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  1. Now I have 1,000s of slightly larger ants at the other end of my patio going somewhere. I usualIy find when they are on the move like this they have found a new food source or they are moving their nest. Who knows what they are up to? I just hope they stay out of the house.
  2. Are the ants inside or outside? I have thousands outside on the walkway suddenly. I wondered if they were moving to a new location but they are so small you can't see if they are carrying eggs. If you walk over them some climb up you.
  3. Does anyone know where I can get a vest for a 30 pound service dog? Friends lent me one and I cannot find it to return.
  4. Probably not. They can only allow so many people at a time inside because of the virus. If you stand outside the bars they will come out and let you in if they have space. There are often two lineups in that foyer-one for the ATMs and one to get inside the bank. Otherwise you can use their ATMs.
  5. Did they move farther west on the carretera at Juarez? According to the post below Intercam has a branch on Juarez now. not Actinver.
  6. I have no idea how deep the fill is there.
  7. Don't worry. I will figure it out.
  8. I too am reluctant to carry the original so I carry a notarized copy of my RP. My bank has asked several times for my original it but I show them my Mexican drivers license instead which has always been good enough
  9. They dug up (about 1/2 meter deep) the western section of it several years ago and put a gravel foundation down (which was hell to drive on) and then repaved it. That same section is the worst part right now. Also the material they sprayed on the slopes above this highway to prevent erosion is failing.
  10. I assumed it would be on my phone but I don't see any message. Opps I found hidden away on my phone.
  11. I use that bypass fairly often. It is getting dangerous again. The problem seems to stem from poor quality construction materials and techniques.
  12. I did and they said they sent me a message via sms. I wonder where I find that?
  13. Several years ago I used to pay Telcel online from my bank account. It was easy and convenient. I have been out of the country off and on for the last several years and I can't see how to do it now. Maybe it has changed or I am forgetting something. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  14. I am trying to assist a neighbour who is wheel chair bound due to a stroke. His arms are strong. Is a physiotherapist likely to help his legs? In home treatment would be best as it is difficult to get him in and out of a vehicle.
  15. They did a beautiful job of paving and getting rid of most topes on the carretera from Ajijic to Jocotepec this year.. The best I have seen. They have already been doing some major patching. Soon they will start on redoing the bike path over the same stretch-I hope they won't mess up the carretera. Who is in charge?
  16. You mean like duplicate and triplicates. If so it is a recent development. I'm not sure what the problem is-this board or my very slow WiFi. Sometimes i wait 10 minutes and it is still not posted.
  17. It isn't that easy. I have my main money at a HSBC in Canada and a HSBC account at Laguna mall in San Antonio Tlayacapan. The HSBC in Canada is connected to HSBC in San Antonio. The HSBC in Canada and the connection with HSBC in Laguna mall works very well. Because I am a Premier customer in Canada I am the same in Mexico but HSBC in Mexico City would not recognize my Premier status in Mexico-they tried to charge me monthly fees and ATM fees and money transfer fees.. I have been disputing this for 8 months. Finally I had enough and this morning I went to HSBC in Laguna and told them I wanted
  18. Time will tell what will happen here.
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