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  1. Over the years I have seen many nurseries come and go. People seem to think they can open one without any knowledge and a small investment and make money. Good luck with that fly by night place beside the carretera in west Ajijic by where the topes were by the recycling center.. He is just squatting there. It is difficult to get an established nursery to stand by their product let alone that guy.
  2. Some people were singing the praise of Dra. Candy because her office was convenient and easy to find and there was parking. Many dentists in town don't have complaints so if you hear a few complaints beware.
  3. Nothing has changed. People have had problems with her from the start
  4. That is the custom here-sometimes you have to use black & white-other times colour
  5. Oh please, they had their phone number posted on their store but I didn't have pen and paper.
  6. Many (most?) stores were open 10 days ago. Several that were told me told me that their was only one store that had a good selection of hiking boots but it was still closed.
  7. From Canada I have had good service with FedEx.
  8. If they are open now they would probably answer the phone. I have no idea it they are closed or open now. Many of the other stores in the mall were open 10 days ago. Much easier to phone than to drive there and check. If they are closed they may have an answering machine for their phone with a message. Have you ever used a phone?
  9. Does anyone know the phone number or name of the store in Outlet Plaza that sells hiking boots? I was there about 10 days ago looking for hiking boots but they are still locked down for the virus. I want to ask them when they will open.
  10. About 1/4 block east of Hidalgo on Juarez . Just east of the OXXO on Hidalgo. There is no sign.A few stores east of El Quinto Sabor on the same side of Juarez. The entrance is two white screen doors.
  11. That is a different matter that has nothing to do with 3rd world conditions.
  12. Peter the guy who owns the Scandinavian bakery in Laguna mall and Jocotepec is Swedish. He is a very helpful person and a swell fellow . I am sure he would do it. Ask at Laguna mall. He is fluent in at least 3 languages.
  13. I often point out to women in Walmart that it is risky to leave their purse unattended in their cart. Usually they thank me but sometimes I just get dirty looks.
  14. The first time mine needed cleaning I did it myself and then learned that others can do it better. Jose Gonzalez 331 3264 662 has a crew that does it.
  15. But much of the rest of Mexico is.
  16. Interesting but my personal experience has been different. I had a house outside Puerto Vallarta for years during which time I had contact with many well educated people-lawyers and teachers at the American school there in particular. There hope for their children was that their children could go to school in Canada rather than in the US as they thought much better English was taught in Canada. That surprised me. I have flown back and forth to Canada from Mexico a number of times and met a number of Mexicans who have moved to Canada so that their children can get an education there. You never
  17. Thanks. So NIC can also be 3rd world.
  18. I am happy with iShop. I've used them for several years.
  19. No it doesn't, it is quite rare in Canada and many other countries but common in Mexico.
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