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  1. Hard to see but it is still smoking.
  2. Yes, Daniel Jackson
  3. That fire is still smoking. You can not see the base of the smoke where there are probably fires. As the OP said it is on the southside of Cerro El Alto so you could not see any flames when it was dark last night.
  4. Of course they are not maids. It is a misuse of the word. I know one who is almost a maid as she does laundry and cooks several meals a week as well as house cleaning but she doesn't not live in.
  5. Above the south side of the lake, east of Mount Garcia.
  6. I guess you could leave the phone at home and get a prepaid or pay as you go phone. I don't know how those work
  7. Many wells in the area produce thermal water (up to 65° C) . For years many people have used this thermal water to heat their swimming pools. They would dump a lot of water from their pool and then replace it with hot water from the well. That is where water meters can be very useful.
  8. Several years ago a test meter on one of the properties in the Raquet Club would spin like crazy from just air when the property was actually getting no water.
  9. Telcel at Laguna is bizarre that way. There is one guy who who speaks perfect English there (a bit grumpy though) and is quite knowledgeable. When I have asked if I could see him sometimes they would let me other times not. They would say wait your turn. How much do you think resellers get?
  10. Maybe the young lady is another daughter. I met a daughter of Ana's at a barber shop but this is a different gal. Ana can use the help. The young lady always asks if she can help me and I say I am waiting to see Ana. I didn't realize the young lady can do Telcel stuff.
  11. What a shame. Ana seems to have a young lady working in the store now. She doesn't seem to do Telcel things just deals with selling accessories maybe.
  12. Water collection and distribution is quite convoluted and confusing here. Chapala used to have 8 different wells. I don't know how many they have now. One fraccionamiento installed a number of meters on 30 some properties to test how they work. It turned out they didn't work very well and they were more or less abandoned.
  13. 15 minutes of rain last nigh near Jocotepec. Hot today-back to summer.
  14. Oh no! that is disappointing. I find it difficult to find out if I am getting every peso worth that I pay Ana. For several years I paid at the Telcel store that used to be across the carretera from Telmex until I realized they were cheating me, then I switched to Ana, then I switched to Laguna but then switched to online payment (but it was a bit erratic) maybe I will have to again. Then I went back to Ana. Sometimes I wonder if cell phones are worth the hassle.
  15. Yes, trying to do too many things at once. She will be helping someone when she will be interrupted by a phone call or a visitor and she can be sidetracked for many minutes while the first customer waits. The other day when I was in there she was dealing with a frustrated older man who told her several times to stop shouting at him.
  16. A good rain in Jocotepec now. It got my dog barking but I still have a Satellite signal. The rain only lasted for about 15 minutes. Maybe more later.
  17. Yes, it could be coming soon. No rain yet in Jocotepec but the thunder is getting louder. I still have my Satellite signal but.....
  18. Ana next to Alex's pasta is knowledgeable but I've noticed that she is quite rude to many people. I'm not quite sure what she gets out of it. She seems to do a good business with expats who don't want to deal with the big Telcel in Laguna mall.
  19. Probably as it is in Las Fuentes
  20. Aeromexico resumed lights to Vancouver June 4th
  21. Or just leave the phone at home. Cell phones- double edged swords.
  22. So you need location turned on for using GPS only. Otherwise location is always off. Would that stop someone from tracking you?
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