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  1. I still can't find my list but my computer says that to dial a 800 number dial 001880 and them the 7 digits.
  2. I can't find my list of what to change various 800 numbers to and my neighbor needs it. Change 800 to 880? but fist dial 001?
  3. Your heading is a bit misleading. It probably is not purified water but water in garafons. If you want purified water some of the bottlerd water may be.
  4. I had a large property that produced a lot of plant waste-too much for the garbage people to haul away so I had a large stone composting box built. It did produce some compose but it did not break down fast enough to keep up with my plants so from time to time I had to burn it at hours when it was not obvious to others. Some plants are very slow to break down (like bamboo). Others,like Ficus should not be used in compost.
  5. You can fly non stop to Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City from Toronto.
  6. Many of the local stores (in San Juan Cosala at least) are pretty sad affairs. Poor selection and produce is often gross. (off topic)
  7. I buy a lot of broccoli several times a week for my dogs. In many small stores it is bad even rotten but always fresh and firm at Walmart
  8. If I get 20,000 pesos out there are always a number of 200 pesos bills. Usually I pay at Walmart with a 500 pesos bill-there is often a slight delay while they get change. Soon I have a number of smaller bills. I have never had to worry about paying with a bill that is too large.
  9. It looks like there will be two entrances and two exits. They will need different traffic lights. They have already changed the operation of one light. It is so crazy there I have been going to Soriana instead. A bit of a mystery as to what they are doing at the previous entrance
  10. You have to beware any new small banks in Mexico if you have seen what has happened in the past.
  11. People should be able to think for themselves without someone giving them directions. Many write too much in the way of comments. If they can't figure it out they can ask. Why subject everyone to a lecture?
  12. Thank you daisy but still no answer from them as to what time they have to have my letter for it to go to Laredo Monday.
  13. Handy mail takes mail to Laredo on Mondays. Does anyone know when the mail has to be at Handy Mail for this service? There phone is not working and they haven't answered my email. Are they open Sunday?
  14. 122 pesos (7.57 $C, 1.51 each) for 5 large ones at Costco yesterday.
  15. It the Russian vaccine is properly vetted over a period of months and is shown to work and promoted by health specialists I would try it.
  16. Reports lately say Sweden has been hit harder per capita than her neighbouring countries because they were not stricter.
  17. Maybe. I don't use US dollars but Canadian ones and transferring money from Canada to my Mexican bank account is is free.
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