up the entire road and building a new foundation under it.


    They dug up (about 1/2 meter deep) the western section of it several years ago and put a gravel foundation down (which was hell to drive on) and then repaved it. That same section is the worst part right now. Also the material they sprayed on the slopes above this highway to prevent erosion is failing.

  4. Several years ago I used to pay Telcel online from my bank account. It was easy and convenient. I have been out of the country off and on for the last several years and I can't see how to do it now. Maybe it has changed or I am forgetting something. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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