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  1. I closed my account at the local HSBC as the manager was hopeless at dealing with head office in Mexico City. HSBC in Canada were the opposite. When looking for a Mexican bank Bancomer has some interesting security features even if one of their ATMs gave me a round around once. Intercam even though it is not a real bank has outlets in many small west coast towns which could be handy.

    Intercam Banco Internacional, Inc. is an International Financial Entity organized in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 273 of Puerto Rico of September 25, 2012. It is a reltively new group. when I was in Barra de Navidad several years go it was closed when it should have been open. No one could say why they were closed.

  2. 1 hour ago, Natasha said:

    Want to transfer out of HSBC, and thought Bancomer.  Phoned them today. No possibility of having joint /co-owners account. Hello??? So one of us is in need of $$$$ for medical treatment after  "event", and the other can't get at the money becasue they have to be a beneficiario in which case  SOL until the other one dies and they can produce a death certificate?  I don't THINK so!   And for the "privilege" of opening even a simple account they want minimum $8,000 MXN that day AND you cannot refuse them  putting some kind of app on your cell phone?

    Guessing Intercam might be the answer, even tho' for some reason I can't remember years ago  they had a requirement we could not (would not??) fulfill.

    I know many of you like them. I'd like to know what ATM withdrawal limit is per day, and fee to use same.  Also, as long as cash is in account, is there a withdrawal limit at the cashier per day? (Forgot to ask on phone this morning).  They WILL allow joint account, and it seems I have all the stuff they need (INE,  proof of address, RFC etc) to get started in a.m.     Thanks in advance

    I have been thinking about Intercam also for a Mexican "bank" to use as they have outlets in small towns on the west coast. And Bancomer has some useful and good security functions even though I had some a problem with their ATMs once.  



  3. On 5/25/2022 at 11:55 AM, chapalence said:

    I just got word from my insurance agent that this will be required to renew my car insurance in July.

    I asked my agent at AXA if I would need a Constancia when I renewed and he replied; 

     "This (Constancia") is just necessary if you need a factura and you are working or have a business.

     What we need now is your RFC please"


    I just checked and he had my RFC # on this and last year's insurance policy


  4. On 5/27/2022 at 9:28 PM, RickS said:

    The conversion rate at an ATM is NOT set by the hosting bank. Maybe you were fooled by the initial question that all ATMs are asking now "Do you accept our rate".....  say no and then get the VISA rate. 

    I'm sure that ATMs everywhere have a maximum withdrawal amount but 'mostly' it is set by your bank or credit union. But if you can get more than 16000 from other ATMs then it is probably an HSCB max. 

    My maximum is set by HSBC in Canada as far as I know.

  5. 13 hours ago, gringohombre said:

    How is the conversion rate at the ATM if you click NO on the "Do You Accept This conversion Rate"? And what is thier top amount in pesos to extract? Gracias  


    The conversions rate is not the greatest but no withdrawal fee for me.The top amount I can withdraw is 16,000

  6. On 5/27/2022 at 1:20 PM, Rony said:

    A while ago, I read something here about the HSBC branch in San Antonio being closed.

    Was this a temporary thing and are they back open ?  My Chapala landlords ( who live in the US ) would like me to pay the rent there.



    They are open 5 days a week except the room with the ATMs is always open.  I got 14,000 there yesterday from one of their ATMS. For a few days months ago there was a problem with Covid. And someone driving by falsely reported that they were closed as they were restricting the number of people into where the tellers are so they had that inner door closed and you had to wait for an employee to open it.

  7. 10 hours ago, luvsdawgs said:

    ???? What is it on and what kind of paper does it need to be on?

    I went to the local papeleria today and she got the Constancia de Situacion Fiscal and printed it for me. $100.00 MXN.  There is a sign there listing that, so the Mexican community is going in there to get it also. She told me  I do not need the Cedula de Identificacion Fiscal. If someone asks me for one I can get it then, I have the most important one I guess.

    The paper was a certain Government form with all the blanks filled in.

  8. The Mexican forest fire fighting guys depend on us firespotters as they are understaffed and often poorly located. A Mexican friend who is a senior fire fighter often goes to Alberta for more forest fire fighting training.  

  9. On 5/24/2022 at 9:34 AM, mudgirl said:

    ??? "Iffy" in what way? I stand on the terrace, hang up the clothes while reeling out the line. It's been there for 12 years. 

    You say some strange stuff.

    Iffy in poor quality. I have been using similar clothes lines for many years.

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